Matching Replacement Windows With Treatments

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Once you are ready for replacement windows in Plano, TX, one of the things you have to do before you have the installers come is take down the old window treatments. As you take them down, you might recognize that they’re old and shabby, too. They won’t really go nicely with the new windows and it would bring the whole project down to put them back up again. After the installation takes place, you may just want to take the left-over funds and get new window treatments. Here are a few things to consider so you can match your window treatments with the new windows.

Remember The Window Goals

You will want to take whatever goals you had for your new windows and carry them through to the new window treatments. If you want more natural light in a certain space, you don’t want to get heavy curtains that block some of the windows, even when they are open. If you want efficiency in your house, consider options that bring more efficiency when they are closed, like window shutters or shades with a honeycomb design. Whatever your goals are, match the window treatments to the windows in that manner.

Check The Budget

Getting new windows is a big expenditure and you may not have as much left after that process as you’d like. You will need to check into your budget and see what you can afford to get. You might have to put something temporary up, like the old treatments, in order to save up for something new. The good news is that replacement windows are going to save you money every month on your energy bills. If you use that savings, it won’t be long before you can get what you want.

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Let Them Shine

Your new windows are new and fresh, both inside and outside of your home. Most people want to let them shine and be the center of attention as much as possible. That might mean getting window treatments that when they are raised, are rather low in profile. Blinds and certain shades don’t take up much space when they are up and out of the way, giving the windows the full permission to take over the room and show off in all their glory.

When you are ready to get replacement windows in Plano, TX, you will have to take down your window coverings for the installation process. That can lead you to remember how old those treatments are. While we don’t work with window coverings, we do a lot with windows and we know what to recommend if you are looking for something specific. Contact Southwest Door & Window about your new windows, the installation, and even steps to take after when you are trying to finish the look for new coverings. We’re here to help you make your house everything you want it to be and if you can enhance efficiency and other goals with new window treatments, that’s great for your house.

Replacement Window Heaven

replacement windows in Plano TX 6 300x241

Your home is now perfection. You got replacement windows in Plano, TX and they look absolutely gorgeous. They let in the perfect amount of light, no sun heat, and they match your home’s style. They have sent your energy bills way down and the home is so comfortable now. You’re in replacement window heaven.

Does that sound like something you’d like for your home? Do you have old windows that you know aren’t working properly and are making your energy bills way too high? Does your home look its age because of the windows that are installed? You need new windows and as a result, you want to be in window replacement heaven as well. Here are a few tips to help you have those results for your own home,

Find A Reputable Window Company

You need professionals at your side because, most likely, you haven’t replaced windows before. Even if you have, it’s probably been a while. You will want to get professional advice and recommendations for your specific home so you won’t have to worry about making mistakes just because you don’t know any better. Reputable companies can give you options and then help you weed through them until you have the right choices on hand.

Examine Your Budget

You are going to have to know what you can afford before you move ahead with the project. It’s important to understand what you have to offer to the process so you can tell the window store and they can help direct you in certain ways to things you can afford. If you get windows that are way out of your price range and you have to take out loans and struggle to pay for them, you might feel like you are in window jail instead of window heaven once the installation takes place.

Remember Your Home’s Needs

Every home is unique and what fits your home may not fit someone else’s home. You need to think of your home’s needs when you make choices on your windows. The color you want for your home needs to look good with other colors on your house, not just be a color you enjoy. The upgrades you take have to be suited to your home and not just things you think might work well. The professionals can help you make those matches so you’ll get just what your home needs.

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Being in replacement window heaven isn’t always as easy as it sounds because you have to get everything to match up just right in order to achieve your goals. But when you get replacement windows in Plano, TX, you have the opportunity to work with the experts at Southwest Door & Window and it is our goal to make sure all of your goals are met. We want you to have everything you need in your new windows so once they are installed, you will describe the project as a replacement window heaven. Your home will be comfortable, your energy bills will be low, and your home will look great.

