Small Life Changes Add Up

While you might look to change your life in big ways at times, you should also note that making small changes can make a big difference in your overall lifestyle as well. If you, for example, decide to start making coffee at home instead of buying it out every morning, you can save a lot of money. If you replace your daily candy bar with an apple, you can see changes in your weight. Little things add up. When you get replacement windows in Dallas, TX, it’s a big investment into your home. But there are a lot of little changes that add up to huge benefits when you go through the process. Here are a few things to look forward to if you are about to take this project on.

replacement windows in Dallas TX

New Colors Brighten Home

When you get new windows, you have the option of getting whatever color you want on the frames. Some people stick with white, what they perhaps had before. That color is always going to be fresh and looks nice with any other color you have on your home. However, a new color can make a big difference in the way a home looks and feels. If you want something that contrasts the home or perhaps something that blends in, it can really make a big difference in the curb appeal of your home. Even a small color change can add up to a big aesthetic change.

Hardware That Gleams

The hardware on your windows is a small detail that you might think doesn’t make that much of a difference, but it can really be the finishing touch you’re looking for on your new windows. The hardware should be something that stands out or blends into the window in just the right way. Choosing hardware that matches the knobs on cabinets or doors can give the home a cohesive look. Getting hardware that is easy for you to operate can also make your life easier, even in a small way.

Low-E Coatings

If you like natural lighting, one of the best things you can do for your home is to get low-E coatings on the glass of your new windows. The coatings will keep the heat of your home out while allowing the natural light through. What seems like a small change can make a huge difference in your home’s comfort.

Even the little details on your replacement windows in Dallas, TX are very important. When you are working with the professionals at Southwest Door & Window, we take every little detail to heart. We won’t let you leave anything important out and while we won’t make decisions for you, we will help you get the information you need to decide what’s best for your home. Call us at (214) 341-2212 and we’ll help you go from there. You can also visit our showroom to have a look around at 10990 Petal St #700 Dallas, TX 75238. We’d love to show you around and talk about important details.

Avoid Replacement Window Regrets

As is true with any home improvement project, there are plenty of things you could regret about your replacement windows in Dallas, TX once they are installed. Window professionals are here to help you look into the future so you can avoid regrets after the windows are in place. Here are a few regrets some homeowners could have and how you can avoid them yourself.

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Regret 1: The Color

It’s possible that you will choose a window color and once the windows go in, you don’t end up liking it the way you thought you would. There are several ways to avoid that. First, you could simply go with white. White is a classic color that goes with any other color. It’s good for your home now and, when you look into the future, it’ll fit into any color you might paint someday. Another option would be to consider black. Black, like white, goes with a lot and will fit into any light color you pick. To avoid mishaps in color, take color samples home and look at them in different lighting throughout the day. Take your time with the decision and really live with the colors so you won’t regret the choice later.

Regret 2: Performance

There are several reasons why you might regret the performance of your windows later. One is that you perhaps didn’t get the windows professionally installed so the windows aren’t going to live up to their ratings because of that. Avoid that by getting a professional installation. That’s easy. Another is that your windows might not perform as you’d hoped because you didn’t pay close attention to ratings labels in order to know the difference. You can avoid that by learning what labels mean yourself or by asking for help from window professionals.

Regret 3: Style Issues

When you get new windows, you have the chance to change their style as well. You want to think about what looks nice, but also what functions well. Don’t regret getting casement windows because you didn’t realize they would open out over your front pathway. Consider those things in advance (with expert help) so you can avoid nuisances later.

These are just a few things you might regret about your replacement windows in Dallas, TX if you didn’t think far enough ahead when you were making decisions. The professionals at Southwest Door & Window are here to ensure that you don’t make these kinds of mistakes. We think of everything and point things out to you so you have peace of mind that the windows you end up with are exactly what you need in every way. No regrets needed. Give us a call at (214) 341-2212 and we can answer some questions by phone and set you up with a free consultation to get to know your goals and budget range better. We can also show you around so you can figure out what windows you prefer as you look things over in our showroom at 10990 Petal St #700 Dallas, TX 75238.

