Benefits of Natural Daylight

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A big part of owning a home is ensuring that you have the best windows for your house’s style and aesthetic. Fortunately, there are many window options to choose from, so the choices are virtually limitless. Once you’ve settled on a window style, it’s also important to assess whether or not it will provide an optimal amount of natural daylight in your home. There are many benefits of having a lot of natural light in your house so read on for more! Our replacement windows in Frisco, TX are always open and willing to help all who come to us. If you are interested in our services, then we recommend you reach out to us by either giving us a call or stopping by for a visit. We are always more than happy to help in any way that we can so do not hesitate to reach out. We look forward to speaking to you soon! 

Energy Savings 

When you purchase replacement windows for your home, one of the things that enhances the beauty of your windows is how much natural light they let in. While some windows may let in more light than others, so long as you are getting a decent amount of light, you can still reap some of the benefits. One of the biggest advantages of having a good amount of natural light in your home is that it can save you energy costs. Not only is this a good benefit for your wallet, but it also helps the planet as well. If you are someone who considers themselves environmentally conscious, then this could be a big draw for you to purchase windows that let in a healthy amount of outdoor light. Truthfully, the sun is a free source of heat and light, so with the proper laminate coatings, you can utilize the daylight provided while also working to keep all of the hot air outdoors. 


While you may enjoy the brightness that natural light offers, there are so many more benefits that you may not be aware of. For one, if you are not keen on watching home improvement shows in your free time, then it is likely that you may be unaware of the fact that windows that let in large amounts of daylight can actually work to make your space seem a lot bigger than it actually is. So, even if you have new windows in a small space in your home, so long as they are letting in lots of natural daylight, they will work to make the space seem much more open and welcoming. Additionally, lots of daylight actually enhances the beauty within a room, which is why these types of spaces are preferable for taking photographs. 

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Circadian Rhythms 

Like us, most everything in the world that is living has a circadian rhythm. These rhythms are a daily cycle that your body follows and include things like sleep schedules, eating habits, hormone levels, and other things. Truthfully, all of these changes are related to light. The more exposure we have to natural light in our lives, the healthier our circadian rhythms will be. 

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Blocking Sound

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There is little else more annoying than having a beautiful home with beautiful windows only to have distracting and annoying sounds travel through and infiltrate your home. Sometimes, it can seem impossible to block outside noise from entering your home. Whether you are a light sleeper, work from home, or have little children who require peace and quiet, there are, fortunately, simple alternatives that you can utilize to block outside noise. If you need replacement windows in Frisco, TX then we urge you to reach out by either giving us a call or stopping by for a visit. We are always happy to help and welcome new customers. We look forward to speaking with you.

Sound-Blocking Windows

If you are interested to learn what soundproof windows make them more effective than others, then you’ve come to the right place. For one, windows that are thicker, do a much better job at blocking outside noise than other windows. This is because sound has a much tougher time passing through the thicker glass as they are of a greater mass. To get the most out of your soundproof windows, you’ll want to ensure that they are about one-half-inch thick. Additionally, soundproof windows contain multiple panes of glass. Unlike single-pane windows, windows that are either double or triple-paned are much more effective at insulating homes from outside noise. If the distance between windowpanes is increased, this can lead to reduced sound transfer. Due to this, we recommend looking for window inserts that can be installed around 4 inches behind an existing window. Due to all of the excess space, the window’s panes are able to have a huge impact on sound transfer. Lastly, laminated glass is another great characteristic of soundproof windows. This type of glass, that is also known as security glass, glass is bonded together using a thin layer of plastic.

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More Ways To Soundproof

If you’re interested in additional ways to soundproof your windows, we have some ideas on that as well! To start, it could help if you sealed up any leaky window frames that you may have. Window frames that have a broken seal allow for gaps through which sound is able to pass through. To seal your window effectively, be sure to use caulk or weatherstripping as well! Additionally, it never hurts to consider the siding in your home. We recommend using stone and brick as they are the most effective at blocking sound when compared to other options like wood or vinyl. Insulating the walls within your home is also another effective strategy that you can use as well! If you are looking for a more affordable and simple option, then purchasing a sound machine is always a great choice. If your home is near constant traffic, then playing your sound machine could be a great way to drown out all of the noise with a calm and relaxing sound. Lastly, hanging thick curtains within your home can also help to mute any sound that passes through your window’s glass. Fortunately, thick curtains are not only simple to purchase but they are also largely affordable!

