The Important Energy Ratings On Replacement Windows

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One of the most important things you will want to concentrate on when you are getting replacement windows in Frisco, TX is the ratings labels on those windows. You can tell a lot about the windows based on the labels. In fact, everything you need to know about their efficiency and how they perform will be placed on that label. The National Fenestration Rating Council came up with a way for consumers to figure out just how well each window performs so they can meet their needs in whatever climate they have around them. Here are a few things you will want to understand about the ratings, so you are able to get what you need.

The U-Factor

This rating is one of the most important ones on the label. It measures the thermal transmission on the material or the heat transfer. The ratings usually fall between 0.2 and 1.2 and you will want to see a lower number because that means it is more efficient. You will be able to compare the labels to one another by looking at that number first. If you see one with a high number and another with a low number, the lower one is the better product.

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient

This is similar to the U-factor and ranged from 0 to 1. The lower the number, again, the better the window. This rating measures the solar heat that comes through the windows. Higher ratings aren’t always bad, though, because, in cooler climates, some homeowners like to have the heat of the sun come in so they can save on heating costs.

Visible Transmittance

This number will show you how much natural light will come through the windows. Windows that insulate well sometimes block more light, or at least they did in the past. The ratings here are between 0 and 1 as well and the higher the number, the more light will come through. Even if there is more light, it doesn’t mean you will have more heat in the home.

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Air Leakage

This rating is pretty obvious in meaning. It means how much air will pass through the window. You want it to be very little, but every window is going to let at least some air through. You will see numbers from 0.1 to 0.3. If you live in a windy area, having a low air leakage rating is even more important.

There are other things that are going to go into your decision for replacement windows in Frisco, TX, like your budget, the styles, and other needs. If you have a certain cost parameter in mind and other details you want to include, it’s important to tell the professionals at Southwest Door & Window so they can help you line everything up and get just what you want for your project. We’re here to give you a free consultation any time you want and help you figure out the details that will be the best for your home.

Quarantine Savings To Put Toward Replacement Windows

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2020 has been one of the strangest years in recent history. While you may have enjoyed the extra time with your family when things shut down and you stayed home more often, there are other benefits of that time period as well. Perhaps you saved money on things you normally do but just didn’t at that time. Now, you have some extra fund saved up and perhaps you can get replacement windows in Richardson, TX. Here are some quarantine savings to look towards to help you cover the new window project you want to take on.

Movie Theater Closures/At Home Movies

Movie theaters shut down for a good while and even after they opened up, you may not have felt comfortable taking your family out in public. Instead, you streamed movies at home. That was either free, depending on what streaming services you had or cost just a few dollars. You bought your own snacks at the store as well for a fraction of the cost of what they would have been at the theater. How many times did you have a movie night? Add those savings up and you may have quite a little nest egg already.

Savings From Eating Out

At first, there weren’t many restaurants, if any, open. Then, you were able to drive through some places and simply not go in at all. Now, more is open, but you still may not be partaking as much or as often as you did before, if at all. You could get some takeout meals, which is a nice change from cooking, but you are likely saving quite a bit of eating out. You can make your own burgers cheaper than you can buy them already cooked and bundled on the bun from a restaurant. So, how much do you figure you’ve saved there? Add it up!

Fancy Coffees

A lot of people had kids at home, doing school online, and they were also doing their best to work at home. Working at home meant you didn’t have to take your normal drive to the office—past the fancy coffee shop. You had to make coffee at home…sigh. And while it might not have been as good, it certainly costs you less and that cost can add up fast.

School And Work Commutes

How many miles a day did you usually put on your vehicle? You might have to take the kids to and from school and multiple practices as well as yourself to and from work and so on. That all stopped during quarantine and you didn’t put gas in your car for weeks. That’s a lot of savings that can now go into your windows.

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So, how much do you figure you saved when you were holed up at home with your family? You might have enough to at least start the process of replacement windows in Richardson, TX and the professionals at Southwest Door & Window can help you with budgeting and finding the right fit.