Possible Changes To Make With Replacement Windows

When you are working on putting together the right replacement windows in Dallas, TX for your house, one of the best things you can do for the project is to examine the windows you currently have and think about things you would want to change about them. In the past, there were only certain options from which to choose, but today, the choices are nearly limitless. Here are just a few of the things you could change when you put new windows into your home.

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The Window Style

If you have double hung windows now and you’re happy with that, great. You can certainly get them again. But when you get new windows, you can also consider a different style that might work better for your home, like casement windows. You can also mix and match and put one type of window into one room and another in a different room. The style is completely up to you and can be changed around however you feel is best.

The Window Color

It’s true that white is the most popular color for windows. It might be what you have now, but it doesn’t have to be what you get again. A lot of homeowners are going for black today or other darker colors to create a contrast with their light-colored homes. And there are also people who like the windows to blend in so they’ll try to get a shade that’s close to their house’s color. It’s nice to know that you at least have the option of different colors, whether you decide to make a switch or not.

The Window Material

Wood is very common for the material in old windows and it’s a great insulator. However, it takes a lot of upkeep and can wear down over the years if that maintenance isn’t done properly. IF you’re looking for a way to cut back on work, but keep up efficiency, it’s recommended to switch over to vinyl materials. These materials cost less and perform just as well. Plus, you don’t have to do the maintenance chores on them any longer.

It can be hard to make changes when you are getting new windows, but you don’t want to get the exact same thing as before if it wasn’t working for you. Consider changes large and small, all the way down to the hardware, and find something that really works for your household.

When you are ready to go over details and discuss possibilities for your replacement windows in Dallas, TX, the professionals at Southwest Door & Window are here to help. Give us a call when you have questions at (214) 341-2212 or you can set up a free consultation so you can get the information you need to move forward. If you just want to take a look at some windows and learn more about the process, you can also come to our showroom at 10990 Petal St #700 Dallas, TX 75238 and we can guide you around the options.

Places To Add Replacement Windows

When you get replacement windows in Dallas, TX, you have a big opportunity on your hands. You can change anything you didn’t like about the windows before and add upgrades that will do great things for your home. You can get a different material, a new, fresh color, and more efficiency all the way around. Another thing you will want to consider is possibly adding windows to your home. The replacement installation is a good time to make any changes you want to make, including the addition of new windows. Here are a few places you might consider adding windows:

replacement windows in Dallas TX 2

The Bathroom

Not every bathroom has a window in it and if you’re okay with that, so be it. The bathroom is a space that demands privacy almost more than any other room in the house. But you might also like the idea of natural light and ventilation. You could add a sliding window high on the wall, above the tub. That gives you light and ventilation options without taking away privacy. You could also place a window with fogged glass so no one can see in, but you get the light you want in the space. It’s a good room to consider the options when you are getting replacement windows.

A Dark Hallway

There are some places in the house that are dark no matter how many lights are on. If you have a hallway like that, consider placing a window in it. If there’s a wall facing the outside, there’s no reason you can’t have a window there to give you some light and a nice view when you come down the hall. If the hall is between bedrooms, you can’t put a window in, but you could consider a skylight to give you the light you want.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is another place that often calls for natural light, but it can be tricky to find a spot to add windows with all the cabinets and appliances in the way. Consider something over the sink, if that faces outside, to give you natural light, ventilation, and something to look at when you are working in that area. Otherwise, if there’s no space, this is another room that might warrant a skylight.

When you are working on getting replacement windows in Dallas, TX, remember that now is your chance to make any changes you want to the configuration—even adding more windows. If you want ideas and suggestions, the professionals at Southwest Door & Window are here to help. We can set you up with a free consultation at (214) 341-2212 and even come to your house, inspect the walls you have as window-adding options, and give more ideas. Visit our showroom at 10990 Petal St #700 Dallas, TX 75238 when you want to see windows for yourself, look over ratings labels, and look for inspiration. We’re here to guide you in any way you’d like. You can find out more about us and the services we offer online at

Which Window Treatments Work With Replacement Windows?