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Preparing for Replacement Windows

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Getting new windows in your home is one of the most exciting processes to undergo. After you’ve selected the style and placement of the windows, it is then time to properly prepare your home for the process. Many people are unaware that they should prepare their home prior to the process which is why we’re here! Read on to learn all about what you should do before your home is transformed with new and stylish windows. For those who are looking for replacement windows in Frisco, TX you are in luck because we are always open and willing to help all who walk through our doors. Give us a visit or call to learn about all that we have to offer!

Easy Access

Preparing to receive replacement windows in your home is exciting, yet it is important that you are as prepared as possible when the day comes. Unlike what you may think, there are definitely some steps you’ll want to take prior to the installers getting to your home. One of the first things you’ll want to make sure to get done is to make sure that the installers have easy access to all of the windows in your home. What we mean by this is that if there is a couch blocking one of the windows inside your home, this could be a hassle for the installers to try to move as it could hold up the installation process. If you’d like the installation to go as smooth as possible, we suggest doing a walkthrough of both the interior and exterior of your home where the windows will be getting replaced. Move away any furniture that could be in the way and when outside, be sure to remove any patio furniture from the areas as well.

Take Down Window Treatments

Additionally, another thing you’ll want to keep in mind is all of the window treatments in your home. This includes all of the curtains, drapes, and hardware around your windows. Additionally, this also includes any blinds and shades that you may still have up as well. While the installers are very unlikely to make a big fuss about them being up, it is a nice gesture to ensure that these things are taken down ahead of time. Also, removing them prior to the installers’ arrival could ensure that the process goes as smoothly and quickly as possible. Wherever you choose to put these treatments is up to you so long as they aren’t in the way when the installers are working to install your replacement windows.

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Remove Wall Hangings and Decorations

Now, even if your wall hangings and wall decorations aren’t physically in the way of the installer’s job, they could still run the risk of falling as installing windows can cause vibrations and movements in the wall itself. If you have any wall hangings or decorations that are meaningful to you, then we suggest removing them prior to the window installation to avoid any unwanted damage.

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Steel Replacement Windows

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If you are considering updating your home, then you may be looking into replacement windows. When looking into replacement windows for your home, it’s always a good idea to look into the latest styles and trends. Lately, more and more people are opting for steel windows for their homes. If you are confused by this choice, then you may be unaware of some of the major benefits of these kinds of windows. Read on to learn about why they are so popular! When looking for replacement windows in Frisco, TX we recommend coming in to speak to one of our professionals or giving us a call to learn more about how we can help you!


When selecting new windows for your home, one of the most important things that you’ll want to ensure is that they are aesthetically pleasing. While aesthetics certainly isn’t everything, they do play a huge component in the decision-making process. Additionally, you’ll also want your replacement windows to be durable and easy to maintain, which we will get to in just a minute. Steel replacement windows often draw people to their simple elegance and timelessness. These types of windows seamlessly enhance both the interior and exterior appearance of any home. If you aren’t big into decorating, then opting for something as showstopping as steel windows could be a great option to give your home that extra push it needs.


Another huge component that draws many people to choose steel windows for their homes is the overall durability. Unlike other options, steel windows will not warp easily or fall apart over time. If there is one word that could sum up steel windows it would be durable. Whether you live in a calm or crazy household, steel windows stand up to any challenge and remain just as elegant and stunning as the day they were first installed. If you realize that you will not be changing your windows for a long period of time, then you should definitely go with a sturdy and dependable option like steel. In fact, while aluminum windows can be expected to last for a couple of decades, and wood or vinyl for a little longer, steel windows have been found to last for generations! Additionally, there are many historic buildings in existence that still have their original steel windows. If you want peace of mind and never have to worry about replacing your windows again, steel is definitely your best bet.

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Easy Maintenance

For those who don’t enjoy arduous upkeep of various things around the house, steel may just be your next best friend. One of the biggest perks that come along with having steel windows in your home is the fact that maintaining them over time is simpler than you may realize. Unlike other options, steel windows never run the risk of warping, fading, rotting, or cracking. All that is required of you is to clean them with warm soap and water a few times a year and that’s it!