Reasons Why Vinyl Replacement Windows May Fit Better

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There are lots of materials from which to choose on the frames of replacement windows in Richardson, TX, but if you’ve never gotten new windows before, you may not know which material is right for you. There are no wrong materials as many of them on the market are high in quality and have good insulating qualities. But the most popular material today is vinyl. There are many reasons why vinyl might be the best fit for you, too. Here are a few to consider:

Reason 1: Vinyl Costs The Least

You may have heard the phrase ‘you get what you pay for,’ and in many industries, that can be true. When you are looking at windows, however, when it comes to materials, this low-cost material is actually the highest in quality. You can get everything you need from this material, and you can pay the least for it. One of the reasons homeowners often go for it is because it costs less than other options. But you also don’t have to forfeit quality—not in the least.

Reason 2: Vinyl Windows Last And Last

Most new window materials are going to hold up well, buy vinyl even more so than others. It isn’t as susceptible to hot and cold weather and it doesn’t warp and rot over time like something like wood will. It makes homeowners feel good about the investment. Not only does it cost the least, but it can last the longest.

Reason 3: Vinyl Brings No Maintenance With It

It’s good when new windows go onto a house because everything is new so there won’t be any repairs or maintenance things to go along with them. When you choose vinyl, however, you also don’t have maintenance down the road. You don’t have to paint them or scrap them next year, the year after that, or ten years down the road. That is one chore you can cross off your list for good.

Reason 4: Vinyl Windows Are Valuable

You will likely sell your house in the future, even if it’s a long time for now. Whenever that might be, your house will be worth more with vinyl replacement windows on it. Potential buyers who want to look at homes will appreciate vinyl windows. They know they are efficient and lack the maintenance of other windows, too, and they are willing to pay more for them. You can put a higher price on your house because of it and get it…possibly faster than you would have sold the house otherwise.

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When you are looking into replacement windows in Richardson, TX, there are lots of different materials to consider, but there are also lots of reasons why vinyl windows are the most popular. When you are ready to discuss the options, or if you want to hear more about vinyl specifically, contact the professionals at Southwest Door & Window. We’re here to help you from start to finish and we want to customize things for you.

A Fall Staycation To Save For Window Replacement

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Perhaps you didn’t go anywhere this summer for a vacation because traveling was a bit harder than usual and the things you wanted to see and do weren’t open or were so restricted it wouldn’t have been fun any longer. The good part of that is that you were able to save money that you normally would have spent on that vacation. Now that fall is on the horizon, you’re itching to do something, but traveling is still tough. Plus, if you keep saving, you will have the funds you need for replacement windows in Plano, TX in no time. Here are a few ideas for fall staycations that won’t cost you much and can allow you to save even more for home projects.

Camping In Your Yard

Texas generally has beautiful fall weather. You could set up a tent in your backyard, have a bonfire, complete with smores, tell scary stories, and enjoy as much of nature as you can from the comforts of your own home. The benefits are, the bathroom and running water is close by and set up a tent (though it can be complicated) is absolutely free! You can save the money you would have spent on gas and lodging and spend it on windows instead.

Having A Drive-In Movie At Home

If you have a white sheet, hang it on the side of the house. Set up a projector (which you can borrow from someone else if you don’t have one) and plan a movie from one of your streaming services. You can set out lawn chairs, have the kids decorate large boxes into cars, or lay out some blankets picnic style. Grab some freshly popped popcorn and enjoy a movie under the stars. Wear some bug spray and it should be a good time. Plus, it’s way cheaper than going to the theaters—and safer, too.

Set Up Some Obstacle Courses

Gather the sprinklers, hula hoops, balls, chairs, and other assorted things and take turns setting up obstacle courses for the kids. Let them set up courses, too, and perhaps even run a few yourself to really get into the spirit. IT could be enough to keep them entertained for a whole afternoon and the memories will last a lifetime while the price tag will be non-existent.