When you are in the market for replacement windows in Dallas, TX, you know you will be making a big investment into your home. That’s okay, though, because you’ll get a lot out of the change. Your home will be more efficient, which means it will not only be more comfortable, but you will also pay less on your energy bills. Your home will also look nicer and be worth more when you sell it. Once the new windows go in, or even if you are still in the process of deciding what to get, you might wonder what window treatments to pair with the windows. Here are a few suggestions:

replacement windows in Dallas TX

Keep The Old Treatments

If the window treatments you had on your old windows are in good condition, work well, and aren’t really that old themselves, there’s nothing wrong with placing them over the new windows once they are installed. As long as they still work size-wise and meet your goals for privacy and light filtering, there’s no reason not to use them again.

Get All New Treatments

Some people feel that new windows call for new window coverings and it can certainly help the fresh look in your house to pair the two projects together. You can take the old window treatments down and once the windows go in, put new window coverings up. You can match each room or even each window to what it really needs for privacy, light filter, and style. This gives you a huge opportunity, as does getting new windows in general, to do something further for your home.

Mix And Match

Once you invest in new windows, you may not have a huge budget left over for all new window coverings. What you might want to do is replace the treatments in rooms that really matter and show a lot. Get new kitchen window treatments, for example, or something for the living and dining area that everyone who visits will see. You can probably get by with your old curtains, blinds, or shades in the bedroom. Mix in new treatments in places that show and matter most and use the old coverings on other windows until you have the budget and opportunity to replace them in the future.

If you are wondering what window treatments will go well with replacement windows in Dallas, TX, it’s probably best to look at the actual windows you are getting first so you can figure out the other details from there. The experts at Southwest Door & Window can help you line up the exact right windows for your home’s goals and circumstances. You can call us at (214) 341-2212 for advice or for a free consultation so you can gather the information you need to make the right decisions for your home and family. It’s also a good idea to visit our showroom for more details and to start to figure out your preferences. We’re located at 10990 Petal St #700 Dallas, TX 75238.

Building Replacement Windows One Step At A Time

If you’ve ever had to get replacement windows in Dallas, TX, you know there are a lot of details that go into them. If you haven’t, you will quickly learn that fact. There are many different options and as the buyer, you get to choose whatever you want. There are certain steps to take to get your windows into the right frames (pun intended) and so on. Here are a few of the steps you will take. But don’t worry, window professionals can help you with the details, so you know just what you need to do and when. You can also get recommendations as to what’s best for your home and our overall goals. Here are the first few steps:

replacement windows in Dallas TX 427

Step 1: Decide On A Budget

You can’t put together anything on your new windows until you know what the budget range is for that process. It’s important for you to figure out what your monetary parameters are so you know what you can and cannot afford. If you jump into the window building process first, you might add too many upgrades only to figure out later you’ve gone above and beyond what you can reasonably afford and that’s never a good place to start.

Step 2: Research The Window Company

Once you have a budget in mind, you need a window company to work with. Do some research on online and by phone. You can even visit the companies in person to see what they offer. After you narrow down the choices, you can have a free consultation with the remainders and decide which company is the best fit from there. Choosing the right company will make the project that much easier on you.

Step 3: Frame Material Options

The first big decision you will have to make on the windows themselves is what material you want on the frame. The frame material will help you determine a lot of other things during the project so you will want to choose it first. While there are lots of options and your professionals can help you pick and choose between them, most people go with vinyl. It’s energy efficiency, less expensive, great-looking, and low maintenance, all at the same time.

These are just a few of the initial steps you will take when you are getting replacement windows in Dallas, TX. When you need help with these steps, or any beyond that, the professionals at Southwest Door & Window are here to help. You can call us at (214) 341-2212 to ask some questions about window prices so you can put together a budget. You can also visit us in person, look at labels, and figure out pricing yourself at 10990 Petal St #700, Dallas, TX 75238. We want you to have all of the information you need to get the windows that will fit into your house perfectly, both now and in the future. Let’s work together, step by step, to make it all work well for your home.