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Caring for Windows

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If you own a home, then you probably know how much of a hassle keeping up with replacement windows can be. If you have or are newly thinking about installing replacement windows in your home then allow us to provide some tips and suggestions on proper maintenance, upkeep, cleanings, and preventative measures in order to keep your new windows looking like new! We promise that the upkeep needed to maintain your beautiful windows will not be as daunting as you may assume. In fact, it’s so easy that anyone can do it! Our replacement windows in Frisco, TX are the best around. Contact us today for more information!


One of the most basic and simplest things we can do to maintain the shine and appeal of our windows is to regularly clean them. Fortunately, this is a step that almost everyone can do easily and without any major issues. To begin cleaning your windows simply spray a generous amount of glass cleaner onto the glass. If you don’t wish to use store-bought glass cleaner, you can also create your own solution of 10 percent vinegar and 90 percent water. Now, all that is left to do is to wipe the window thoroughly using either a cloth, a paper towel, or a squeegee. We highly advise against ever using any harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners when cleaning your windows as this can easily lead to ruined and etched glass.

Removing Paint/Caulk/Sealant

If you find that the glass of your windows has pieces of paint, caulk, or sealant stuck on them, do not worry it is not the end of the world. Thankfully, there are pretty handy ways that we can get rid of these things. Simply apply a small amount of denatured alcohol or warm vinegar to a cloth and proceed to scrub the surface. If you find it necessary, you can also use a small single-edge razor blade to gently scrape any stubborn portions on the surface.

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Daily Guidelines

When attempting to make sure your windows continue working smoothly, there are some basic guidelines you can follow that will help! When you go to open and close your window, be sure to do so gently as any other way will lead to wear and tear over time. Additionally, always remember to make sure that your window is fully shut before attempting to latch it. Another example suggests that when opening and closing double or single-hung windows you either apply even pressure on both sides or apply pressure directly in the center of the sash.

Maintaining Windows

If you want your replacement windows to last a long time, there are some simple maintenance tips to follow. First, you should always wipe down the interior window frame with a dry cloth in order to remove dirt, dust, and debris. Additionally, we suggest finding the tracks that your window sash operates with and cleaning it out thoroughly with a vacuum attachment.

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Casement vs. Awning Windows


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As the weather warms up, many people are welcoming fresh air and cool breezes into their homes. However, if you are someone who does not have the luxury of having casement or awning windows, you may still be stuck lifting up your stubborn, worn windows. When considering replacement windows for your home, your choices may fall between awning or casement windows. Since windows that swing are all the rage, the choice can be a tough one to make. Replacement windows in Frisco, TX can be easily obtained for your home with just a simple call! Enquire today and we will be happy to help!

Casement Windows

Similar to a door, casement windows open in a similar manner. Typically, these types of windows come with a hand crank but there are also push-open options that are now widely available. What’s great about casement windows is that there are available in various sizes, although they are usually intended for window openings with a larger height than width.

Awning Windows

Similar to casement windows, awning windows are also known to come with a hand crank as well. One of the major differences between the two, however, is that awning windows open upwards rather than left to right like casement windows. The upward design is ideal when it is raining as the rain is redirected away from the window opening due to the sloped surface of the opened awning window. So, if you are someone who enjoys opening their windows during a nice little rain shower, then awning windows may be the best option for you! Additionally, unlike casement windows, awning windows are typically for window openings that are wider than they are tall.

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Window Placement

Casement Windows

When thinking about the placement of your casement windows, it’s important to keep in mind that awkward or hard-to-reach areas are usually preferable for this option. This is because the hand crank makes it simple to access the window. So, this means no more climbing on top of the counter or sink just to let in a cool breeze!

Awning Windows

In terms of placement for awning windows, we recommend rooms in your home in which you wish to leave certain windows open for optimal ventilation! Keep in mind that awning windows also pair well with large picture windows and can even offer maximum light and visibility. Some rooms where awning windows work great include kitchens, bathrooms, home offices, and living spaces. If you are someone interested in awning windows but also want to maintain some sort of privacy, these windows can also be placed high up on a wall. In this way, you’ll maintain privacy while also gaining light and air into your space.

If you were on the fence between awning or casement windows, we hope that we helped to clear up some major pros and cons for you. Choosing between the two can be a difficult choice, as they both have so much to offer. Let us know which window type is your favorite and why! Additionally, if you are in need of replacement windows in Frisco, TX then we suggest stopping by to chat with one of our experienced professionals! We are always happy to assist in any way that we can!