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You might not get away from your house with a fall staycation, but you will have a good time with your family, and that’s what’s most important. Plus, you can take your vacation budget and put it towards something that’s highly important for your home–replacement windows in Plano, TX. Since you are staying at home anyway, you can call Southwest Door & Window and have them pop by for a free in-home consultation. You can go over details, possible costs, and other things while you get advice from experts on how to proceed with the project with as much ease as possible. Don’t cut back on family fun, but you can cut back on how much it costs.

Paying Close Attention To Front Replacement Windows

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It’s smart to have a budget in mind for your replacement windows in Frisco, TX and when you start looking at the project, remember that you can break that budget up in a number of different ways. While it would be nice to have the absolute best windows in every window hole in your home, perhaps you don’t have enough funds for that. But you could get some of the best on the market for the front windows on your home and put more standard models into other areas. Here are a few reasons why you will want to pay close attention to the replacement windows you put on the front of your house.

Curb Appeal

When you look at your home from the curb, it’s important to have a nice-looking home, especially if you sell the house someday. While you want all or your windows to look nice, if you can’t see the side and back windows from the front, there’s nothing wrong with getting something more standard and less aesthetic. Concentrate on efficiency all the way around and get something that looks fancier just on the front.

Safety Aspects

If someone were to be casing your home, they would look at the front first, right? When they see windows that look sturdy and new, they might not even bother with your home. It’s more likely that they would try to break into the back, but if they assume the windows are all the same based on what they see upfront, you’re safer all the way around. Front windows give that security to your home and deter possible intruders.

Functionality Options

You want the front windows of your home to function well and what you need from them might be different than what you need from windows on the back of the house. For example, there could be landscaping out front or a front path and you don’t want your windows hanging over that, in the way. But in the back, it doesn’t matter as much to you. The functionality options are important in the front of the house.

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Suitable Style

If you have a certain style of home, you want the windows that show the most to fit into that style. You might put double hung windows in to make the home look like it works well together in its older style. In the back, though, anything goes, and the style doesn’t have to match as well since it won’t be seen nearly as often. You can then go with something that functions the way you want over thinking about style.

There are lots of things to consider when you are getting replacement windows in Frisco, TX and you will want to pay special attention to the front of your home to get things just right. The professionals at Southwest Door & Window are here to help you figure out all of the details for every side of the home, so you end up with the best options.

Places To Add Window Replacement Options

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Getting replacement windows in Frisco, TX for your home is not only a good move for your efficiency, but it’s also a great opportunity to make changes. While some people change window style, material, or color, there are chances to add windows as well. There might be certain areas in your house that could really use a window. Here are a few places you might consider adding a window as you look ahead to the project.

The Bathroom

Now, the bathroom is one room in the house that demands privacy. You may not want a window in there to be in the way of that. But windows don’t have to bring the privacy levels down. Instead, you can place a window in the bathroom for natural light and ventilation. Put a fog on the glass and you still have privacy. Or, place the window high up on the wall and no one can see in. It might be a great place for natural light and a window can help with that for sure.

A Dark Hallway

Hallways are often interior spaces that don’t feature windows, but when they can have a window, it’s a nice addition. You don’t always have to turn the hall light on to see when you walk down it if there’s a window in place bringing some light in. A skylight is also a nice option for a hallway if the hall is an interior hall that doesn’t have walls that go to the outside. You can get some light in that way and still keep privacy.

The Entry Way

You want your entryway to look nice and spacious and exude warmth and welcome to your guests. When you add a window above or perhaps beside the door, you can let in more light and add some interest to the home from the outside as well. It’s a nice way to see who’s at the door and give yourself other perks.

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The Kitchen

Not every kitchen has space for a window, but if you do, it is a nice addition. Kitchens can get hot and humid with cooking and opening a window for fresh air to circulate can be very nice. It’s especially handy if someone overcooks something and you want to get that burned small out as soon as you can.

There are lots of other places in a home where you might add windows as you get replacement windows in Frisco, TX for the rest of the home. If you are thinking of additions, or want advice on where might be best to place windows, the professionals at Southwest Door & Window are here to help. We can come to your home for a free consultation and we can talk over all of the details you are considering so you can start thinking about the options and make a decision at your leisure. We want you to end up with additional windows everywhere you want them to make the best impact.