The Sheer Joy Of Replacement Windows

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When you complete a home improvement project, you want to be able to stand back, inspect it, and smile. You’re happy with what you’ve done. When you get replacement windows in Richardson, TX, work with a reputable window company, and not only will you be happy with what you’ve done, but you will be filled with joy. It’s nice to see the change happen, but beyond appearance, you will get many other joyful results. Here are a few to look forward to.

Energy Efficiency

One of the reasons you may have gotten new windows in the first place is because of the energy efficiency needs in your home. Perhaps you could feel the drafts, or you just knew you were leaking air because of the energy bills you were getting and how high they were. Once you get new windows and have a change to let them settle in, you’ll notice that the rooms are more level temperature-wise. Your next energy bill will be nice and low and the ones after that will stay that way. That’s enough to bring a lot of joy to your life—and plenty of savings as well.

Further Comfort

Your home is a place you spend a lot of time and you want it to be comfortable and safe. When you install new windows, you’ll finally have the comfort you deserve. Perhaps you didn’t notice the chill in the air before because you were simply used to it. You’d put on a sweater and feel better. But once the new windows go in, you put the sweater away because you never need it. Things are even and comfortable and you don’t have to make any adjustments.

Beautiful Natural Light

Natural lighting in a home can make you feel happier and more productive. Plus, it can make rooms look and feel larger and more welcoming. When you have new windows installed, even if they are the same style as last time, they will bring in more light since they have smaller frames and larger glass space. If you focused on lighting, you may have gotten windows that let in even more, which will only further your joy.

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Fresh Appearances

New windows have a way of giving your home a fresh lease on life. You notice a big difference in curb appeal, but you will also have a fresh look inside your house. It’s really the only project that gives you a huge appearance change both inside and out at the same time.

When you are looking into replacement windows in Richardson, TX, you know it means a lot of positive changes for your home. And while you look forward to those, you may not fully experience them until the windows are installed. And then, let the joy come to you! The professionals at Southwest Door & Window are here to help you get just what you need so you can have the results that meet or even exceed your expectations once they are installed and working for your home.

Having Fun Choosing Replacement Windows

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You might look at getting replacement windows in Frisco, TX is a chore. There are a lot of decisions you have to make and it does take some of your time and effort. But there are aspects of the process that can actually be very fun. When you are working on the choices, have fun with some of these areas in order to make the project go by faster and give you more to anticipate after installation.

Choosing Colors

Picking a color for the frames is one of the best parts of the project. You can look at colors and think about what would look good on your house. You can take samples home, examine them with the house, look at them in different lights, and dream about what the windows will look like when they go in. You know the color is important and visualizing what the turnout will be like can be a fun part of the process.

Looking Into Style

When you look at the different styles you can get in replacement windows, it’s time to start dreaming. If you’re happy with the style you have on your home now, so be it. But when you get new windows, it’s a good chance to make a change. Perhaps you want to change just a few windows or maybe you want to go big and change them all. You might even want something unique like a garden window or a bay or bow window. Looking at the different options and dreaming up choices for your home can be very fun.

Deciding On Hardware

You get to look into the big and little things on the windows you choose, including something that feels as small as the hardware. The hardware, however, is very important since it will make an impact on the way your windows look and function. And there are endless hardware choices. It’s very fun to look through them, see the different styles, and start to narrow them down. You might want to start by choosing a basic material or color and then going from there on what looks best with your home. Taking hardware pieces and placing them next to windows can help you see what they look like when they are on the window.

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There are other aspects of getting replacement windows in Frisco, TX that are very important and anything can be fun if you make it so. Some people like learning about the upgrades, thinking about what their home needs, and dreaming about what their house would be like with those window upgrades installed. While not everyone is a numbers person, some people enjoy working with a budget and figuring out what they can afford and what will work the best. That can be fun for those who enjoy numbers. Whatever you enjoy or dread, the professionals at Southwest Door & Window are here to help you make the project as fun and seamless as possible. Give us a call for a free consultation and we’ll go from there.