Should I Get Black Replacement Windows?


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Depending on where you are in your home improvement journey, you’ve probably considered upgrading your windows. After all, windows are almost a centerpiece of sorts to your home, which means we definitely don’t want to ignore them! If you are as hip as we think you are in terms of home style and design, then you are no stranger to the growing trend of black windows. Maybe you are considering them yourself. Here, we’ll break down all there is to know in order for you to make a more informed decision before making the leap. Replacement windows in Frisco, TX are what we live and breathe! Stop in today for more information.

Common Arguments


One of the most common arguments against black windows is the cost. It is no secret that black windows tend to cost around 10 to 16 percent more than white windows. While this is a potential downside, this shouldn’t deter you if what you seek is a home that exudes style and boasts boldness and elegance. Additionally, it’s not as though you replace your windows often. It’s a decision that is typically made once while living in a home, so it can be worth the money in the end. Also, it’s good to keep in mind that black windows boost curb appeal, which could benefit you in the long run if you ever decide to sell.


If you live in a warmer climate, black windows could offer some serious downsides worth mentioning. For one, black absorbs heat, we all know this, and because of this, it can make the window extremely hot in the summer and dangerous to touch. However, if you live somewhere with a cooler climate then these windows will benefit you. Since black windows absorb heat, this makes it effective at keeping your home nice and warm when the temperature outside is cold. This does not mean, however, that you shouldn’t consider black windows if you live in a warmer climate, though! There are many solutions to this issue, one being thermally broken frames, which are effective at preventing any heat transfer from the outdoors into your home.


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Proven Benefits


One of the biggest and best reasons many people opt for these unique windows is the style and chicness that they seamlessly provide any home. Whether you are just starting out in your interior design journey or are an expert, we guarantee that black windows will do all of the heavy liftings for you. These windows of the 70s have proven themselves a timeless staple for any modern or contemporary home!

Weather Resistance

Another great feature that black windows have to offer is that they are essentially weather-resistant. Unlike wood windows, which expand and contract with temperatures, black vinyl windows remain unaffected by rain, and due to their nonporous properties, moisture is unable to make its way into the material.

Now, the question as to whether or not you should get black windows is completely up to you. Hopefully, we’ve offered some vital insight on the matter! When looking for replacement windows in Frisco, TX we want you to know that we are only a phone call away!

What Tasks Should You Take On This Spring?

replacement windows in Frisco TXEvery homeowner is different and wants different things for their home. Likewise, every home is different. So the projects you want to take on this spring might be different than what someone else wants to do and that’s okay. But every home needs replacement windows in Frisco, TX at some point and there are other things that all, or at least most, homes will need in the spring as well. Here are some ideas for tasks you might consider this spring.

Clean Out The Gutters

You might not have had time between fall and winter to clean out the gutters, but now that the weather is getting nicer and you know there’s going to be lots of rain, you need those gutters to work well in directing that rainwater away from your house properly. Clean the gutters out or hire someone to do it for you so the rainwater will fall in the right directions around your house.

Refresh Landscaping

You might want to put some fresh flowers around your existing landscaping or even do something larger, like plant a garden. But you may also just need to update what you already have. The bushes may have died out over the winter. They may very well come back, but you will want to cut the dead parts away to allow for regrowth. Pull any weeds, dead or alive, that may have popped up, and get the landscaping ready for spring colors and growth.

Get An AC Inspection

You know it’s only a matter of time before you have to crank up that AC to stave off the Texas heat. You want to make sure that, when that time comes, your unit is ready to go. Have a professional come to your house, inspect everything on the AC, tune it up, and get it ready to go. If there are small issues that need to be addressed, it’s better to do that before you need it so that when it needs to be run, it’s ready.Frisco TX replacement windows

Inspect Your Windows

It’s a good idea to inspect your windows at least once a season so you know when they are starting to fail and might need to be replaced soon. When you know what the windows look like when they are in good condition, you will notice when something changes. Inspecting your windows can be as easy as giving them a thorough cleaning. You have to touch and operate all the parts, which can help you to look things over.

