Replacement Windows: A Beloved Part Of The Family

When you think of your family, your spouse, kids, parents, siblings, cousins and so on come to mind. Not so many replacement windows in Dallas, TX. But when you think of all the things that new windows can do for your home, they can be beloved, indeed. Here are a few things you can expect from your new windows once they become a part of your home—and family:

replacement windows in Dallas TX

Comfort To The Hilt

Your family are the people you are more comfortable with than anyone else. When you are home, you should be able to lounge with your family in comfort as well. But that can be hard to do when you are cold, hot, or otherwise uncomfortable because of the drafts in your house that your old windows allow. When you have new windows installed, you are able to get rid of those discomforts and enjoy comfort at its finest. You are comfortable around your family and now, you’ll be comfortable around your new windows that allow you the results you want in your home.

More Money Coming In

Your family bands together to create a monthly budget. Everyone who can contribute does contribute. And you are able to pool that money to pay the bills and sometimes even get a little extra for the family. When you have more money coming in, you are more comfortable in your lifestyle. Getting new windows helps more money to come in—or at least more of your hard-earned money to stay in! When you have new windows, you save a lot more energy, which is great for the environment, but also good for your budget. You don’t waste energy you don’t even use by letting it leak out the windows. Instead, it stays inside, and your energy bills lower because of it. Your windows are acting like a family member, contributing to the family budget in every way they can.

The Appearance Of Love

Some families just look good together. Others have a ramshackle look, but they still appear very happy. No matter what your family looks like, when you get new windows, they will fit right in because you get to choose everything about their appearance. Not only will you love the fresh look on your house, but you’ll like that your family can enjoy a home that looks nice and feels even better.

When you are ready for replacement windows in Dallas, TX, they may not feel as much like a family member as a new grandchild, but they do have their benefits and should be something you welcome with open arms as well. Details are important to the overall process and you can get as many as you need at Southwest Door & Window by calling for a free consultation at (214) 341-2212. We can get you the details you want to make the right decisions for your home. You can also visit our showroom in person at 10990 Petal St #700, Dallas, TX 75238where we can show you around.

Sliding Replacement Windows—Benefits To Enjoy

There are a lot of different types of replacement windows in Dallas, TX on the market and when you want to get new windows for your home, you will want to examine those styles so you can get the best options for your house. Keep in mind that you don’t have to choose just one style. Different styles will work in different locations throughout your home. But there are benefits you will enjoy if you choose sliding windows for places that they fit in nicely. Here are a few to consider.

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Better Views

If you like the view out of a certain room in your house, sliding windows can help you see more of it. Instead of a vertical window that shows only a little of the view, a sliding window sits on its side and gives you more of a panoramic view of what’s outside.

Good Ventilation

Sliding windows have great ventilation options as you can open both panels at once and allow the air to circulate through your house. This is the best way to enjoy a nice day, even if you can’t get outside in the air yourself.


You might not think security goes with sliding windows, but these windows have double lock systems that are very hard to open from the outside. In fact, they’re impossible to breach. So you can feel safer once these windows are installed.

Easy Operation

Any new window should be easy to open and close and sliding windows are sturdy, yet easy to operate. You can just unlock it and slide it open with a finger or two. It’s nice to be able to ventilate with very little effort.

The Option

Sliding windows are a nice option for a long, narrow hallway or for a wall that is above a tub or higher up. Sliding windows work so well in areas that have more width than height. You might think you can’t get a window into those places because you don’t have enough height, but a sliding window gives you that option right back.

There are plenty of other benefits of having sliding windows and if you have a location in your house where you think one or more might fit, it’s a good time to consider adding such a window when you are getting new ones for the rest of the house anyway.

During the replacement window process in Dallas, TX, talk to your expert window professionals about sliding windows and where they might go in your house. They can give you experienced advice as to what might work best for your home and your overall lighting and energy goals. When you are ready to talk about details, or if you have questions about sliding windows or other window styles, call Southwest Door & Window at (214) 341-2212. We’re here to work through the details with you from start to finish. You can come see some sliding window examples in our showroom room, too, at 10990 Petal St #700, Dallas, TX 75238.