The Best Energy Efficiency Upgrades

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Owning a home means you are also going to be in charge of all of the bills that have to be paid. If you have high energy bills, that means you have to pay them, but it also likely means you are wasting energy somewhere in your home. If you’re tired of those energy bills, there are options for things you can do to lower them, including getting replacement windows in Plano, TX, among other things. Here are some of the best energy efficiency upgrades you could run on your home.

Add Insulation To The Attic

Homes today are built with a certain standard and code, but the codes have changed over the years. If your home was built a long time ago, chances are it doesn’t have as much insulation in the attic as today’s homes have. If you don’t have enough attic insulation, you could be leaking energy out the top of your house. While it’s not a glamorous project to take on and you won’t see any difference in your home’s appearance, adding extra insulation to the attic can certainly show you a difference in your energy bills and you will waste a lot less air.

Change Exterior Doors

You leak more air through the doors and windows in your house than anywhere else. If you have older doors on your home, changing them out for something new, energy efficient, and airtight can help you save energy. You can also upgrade the style and color of your doors so you have something that looks nice and gives your home a fresh look at the same time. Old doors are also not usually very safe so upgrading to something new can help protect your home in other ways.

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Get Replacement Windows

If you have old windows that are drafty, warped, rotting or have other issues, replacing them is an energy efficiency gold mine. You are sealing up your home from leaks and keeping the energy in. You’ll see a huge reduction in your energy bills and your home will be much more comfortable as well. Once you have the windows installed, you’ll have a fresh look at your home inside and out as well, which makes the project that much more worth it.

If your home lacks efficiency, there are plenty of things you can do about it. Check into replacement windows in Plano, TX, and invite the professionals at Southwest Door & Window over to check your old windows. IF they are leaking and need to be replaced, that will help your energy efficiency levels by leaps and bounds. The value of your home will rise as well and you won’t regret making the investment since you will get paid back in energy bills savings and a higher home price if you sell someday. The more energy efficiency upgrades you take on, the lower your energy waste will be and the higher your energy efficiency will be in your home. Utilize as many as you can afford.

Unwritten Replacement Window Rules

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When you get replacement windows in Dallas, TX, you may want to follow certain guidelines that you set for yourself. There are no right or wrong answers that you can get in a hard and fast manner. Each homeowner has to make their own decisions. While it would be nice if there was a handbook that you could follow, there just isn’t. However, there are some unwritten rules that we are now going to write to you that could help you get what you need for your home. Here are a few to consider:

Rule 1: Set A Budget And Follow It

It’s okay to go to the window store and browse a bit so you can see some of the price tags on windows. That’s actually a good idea to give yourself some base knowledge. But you don’t want to do much more than that without setting a budget for yourself. Once you have a budget in mind, stick to it. You can tell the window professionals when you meet with them what you have in mind and they can even guide you to things that will help you stay within those parameters. Nothing good can come out of overspending when you know you can’t afford it.

Rule 2: Invite Professionals In

Professional window representatives are there to help you. It is in your best interest to have an in-home consultation with them once you know you want to move ahead with new windows. They will assess your old windows and give you confidence about the fact that you really do need new windows. They will also take measurements that you can use later when you order. And they can give you ideas and suggestions about upgrades and other options that might suit your home’s specific situation.

Rule 3: Remember Your Preferences

While there are things that are on trend and popular today and there are styles and even colors that are classic, none of that will make you happy if you hate those things. You need to get window options that you like so that you can sit back and enjoy the windows you have chosen in every way. Take your time with your preferences and getting to know your likes and dislikes. Most people haven’t spent a long time forming opinions about window styles and colors so now that you need them, look around and figure out what you like.

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These are just a few rules you might want to consider using when you get replacement windows in Dallas, TX. You can also write your own and figure out what works best for your home and lifestyle. If you have certain parameters in mind, whether it’s your budget or certain rules you want to follow, be open with the representatives at Southwest Door & Window and we can help point you in the right direction. We’re here to help you get through the process and love the results on the other side of the installation. Rules or no rules, we’ll make sure you don’t leave important details out.