If you find that you do need replacement windows in Frisco, TX, there’s no better time to get them than the spring months. While you should get windows whenever you really need them, homeowners prefer spring because of the mild temperatures. Spring is a busy time of the year for window replacements, but you can get your installation done and prepare for the hotter summer months with lower energy bills to enjoy. Call Southwest Door & Window for a free consultation.

Benefits Standard Replacement Windows Bring To A Home

replacement windows in Frisco TXIf you are in the market for replacement windows in Frisco, TX, you might suffer from a bit of a sticker shock when you start to look into how expensive they are. It’s hard to budget for the process because budgets are often tight. But when you have options for replacement windows, it’s important to get them. Keep in mind that even if you can’t afford tons of upgrades and extras, standard windows today are very good. They’re technologically advanced, energy efficient, and bring a lot of benefits to your home. Here are a few you can count on.

Energy Efficiency

The point of getting new windows in the first place is likely to bring energy efficiency back to your home. Without efficient windows, you might have large drafts coming through your house, which drive your energy bills way up and your comfort levels way down. Instead, when you get new windows, even standard windows, you are going to have efficiency. Your windows will be sealed tightly to your house and you won’t have a draft any longer. You will finally have the comfort you want and you won’t have to worry about your temperature fluctuating up and down all day long. Yes, upgrades can increase efficiency, but even standard windows are very good.

Classic Style

While windows can come in a variety of colors today, the standard windows are going to be white. White is actually the most popular color anyway and it’s a classic color that goes with anything. You don’t have to worry about it looking great on your house right away because it will. And you don’t have to worry about it not looking right in the future because even if you paint your house, it’ll still look great. You’ll get a fresh, new look along with a classic style that will hold on.Frisco TX replacement windows

A Raised Home Value

New windows are an investment and that’s something you get even with standard windows. New windows are going to raise the value of your home a great deal. That will help you to pay yourself back from the investment, to begin with. You can count on a higher home value if you sell your house in the future. Your home will look better from the curb, too, which will also help the home sell faster and at that higher price some time down the road.

These are things that even standard replacement windows in Frisco, TX are going to bring to your home. It’s nice to know that you can get everything you really need, even with windows that don’t have upgrades. Upgrades are going to enhance your results, but if you don’t have the budget for it, standard windows are still going to be great. Keep an eye on the ratings labels and talk to the professionals at Southwest Door & Window as you get into the details. We will help you get what you need at a price you can afford to make your house everything you want.

Making A Good Impression With Replacement Windows

Frisco TX replacement windowsYou want your home to make a good impression with anyone who visits, or even those who drive by. Eventually, if you sell the house, the impression you make on potential buyers is going to make or break the sale. If you decide it’s time for replacement windows in Frisco, TX, those new windows are going to make an impression. You want that impression to be a good one right after installation and well into the future. You’ll be making a big investment and you want it to pay off. Here are some ways to take your time and put effort into the process so you ensure your windows will make the right impression.

First, if your old windows are unsightly, any window you get is going to make a better impression than what you had before. New windows are going to put a new, fresh look on your house and that’s just the impression you want for your home. But you will still want to look deeper into the options and make sure you get what you want for your home’s appearance.

The color of the windows is going to impact the impression the windows make a good deal. Most people get white windows because white is a classic color that will always look nice and will never go out of style. But that may not be the impression you want. Perhaps you want something that contrasts, which makes black a better color. There are other options to consider as well. But the color you choose will make a huge difference in what people see.

The style of the windows is also something you will want to think about with care. If you have an older home, perhaps double hung windows look best because that’s the style that was used when the home was built. Putting casement windows on certain homes just looks out of place. While you want your home to look updated, you also want the style to go together well.

replacement windows in Frisco TX

While you won’t be able to see energy efficiency elements, for the most part, you can make a good impression on anyone that digs deeper into what windows you have by adding energy efficient options. Consider triple pane glass, the upgrade that actually can be seen. You could also get inert gas fillings between the panes. While you can’t see it, the upgrade does show up on energy bills by lowering them further. And low-E coatings are something you can’t see, but definitely can feel since they block the heat of the sun, but let in the natural light.

When you are getting replacement windows in Frisco, TX, the impression they make to those who see your home will be important over time. Contact the professionals at Southwest Door & Window and if you have a certain impression you want to make, let us know and we will find the windows that will help you make that impression. Every element of the project is important, and we can help.