Right Time, Right Replacement Windows

Isn’t it the best when things fall into place just as they should? It doesn’t always happen that way, but as a homeowner, you have a say in how things go around your house. While you might not want your old windows to fail—ever—when they do, you get to choose the right replacement windows in Dallas, TX and have them installed just at the right time. Here are a few ways to tell that the ‘right time’ is fast approaching.

replacement windows in Dallas TX 3

Energy Bills Are Bigger Than Ever

You know energy prices are on the rise and you can’t do much about that. But when your bills are rising way faster than the average energy prices, there’s something else to it. Consider looking at your windows to see if they need to be replaced. There are some repairs that could help, but in the end, if your windows are older, new windows will do the trick a lot better than any repair you could put together. Your bills will go low and stay low so you can pay yourself back for the investment and enjoy further comfort at the same time.

Windows Pose Dangers

You want your family to be as safe (and comfortable) in your home as possible. If your old windows are starting to be threats to that safety, and they’ve already given up on comfort, the time to replace them is near. Threats include things like the windows being warped shut. You can’t use them as an emergency exit if they won’t open. That’s inconvenient most days when you want fresh air, but it’s a real danger if you need that exit and can’t have it. Even older windows that do open sometimes slam shut, which could hurt fingers or shatter glass and pose an even larger danger to those in your house. When the windows are dangerous in one way or another, it’s the right time to get new windows.

Now that you know just a few of the right times for new windows, how do you find the right windows for the job? That will depend on a lot of things including your preferences, your budget for the project, what your home calls for, your overall goals, and much more. There’s a lot to line up, but you don’t have to be alone in the process. Professionals can help you with the details from start to finish so you have peace of mind that the windows being installed towards the end of the project are exactly what your home needs.

If you’ve decided it’s the right time to get replacement windows in Dallas, TX, all you have to do now is figure out which windows are right for you. The professionals at Southwest Door & Window are here to help you with all of those details. We want to get to know you through a free consultation at (214) 341-2212 and you can also come in for a tour of our showroom when you’re ready at 10990 Petal St #700, Dallas, TX 75238.

Do Your Adult Children Need Replacement Windows?

It’s hard to watch your kids grow into adults and then branch out on their own. Most parents still want to meddle, though it’s often best not to. However, if you are visiting your child’s home and you notice that they need replacement windows in Dallas, TX, it may be in their best interest to tell them as much. Perhaps you’ve gone through the process yourself, so you know the signs. Maybe you help remodel homes and you know more about windows than you should. Whatever the reason, if you notice something that important about their home and they don’t seem to, there are ways to let them know without being too much of a pest. Here are some ideas:

replacement windows in Dallas TX 2Ask About Upcoming Home Projects

Compliment their home. They take pride in what they’ve done to the place, just as you do your own home. Start with some compliments about certain colors, decorations or other things they have put into place. Then, ask them if they have any other home projects on the horizon that they are considering. You might be able to slip in the idea of replacement windows to get them started on thinking along those lines.

Talk About Your Own Windows

If you recently got new windows, you know a lot about the project, and you can speak to it. Talk about your windows and what they have done for your home. Point out the fact that your energy bills are way lower than they were before and that you are able to pay yourself back for the investment or spend money on other things because of it. Talk about curb appeal, comfort, and other things that might appeal to your kids. Just highlighting the benefits you’ve received could get them thinking in that direction.

Be Direct

Sometimes dropping hints can work, but not always. If you’re not the type to beat around the bush, try to find a tactful, but direct way to tell your adult child that they might want to consider new windows. Keep in mind that they are the homeowner, so the decisions are completely up to them. But they might appreciate your recommendations and the fact that you care about their safety, comfort, and high energy bills.

If you have an adult child who needs replacement windows in Dallas, TX, do what you can to point it out, but then let go and let them make the decisions from there. Point them to the professionals at Southwest Door & Window and they can get the answers they need from experts. You can have them call us at (214) 341-2212 where they can get some basic details, or they can set up a free consultation. They can also stop by our showroom to check out the window options in person. We’re located at 10990 Petal St #700, Dallas, TX 75238 and we love to teach homeowners about window ratings and go over their preferences and home goals regarding this important process.