The Essential Elements Window Replacement Professionals Hold

Many home improvement projects cost a lot of time and money and many people save on the money aspect by doing some or all of the work themselves. There are some projects that allow that. Anyone can paint a room, for example, right? But when you need replacement windows in Dallas, TX, you get the best results when you use professionals from the beginning all the way through the installation. They hold elements that you don’t likely have yourself and those elements are essential to the final project.

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Expert Advice

How much do you know about new windows? You could know very little or nothing at all. You might know quite a bit. But you’ll never know as much as an expert in the window stores. They are up to date on every detail within the window world. They know all the latest technologies and can point you toward the best upgrades to suit your home’s needs and your energy goals. When you have that expert advice, you’re a lot more likely to get what you need and want for your home.


If you take this project on yourself, the only guarantee you have is that you are the only one to back up any choices you make. When you enlist the help of professionals, you get a lot more than that. The windows all come with manufacturer warranties, but you also get guarantees on the installation. Quality window stores will stand behind every job they do. If anything goes wrong, they will fix it for you at no extra charge. Since they stand behind their work, it’s likely that nothing will go wrong. But on the off chance it does, you’re covered without further investment yourself.

Long-Term Experience

When was the last time you installed windows onto a home? Never? Very rarely? Experts do it every day and they are there to help you as well. You don’t have to worry about them making mistakes because this is their specialty. They know what to do because they’ve done it many times before and the manufacturer issued them the training they needed long ago.

There are lots of other things that window replacement experts hold near and dear and are willing to share with you when you go through the process. It’s easy enough to get a free consultation from a window company and then go from there once you decide what direction to take.

When you are eyeing replacement windows in Dallas, TX for your home, contact the professionals at Southwest Door & Window for help with the project right away. We’ll be by your side through every choice and help ensure that you don’t make any mistakes you will regret later. You can call us at (214) 341-2212 and ask questions, or just come in and visit us in our showroom at 10990 Petal St #700, Dallas, TX 75238. We’d love to show off some of our quality windows to you and get into details together.

When Your Windows Are Damaged

Windows are a part of your home that you likely take for granted. You don’t think about them all that much, right? When they are showing damage, however, you might need replacement windows in Dallas, TX. It’s best that every homeowner know how to recognize when damage is showing itself. Here are a few things that you could see in your windows if they are damaged and in need of replacement.

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Cracking And Splintering

This is the most obvious sign of damage that windows can show when they need to be replaced. IT’s easy enough to see cracks and splinters if you look at your windows closely enough. They can happen to windows if they aren’t maintained well, or if they are simply old enough.

Water Damage

You’ve likely seen water damage before. It looks like a stain and can leave a mark behind well after the water is gone. Windows with water damage could leak air and water alike. They could also develop mold and mildew if water is left sitting around for too long. Water damage is unsightly, but it can also be dangerous. And if it is not cared for in short order, it only gets worse.

Functional Damage

Your windows might look okay, but if you can’t open and close them with ease, there’s damage within them that you can’t see. They might be sagging or warping from damage over time, which tends to happen to old windows. If your windows are stuck shut or stick when they’re open, it’s a risk in emergency situations and replacements are best.

High Energy Bills

If you don’t take a look at your windows very often, you can still keep an eye on your energy bills for window damage. The damage will show up there as well as your old windows start to leak more and more air. The energy bills will rise, and your home won’t feel as comfortable, either. Once you notice the bills getting higher, that might trigger you to inspect the windows or call a professional to take a look and assess things for you. They can tell you if you need repairs or a complete replacement.

When you are ready for replacement windows in Dallas, TX, it might be because of some of these damages you’ve noticed on your windows. If you see the damage, but aren’t sure if the windows have to be replaced, call the professionals at Southwest Door & Window. We’re a reputable, honest company that will come to your home for a free consultation to offer you our advice. If we see things that can be fixed through repairs, we’ll tell you. But we’ll also be honest if complete replacement is in your best interest. Give us a call at (214) 341-2212 and we can get you set up with a consultation with no obligations to move forward. You can also visit our showroom to ask questions or see new window options in person at 10990 Petal St #700, Dallas, TX 75238.