Replacement Windows—The Key To Comfort

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What’s wrong with your home? You’re hot in one room and freezing in the next. The HVAC system is running non-stop and when it does finally turn off, it kicks right back on. There’s got to be something that will improve the overall comfort within your home. But what is it? It’s quite possible that you need replacement windows in Dallas, TX. How can you tell for sure? Invite a professional to your home and have them do a window inspection. That way, you know for sure what you need before you look into things too much. If you find that your windows are too old to function well and that you really do need new ones, here are some comfort things you will get from making the change.

#1 Even Temperatures

Remember how one of your rooms was always hot and the other cold? That’s no longer the case. The windows keep the air sealed in and out and the rooms are able to level themselves out and stay even at all times. It’s nice not to have to keep slippers and a sweater in certain rooms and fans running in other rooms. All of the rooms are the same and that’s that.

#2 HVAC Ease

Anyone would get paranoid about their HVAC system when they hear it running constantly and kicking off and then right back on. When your home is sealed up tight with new windows, the HVAC system gets a break. You won’t have to worry about as much maintenance and repairs there and the system will last longer and not work nearly as hard, either. That peace of mind can do a lot for you as well.

#3 Easy Heating/Cooling

When the seasons change and you find your home heating up or cooling down too much, all you have to do is close up the windows and start your AC or heat. You’ll notice that things cool down or heat up a lot faster than they did before. That’s because you now have energy efficiency. Your air is staying inside, where it belongs, instead of leaking out to the whole neighborhood.


#4 Lower Bills

There’s nothing like the comfort of lower bills. When you have energy bills that are hard to pay because they’re so high, it’s a huge relief to get lower energy bills that are simple to cover. You can use the extra money in your budget for whatever you want, including a vacation, nights out, other improvements, or paying yourself back for the windows you bought.

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There are lots of ways in which replacement windows in Dallas, TX are going to bring a new level of comfort to your home. They also bring peace of mind because they are safer and more secure than old windows, which keeps your family secure, just as you always want them to be. The professionals at Southwest Door & Window are here to help in any way we can. We want you to get the comfort you deserve.

Putting Replacement Windows Above Other Projects

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There are plenty of home improvement projects you might be able to take on within your house. Perhaps you have an older home and it always seems like things need to be repaired, maintained, or replaced. You have to pick and choose what you’re going to do and when. If your home needs replacement windows in Dallas, TX, you might want to place that project above some of the others you have in mind. Here are a few reasons why this is a good idea:

1-Saving Money On Energy Bills Starts Now

You’ve probably heard that when you get new windows, you’ll start to save money on your energy bills. And it’s true! The sooner you put in the new windows, the sooner you will start saving money. You don’t have to pay another high energy bill next month. Next month, once the new windows are in, the bills go low and stay low. That allows you do to a lot of other things with your budget. You can enjoy that extra money with your family, spend it on another project, or pay yourself back for the windows.

2-Make Big Changes First

Since you likely have limited time and funds for home improvements, you might want to tackle the things that will make the biggest difference first. Adding another sink to the bathroom vanity is a nice change, but it’s not going to show inside and outside of your home. Nor is it going to increase natural light and energy efficiency at the same time. Replacement windows, however, will. Getting replacement windows is one of the largest changes you can make because it will impact so many things. You’ll be glad you have those windows in place during all of the rest of the changes you want to make in the future.


3-Increase Comfort Sooner

There are some things you might want to do to your home in order to make it look nicer. Those things are important, but you might be even more concerned with doing things that make the home more comfortable for your family. With replacement windows, you get the best of both worlds. When your home is more energy efficient, it operates in a manner that keeps the temperatures more even. When you have even temperatures, you’re going to be more comfortable—and you’re still paying less on energy bills. The sooner your family is comfortable, the easier you can concentrate on what color to paint the bathroom and so on.

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If you have limited time, energy, and funds for home improvement projects and a long list of things you want to do, you might want to place replacement windows in Dallas, TX at the top of the list, and take care of that maintenance item sooner rather than later. The professionals at Southwest Door & Window can talk to you about the benefits of getting new windows for your home and we can help you work around any other projects you want to take on around the windows.