Replacement Windows: A Beloved Part Of The Family

When you think of your family, your spouse, kids, parents, siblings, cousins and so on come to mind. Not so many replacement windows in Dallas, TX. But when you think of all the things that new windows can do for your home, they can be beloved, indeed. Here are a few things you can expect from your new windows once they become a part of your home—and family:

replacement windows in Dallas TX

Comfort To The Hilt

Your family are the people you are more comfortable with than anyone else. When you are home, you should be able to lounge with your family in comfort as well. But that can be hard to do when you are cold, hot, or otherwise uncomfortable because of the drafts in your house that your old windows allow. When you have new windows installed, you are able to get rid of those discomforts and enjoy comfort at its finest. You are comfortable around your family and now, you’ll be comfortable around your new windows that allow you the results you want in your home.

More Money Coming In

Your family bands together to create a monthly budget. Everyone who can contribute does contribute. And you are able to pool that money to pay the bills and sometimes even get a little extra for the family. When you have more money coming in, you are more comfortable in your lifestyle. Getting new windows helps more money to come in—or at least more of your hard-earned money to stay in! When you have new windows, you save a lot more energy, which is great for the environment, but also good for your budget. You don’t waste energy you don’t even use by letting it leak out the windows. Instead, it stays inside, and your energy bills lower because of it. Your windows are acting like a family member, contributing to the family budget in every way they can.

The Appearance Of Love

Some families just look good together. Others have a ramshackle look, but they still appear very happy. No matter what your family looks like, when you get new windows, they will fit right in because you get to choose everything about their appearance. Not only will you love the fresh look on your house, but you’ll like that your family can enjoy a home that looks nice and feels even better.

When you are ready for replacement windows in Dallas, TX, they may not feel as much like a family member as a new grandchild, but they do have their benefits and should be something you welcome with open arms as well. Details are important to the overall process and you can get as many as you need at Southwest Door & Window by calling for a free consultation at (214) 341-2212. We can get you the details you want to make the right decisions for your home. You can also visit our showroom in person at 10990 Petal St #700, Dallas, TX 75238where we can show you around.

Sliding Replacement Windows—Benefits To Enjoy

There are a lot of different types of replacement windows in Dallas, TX on the market and when you want to get new windows for your home, you will want to examine those styles so you can get the best options for your house. Keep in mind that you don’t have to choose just one style. Different styles will work in different locations throughout your home. But there are benefits you will enjoy if you choose sliding windows for places that they fit in nicely. Here are a few to consider.

replacement windows in Dallas TX 4

Better Views

If you like the view out of a certain room in your house, sliding windows can help you see more of it. Instead of a vertical window that shows only a little of the view, a sliding window sits on its side and gives you more of a panoramic view of what’s outside.

Good Ventilation

Sliding windows have great ventilation options as you can open both panels at once and allow the air to circulate through your house. This is the best way to enjoy a nice day, even if you can’t get outside in the air yourself.


You might not think security goes with sliding windows, but these windows have double lock systems that are very hard to open from the outside. In fact, they’re impossible to breach. So you can feel safer once these windows are installed.

Easy Operation

Any new window should be easy to open and close and sliding windows are sturdy, yet easy to operate. You can just unlock it and slide it open with a finger or two. It’s nice to be able to ventilate with very little effort.

The Option

Sliding windows are a nice option for a long, narrow hallway or for a wall that is above a tub or higher up. Sliding windows work so well in areas that have more width than height. You might think you can’t get a window into those places because you don’t have enough height, but a sliding window gives you that option right back.

There are plenty of other benefits of having sliding windows and if you have a location in your house where you think one or more might fit, it’s a good time to consider adding such a window when you are getting new ones for the rest of the house anyway.

During the replacement window process in Dallas, TX, talk to your expert window professionals about sliding windows and where they might go in your house. They can give you experienced advice as to what might work best for your home and your overall lighting and energy goals. When you are ready to talk about details, or if you have questions about sliding windows or other window styles, call Southwest Door & Window at (214) 341-2212. We’re here to work through the details with you from start to finish. You can come see some sliding window examples in our showroom room, too, at 10990 Petal St #700, Dallas, TX 75238.