Going For Custom Replacement Windows

There are standard things and there are customized things, even in replacement windows in Dallas, TX. Not every window is the same shape or size and you might have windows that are out of the ordinary. Here’s a little secret, custom windows are better than standard windows anyway because you can get exactly what you want. Here are some tips to help your custom replacement windows turn out just as you want them to.

replacement windows in Dallas TX

Get Professionals To Measure

You can measure your windows to do estimates, but when you are actually going to order customized windows in the right size, have the professionals take the final measurements. If you take your own and they’re wrong, that’s on you. The professionals won’t get things wrong and if they did, by chance, they would have to fix their mistake. You can guarantee windows that fit when the experts take the measurements.

Check Through The Options

Custom windows mean that you not only get the size you need, but you can customize anything else you want. You can get the material you want, the style, the hardware, the upgrades, and so on. Look through all of the options because you never know when you will find something you need and didn’t even know you could have.

Keep a Budget In Mind

Custom windows are going to cost more than standard windows, so it’s even more important to have a budget in mind for the project. Set a budget and then, while you are working with the window company, let them know what you have in mind so they can make recommendations that fit into your budget. You don’t need to waste time on things you can’t afford anyway.

Select A Quality Company

The company you choose for the process is going to be very important in the end results. You will want to compare backgrounds, experience, and results among companies before you choose one to work with. Make sure the company has a strong standing in the community and a good reputation in the custom window world.

Consider Changes

Since you are getting custom windows, you may as well get everything you want, assuming you can afford the changes. It’s a good time to make shifts and changes in your windows since you are customizing the size anyway. Consider a different style, new hardware, upgrades, and other options that can suit your home better than your old windows did.

When you are ready for replacement windows in Dallas, TX and you want to go with custom options, contact the professionals at Southwest Door & Window. You can call us at (214) 341-2212, tell us about your home goals, and listen to our advice. We can also set up a free consultation for you to get started down the right path to the perfect windows. Our showroom is located at 10990 Petal St #700, Dallas, TX 75238 and it’s a great place to browse for ideas and inspiration when you are looking for something specific, but don’t know what that is yet.

The Replacement Window Timing Process

They say there’s a time for everything—whoever ‘they’ are. But when it comes to replacement windows in Dallas, TX, they’re right. There’s going to be a time that’s better than other times to get new windows installed. Here are a few ways to time the process just right so you can get the project done at a good time for your schedule and your home.

replacement window in Dallas TX

The Off Season

One of the best times to get new windows is in the off season for window installers. There are times of the year that are busier than others, namely the spring and fall. If you get your windows installed in the winter, you can save money on the installation and speed the process along. Installers won’t be as busy, so you’ll be able to choose a time that’s convenient for you and not have to work around their list of installations. Plus, in Texas, winters aren’t all that bad anyway. It’s not like you’ll be letting a huge draft of cold air into your home when you take out one window and put in another. The off season is a good thing to plan for, if you can.

Whenever You Need The Windows

Really, the best time to get new windows is when you need them. The minute you notice that your windows are leaking air badly and your energy bills are too high, you should start looking into replacements. It doesn’t matter what season it is, if you need the windows, timing the process to happen sooner rather than later is in your best interest. Try to work your schedule around a trip to the window store and making decisions for your home’s need.

When The Budget Is In Place

The reality is, you have to have a certain budget in place to get new windows installed onto your house. If you don’t have the money, you can’t get the windows. When you have the money, you need and your home needs the windows, the timing is perfect, and everything is lined up as it should be. That budget is important to what you can get for your new windows and what the window store will recommend. Make sure they know upfront what you can afford so you can talk the same language in terms of the options.

It’s not always the easiest thing in the world to time your replacement windows in Dallas, TX perfectly with everything else that might be going on in your life, but when you need new windows, it’s important to move forward with the project. The professionals at Southwest Door & Window will help you time things out in the best possible manner for anything you need to work around. Call us at (214) 341-2212 and let’s talk through some of the questions you have and get you set up with a free consultation to help you take some steps in the right direction. You can also visit us at 10990 Petal St #700, Dallas, TX 75238.