Getting The Right Replacement Windows In Three Easy Steps

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There are very few home improvement projects that are easy and simple. But wouldn’t it be nice if they were? If you are looking for replacement windows in Dallas, TX, it’s a big investment. You want everything to go the right way so you can ensure that you will be happy with the end results. The last thing you want is for the project to be complete and for you to have regrets about the choices you made. It all sounds so complicated, but if you use these three steps, you can get the right replacement windows installed onto your home.

Step 1: Recognize The Need For New Windows

This sounds obvious, but it’s a big first step. Once you know that your old windows are on their way out and that you need new windows in order to have your home goals met, you’ve taken the first step in that direction without doing anything at all. Realizing that you need new windows and getting ready to take action to make that happen can help you figure out a few things you need to put into place. If you aren’t sure you need new windows, this first step would include inviting a window company to your home to inspect your windows and let you know if you need new windows. That’s an important part of the process.

Step 2: Work Closely With Window Professionals

Once you know you need new windows, you will want to find a window company and work closely with them on what you need for your home. If you’ve never gotten new windows before, and most homeowners haven’t, you may not know much about ratings labels, styles, and other such things. You can work with a window company and learn everything you need to know and then some. Working with professionals gives you the advice you need, the information you absolutely must have, and the help you need to stick to your budget.


Step 3: Expert Installation

The experts will help you choose every aspect of your windows, but then, you need to have professionals install the windows as well. The windows will only be as good as the installation you have done. You need experienced pros who can do the job well. It should only take half an hour or so per window in order to get the installation complete on each window you are replacing.

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Of course, there is much more to getting replacement windows in Dallas, TX within each of these steps, but if you keep only these three steps in mind and take things one at a time, it won’t seem so overwhelming. The professionals at Southwest Door & Window are here to help you through the process one small step at a time. We won’t let you make mistakes you’ll regret later and we’ll do our best to keep your budget on track no matter where you decide to set it for the windows you need on your home.

Two Houses, One Choice…Go With Vinyl Replacement Windows

replacement windows in dallas txWhen you are buying a home, it’s a huge investment. Probably the biggest one you will ever make. There are lots of things you will have to consider. You want a house in a certain neighborhood, perhaps, so your kids can go to a certain school. You want a home with enough rooms or a large enough square footage and so on. If you have narrowed down the options between a few different homes, and one of them has vinyl replacement windows in Dallas, TX while the others don’t, it might be obvious which house to go with—the one with the new windows. Here are a few reasons why vinyl replacement windows will be valuable to you as the new homeowner.

Automatic Lower Bills

When you buy a new house, there are a lot of things that go into the purchase. You have a down payment, closing costs, and so on. It’s nice that once you move in, assuming you’ve chosen the house with new windows, that you won’t have nearly as many bills to pay. Vinyl windows keep the bills nice and low and you can start to save up for other things you want to do. You certainly don’t want to be saddled with a house that costs you a ton each month in leaking energy.

No Maintenance

While some people like to have fixer-uppers with lots of projects, others want homes that are turn-key and ready to move into right away without any repairs and maintenance projects ahead of them. When you see vinyl replacement windows, you know that the home you are getting has no maintenance needs in that area. The windows are new, and vinyl doesn’t take maintenance other than wiping them down in the future, either.

No Replacement Projects

Replacing windows takes time, money, and effort. It doesn’t have to be done very often, but when it is needed, it’s important. If you see that the home you are buying has replacement windows installed already, you can cross that project and that worry off your list. You won’t have to undergo that project for decades yourself. That’s a huge advantage to a new homeowner.

Top Safety Elements

Older windows can be safety concerns in a number of ways. When you notice that the home you are considering has new windows on it, you can feel good about the safety of the house as a whole. New windows aren’t going to crash closed and break. They won’t be hard to open in the event of an emergency, either. Your home will be much safer overall with the new windows in place.

When you are looking into replacement windows in Dallas, TX, the professionals at Southwest Door & Window are here to help. But if you are about to move into a home and make that purchase and commitment, you can call us to make sure the windows are in good shape before you make the leap and buy a home with window issues.