Preparing For Replacement Window Installation

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Once you put effort into choosing the right replacement windows in Frisco, TX, and you have spent a good amount of money as well, you just have to get through the installation process. While the installation is the final piece of the project, it’s a very important piece. Here are a few ways you can prepare for the process to make it as simple as possible on everyone involved.

Ask Questions Along The Way

As you are choosing your replacement windows, you have the attention of the professionals who are there to help you every step of the way. When you have questions about how installation works, ask them. The professionals are there to help you and it’s always a good time to look ahead. If you don’t ask anything until after the windows are ordered, that’s okay too. They are still there to answer your questions whenever they arise.

Make A List

Before the installation, the window professionals might provide you with a list of things to prepare. If they don’t, you can make one of your own based on what they’ve said to you over the phone, what their website says, or the questions you have asked. Having a list will help you ensure that everything gets done on time. There doesn’t have to be much on it, but it’s very important. You will need to take down the window coverings and any pictures on the walls with windows as well. You will want to make sure there is a clear path to the windows, and you will want to allow access to electrical outlets. You may want to cover furniture and flooring, though many installers do that as well.

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Figure Out What You Will Do

It’s best that you are home when the installation takes place, though it’s not absolutely required. It’s just nice for you to be around in case the installers have any questions or need to show you anything. You have to have someone available to open the door for them, but if you intend to stay at home while they are there, it’s good to think about what you will do while they are there. It’s not a good idea to plant o bake that day, but you can arrange files, work on your laptop, and other such things. If you have a pet in the house, you may also want to spend extra time reassuring them or maybe taking them outside for walks frequently to work off the nerves of the noise.

When you are ready for the installation process of replacement windows in Frisco, TX, it’s very exciting. You are at the final step and it’s nice to know that soon, all of the benefits you have wanted are going to be a reality. The professionals at Southwest Door & Window can work with you from beginning to the end of your project. We’ll help you get the windows you want, but we’ll also install them for you. We’ll make sure you know what you need to do before we arrive.

Replacement Windows That Last Must…

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Replacement windows in Richardson, TX come in a variety of different ways and you can get what suits your home and your preferences. However, no one takes on the project of getting new windows and hopes they’ll have to do it again in a few years. Windows are an investment and they should be built to last. When you are ready to get new windows, it’s important that you get products that will, indeed, last. Here are a few things that can determine that. Replacement windows that last must…

Be Made Of Sound Material

The material on the window frames is one of the first things you will choose. Most people choose vinyl today because it lasts the longest and costs the least. But there are variations in vinyl as well. It used to be that if the vinyl had a blue tint to it, it was higher in quality. But today, some manufacturers tint the windows slightly blue to trick you into thinking the quality is higher. The real trick is knowing the manufacturer, their history, their experience, and their track record. Getting a material you trust will take your windows well into the future.

Have A Good Warranty

High-quality windows are going to come with a stellar warranty because the manufacturer knows they have a high-class product that is not likely to have problems down the road. They are willing to stand behind their product and that’s never a bad thing. Take a close look at the warranty and don’t leave it as an afterthought. The best warranties often indicate the best quality windows.

Be Energy Star Certified

Good windows that last a long time are also going to be efficient. One of the first steps in judging efficiency is to look and see if the window has an energy star certification on it. If it does, then it meets certain energy standards in your region. If it doesn’t, move on. It either didn’t submit to testing (which isn’t required) or it didn’t pass. Either way, you are better off with another window. Once you gather window options that are all Energy Star certified, you can compare their ratings labels and see which is most efficient from there.

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There are many tricks to finding the highest quality replacement windows in Richardson, TX that will last for decades into the future. When you get the right windows, you most likely won’t have to worry about replacing them on your home again. Since it’s quite an investment, you’d really rather not if you don’t have to. The professionals at Southwest Door & Window only carry quality windows. You can’t go wrong with any of the choices we carry, but there are going to be options that are better for you than others. We will help you find those, and we will match your budget and your preferences to the right windows. Take our expert advice and professional installers and you’ll have the windows you want that will last for a long time.