Replacement Windows For All Sizes

Getting replacement windows in Dallas, TX isn’t a one-size-fits-all deal. You will need to get the right windows in the right size for every opening you have to fill. But there’s a lot more to consider than simple measurements. You will want to think about the window type and style that would be best for the sizes you have on your home—or the sizes you want on your home since now is a great time to make changes. Here are a few options to consider:

Dallas replacement windows

Large Window Areas

If you have a wall that has a lot of windows on them, or one large window, there are choices to make when you get replacements. You could stick with what you have and if you like it, that’s the best option. But you might consider some of these as well. First, the picture window. This is a great choice if you don’t need ventilation, but want more of a view and more natural light. You can also always put other windows around it to ventilate, if you need to. Large areas of windows are greatly served by picture windows. Second, a bay or bow window. If you want to add square footage to your house and get more angles to your view, better light, and an interesting architectural addition, this is a great option that can really make a room pop. Third, you could also install a bank of windows, like four sets of casement windows in a row.

Normal Window Areas

These areas are the one that seem average. They’re for normal, everyday windows. They are best served by the window style you like and that fits into that space well. Consider casement windows for their ventilation purposes and natural light as well as efficiency. Some people like to put double hung windows in, especially on the second floor, since you can tilt them in to clean them and so you have the option of just opening the top half for an added safety feature.

Small Window Areas

Whether you have a small window area, or want to create one, there’s lots you can do. Lighten up that dark hallway with a slider window closer to the ceiling. Consider a long, narrow window next to the front door. Or place a shaped window above a door or elsewhere. A circle or octagon can really stand out on a home.

When you are ready to talk about all the window areas you have need of replacing, contact the professionals at Southwest Door & Window by calling (214) 341-2212. We’ve helped with replacement windows in Dallas, TX for every size opening you can imagine and we’re here to make suggestions for what you have to work with on your home. You’re welcome to visit our showroom to get ideas at 10990 Petal St #700, Dallas, TX 75238 and we can show you around, talk efficiency, and get details from you for your project. We want every window area to end up just how you want it.

Getting Replacement Windows On A Time Crunch

Life is busy and there’s never a convenient time for certain things, perhaps like replacement windows in Dallas, TX. But there might come a time when you need new windows so badly, you just can’t wait. That time might also come when you don’t have a lot of time to spare for the project. Use these tips to get replacement windows efficiently and effectively on a small amount of time.

Dallas TX replacement windows

Tip 1: Get References For Window Stores

You need a good professional in your corner, but perhaps you don’t have a lot of time to research area businesses. Just talk to people in your life as you run across them. Someone is bound to have had replacement windows and they used a company they appreciated. Once you get a name from someone you trust, you are more likely able to trust that company.

Tip 2: Form A Budget

It takes much less time to find windows and fit them into your home if you have a budget in place already. You don’t have to worry about deciding what to go with and what to avoid because the budget will do much of that work for you. You can tell the window store what your budget is and they can weed out certain items because of it. It will cut down on the time greatly

Tip 3: Know What You Like

You know yourself and your preferences better than anyone else. When you know what you like, you can easily point to one window over another to get what you need to suit your style. Knowing what you like will help you figure out which windows are a better fit for your home. You can figure that out by just driving around, looking at windows, and paying attention to features you appreciate in windows in general.

Tip 4: Take Advice

Assuming you are working with a window store you can trust, you can take their advice and run with it. If they recommend that you get low-E glass because your home sits in the full sun, you can feel confident about doing that without having to spend too much extra time examining that option yourself.

When you are getting replacement windows in Dallas, TX, there are things to consider. But you don’t have to spend months of time on the process if you are desperate for the new windows. The professionals at Southwest Door & Window are here to help. Call us at (214) 341-2212 and let us know about your budget and your time crunch. We’ll help you put things together on a timeline you can appreciate and at a price you can afford. We are here for you to talk to in person as well at 10990 Petal St #700, Dallas, TX 75238. Coming to our showroom can cut a lot of time out of things as well as you see what is out there, what we have to offer, and what options you prefer the most.

Are Replacement Windows For You?

There are some things that just aren’t for you. Perhaps you don’t like the feel of leather on a couch or maybe you despise cookies with nuts in them. Everyone has their preferences. But if your home needs some work, there are upgrades that are for absolutely everyone, like replacement windows in Dallas, TX. Here are a few ways to reason with yourself and let yourself know that this project really is for you.

replacement window Dallas

Do You Like Comfort?

Um, who doesn’t? If you had the choice between a comfortable temperature in your home or something that always feels too hot or too cold, what would you pick? Comfort, of course. Comfort is the key to relaxation, and you might feel like you can never get to that relaxed state in your house because of the fluctuations. New windows can help you get what you need to obtain the ultimate levels of comfort. Yes, replacement windows are definitely for you.

Do You Appreciate Low Bills?

If you had two energy bills sitting in front of you, a really high one and a nice, low one, which one would you rather pay? The low one, of course. It’s always nice to have extra money in the budget. Perhaps your kids need new shoes, or you want to save for another project. Whatever it is, every family can make something out of extra cash in the budget each month. Replacement windows are definitely for you if you prefer low bills over high ones.

Do You Want Your Home To Be Safe?

Would you rather live in a safe neighborhood or one that is known for crime? Do you want windows and doors that lock tightly or ones that flap open with ease—from the outside! Of course you want safety over danger for your family. When you get new windows, that’s what you get. Replacement windows are for you if you’d rather intruders stay out. They’re also for you if you want your family to have emergency exits if they needed it. Locks are important on windows and if your current windows don’t operate safely, new ones will.

Do You Need A New Curb Appeal?
If you don’t mind the look of your home currently, perhaps you don’t need new windows. But if your home is lacking in curb appeal, windows are definitely for you. New windows give any home a new, fresh look that can really boost curb appeal. You get an added bonus because your new windows will show inside the house at the same time.

If you think replacement windows in Dallas, TX aren’t for you, think again. If your house has windows that are old enough, replacements are for any homeowner. If you aren’t sure whether or not your home is ready for new windows, that’s a different story. And the professionals at Southwest Door & Window can help you make that determination. Call us at (214) 341-2212 for a consultation and visit our showroom at 10990 Petal St #700, Dallas, TX 75238.

The Best In Professional Window Replacement

If you are having a house built for your family, do you want the guy down the street who likes to build bird houses to do it? Or would you prefer a professional with years of experience and a proven track record? Of course you want a professional. The same should be said about getting replacement windows in Dallas, TX. There might be people who believe, in theory, that they can replace windows. The problem is, if they don’t have the right training and if they aren’t qualified, they may or may not be right about that belief. You can’t take that to chance. Here are a few of the things you get from using the best professionals in the industry:

replacement windows Dallas

Great Advice

Everyone has an opinion about everything, but there’s a difference between an opinion and advice from an expert. Your sister might prefer white over black for the frame color, but she will have no idea what upgrade is best for your home. You can only get that kind of recommendation from a seasoned professional who knows what upgrades work for certain situations. You need that kind of advice since you probably haven’t installed windows in your home before. Most homeowners only do it once, which means you need to borrow the expertise from experts to get the job done right.

Proper Installation

There are plenty of people who ‘could’ install windows, but the proper installation is a different story. Unless you have a professional installation, the warranty you get from the manufacturer is voided. Plus, you have no guarantees if something goes wrong without professional help. The proper installation guarantees that the windows will perform as they promise on their labels. And if anything happens to go wrong, the professionals will fix it at no extra charge.

Answer To Questions Later

If you forget how to tilt your double hung windows into the house or you want advice on how to best clean vinyl windows outside, the experts you used to purchase and install the windows will still be around to help you with those questions. You can also contact them about warranty information if you want to know what parts are covered and what might not be. They work in the window industry and since they’re the best, they aren’t going anywhere and will be there to help you later.

If you want the best in professional replacement windows in Dallas, TX, contact the experts at Southwest Door & Window. We’re here to help you through every step of the process. We understand that not everyone has seen a rating label before and that’s okay. We’ll explain everything so you can make informed decisions for your house and family. You can call us at (214) 341-2212 for a free consultation or to ask a few questions to get started. You can also visit with us in person if you feel up to a trip to our showroom at 10990 Petal St #700, Dallas, TX 75238. Or, visit us at home through the internet at