Matching Replacement Windows With Treatments

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Once you are ready for replacement windows in Plano, TX, one of the things you have to do before you have the installers come is take down the old window treatments. As you take them down, you might recognize that they’re old and shabby, too. They won’t really go nicely with the new windows and it would bring the whole project down to put them back up again. After the installation takes place, you may just want to take the left-over funds and get new window treatments. Here are a few things to consider so you can match your window treatments with the new windows.

Remember The Window Goals

You will want to take whatever goals you had for your new windows and carry them through to the new window treatments. If you want more natural light in a certain space, you don’t want to get heavy curtains that block some of the windows, even when they are open. If you want efficiency in your house, consider options that bring more efficiency when they are closed, like window shutters or shades with a honeycomb design. Whatever your goals are, match the window treatments to the windows in that manner.

Check The Budget

Getting new windows is a big expenditure and you may not have as much left after that process as you’d like. You will need to check into your budget and see what you can afford to get. You might have to put something temporary up, like the old treatments, in order to save up for something new. The good news is that replacement windows are going to save you money every month on your energy bills. If you use that savings, it won’t be long before you can get what you want.

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Let Them Shine

Your new windows are new and fresh, both inside and outside of your home. Most people want to let them shine and be the center of attention as much as possible. That might mean getting window treatments that when they are raised, are rather low in profile. Blinds and certain shades don’t take up much space when they are up and out of the way, giving the windows the full permission to take over the room and show off in all their glory.

When you are ready to get replacement windows in Plano, TX, you will have to take down your window coverings for the installation process. That can lead you to remember how old those treatments are. While we don’t work with window coverings, we do a lot with windows and we know what to recommend if you are looking for something specific. Contact Southwest Door & Window about your new windows, the installation, and even steps to take after when you are trying to finish the look for new coverings. We’re here to help you make your house everything you want it to be and if you can enhance efficiency and other goals with new window treatments, that’s great for your house.

Replacement Window Heaven

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Your home is now perfection. You got replacement windows in Plano, TX and they look absolutely gorgeous. They let in the perfect amount of light, no sun heat, and they match your home’s style. They have sent your energy bills way down and the home is so comfortable now. You’re in replacement window heaven.

Does that sound like something you’d like for your home? Do you have old windows that you know aren’t working properly and are making your energy bills way too high? Does your home look its age because of the windows that are installed? You need new windows and as a result, you want to be in window replacement heaven as well. Here are a few tips to help you have those results for your own home,

Find A Reputable Window Company

You need professionals at your side because, most likely, you haven’t replaced windows before. Even if you have, it’s probably been a while. You will want to get professional advice and recommendations for your specific home so you won’t have to worry about making mistakes just because you don’t know any better. Reputable companies can give you options and then help you weed through them until you have the right choices on hand.

Examine Your Budget

You are going to have to know what you can afford before you move ahead with the project. It’s important to understand what you have to offer to the process so you can tell the window store and they can help direct you in certain ways to things you can afford. If you get windows that are way out of your price range and you have to take out loans and struggle to pay for them, you might feel like you are in window jail instead of window heaven once the installation takes place.

Remember Your Home’s Needs

Every home is unique and what fits your home may not fit someone else’s home. You need to think of your home’s needs when you make choices on your windows. The color you want for your home needs to look good with other colors on your house, not just be a color you enjoy. The upgrades you take have to be suited to your home and not just things you think might work well. The professionals can help you make those matches so you’ll get just what your home needs.

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Being in replacement window heaven isn’t always as easy as it sounds because you have to get everything to match up just right in order to achieve your goals. But when you get replacement windows in Plano, TX, you have the opportunity to work with the experts at Southwest Door & Window and it is our goal to make sure all of your goals are met. We want you to have everything you need in your new windows so once they are installed, you will describe the project as a replacement window heaven. Your home will be comfortable, your energy bills will be low, and your home will look great.