The Benefits Of Spring Window Replacement

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If your home needs replacement windows in Richardson, TX, the best season to get them in whatever season you are in when you notice that you need them. That being said, most homeowners prefer to work on the project and get the installation done in the spring. And there are certainly benefits to that. Here are a few to consider if you are thinking about taking this project on this spring.

The Temperatures Are Perfect

Texas has a definite chill to it in the winter and the summers can be brutally hot. But the spring? The temperatures are nearly perfect. When you are thinking about having installers come and take windows out, you know the air from outside is going to get into your house, even if it’s not for very long. Each window can come out and go in a matter of minutes. And the air that does get into the home is pleasant. You might have the windows open anyway on a spring day so it doesn’t overwork your HVAC to try and keep up with the temperature you want. The interior of the house feels nice!

Beat The Summer Heat

Even though spring is pleasant, you know that summer is coming and it will be hot—guaranteed. If you want the summer heat to remain outside of your home, it’s important to have windows that work well and insulate your home nicely. If your windows don’t do that, switching them out for replacements in the spring, before the summer, is a good idea. You might want to have the right levels of comfort in your house this summer and to achieve that, get the windows replaced in the spring.

Lower Energy Bills Now

Any homeowner would rather have lower energy bills now than months from now. When you get your windows replaced in the spring, you can start to enjoy better energy bills right away. But you will really see a drop in those bills when you have the summer months hit and the bills normally spike. Instead, they stay nice and low and that’s an even bigger advantage to being prepared for summer.Richardson TX replacement windows

Make It A Part Of Spring Cleaning

There might be parts of your house that you want to freshen up in the spring. Lots of people participate in spring cleaning lists. If your windows are old, you might normally paint them in the spring. But instead of taking on that chore, that might make them look better, but still won’t help them function well, you can replace them entirely. You’ll get the fresh look you want in the spring with the bonus of great energy efficiency.

If you are ready for replacement windows in Richardson, TX this spring, there are plenty of benefits to taking on the project right away. But if you don’t get around to it, taking the project on in the summer is still a good idea. Contact the professionals at Southwest Door & Window for a free consultation when you are ready.

What Tasks Should You Take On This Spring?

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Every homeowner is different and wants different things for their home. Likewise, every home is different. So the projects you want to take on this spring might be different than what someone else wants to do and that’s okay. But every home needs replacement windows in Frisco, TX at some point and there are other things that all, or at least most, homes will need in the spring as well. Here are some ideas for tasks you might consider this spring.

Clean Out The Gutters

You might not have had time between fall and winter to clean out the gutters, but now that the weather is getting nicer and you know there’s going to be lots of rain, you need those gutters to work well in directing that rainwater away from your house properly. Clean the gutters out or hire someone to do it for you so the rainwater will fall in the right directions around your house.

Refresh Landscaping

You might want to put some fresh flowers around your existing landscaping or even do something larger, like plant a garden. But you may also just need to update what you already have. The bushes may have died out over the winter. They may very well come back, but you will want to cut the dead parts away to allow for regrowth. Pull any weeds, dead or alive, that may have popped up, and get the landscaping ready for spring colors and growth.

Get An AC Inspection

You know it’s only a matter of time before you have to crank up that AC to stave off the Texas heat. You want to make sure that, when that time comes, your unit is ready to go. Have a professional come to your house, inspect everything on the AC, tune it up, and get it ready to go. If there are small issues that need to be addressed, it’s better to do that before you need it so that when it needs to be run, it’s ready.Frisco TX replacement windows

Inspect Your Windows

It’s a good idea to inspect your windows at least once a season so you know when they are starting to fail and might need to be replaced soon. When you know what the windows look like when they are in good condition, you will notice when something changes. Inspecting your windows can be as easy as giving them a thorough cleaning. You have to touch and operate all the parts, which can help you to look things over.

If you find that you do need replacement windows in Frisco, TX, there’s no better time to get them than the spring months. While you should get windows whenever you really need them, homeowners prefer spring because of the mild temperatures. Spring is a busy time of the year for window replacements, but you can get your installation done and prepare for the hotter summer months with lower energy bills to enjoy. Call Southwest Door & Window for a free consultation.

Spring Cleaning Around The Year

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When spring comes around each year, people often have a tendency to go crazy on cleaning. There are some things that really should be done on an annual basis, but if you don’t like having to deep clean your house, there are also things you can do around the year in order to prevent the big clean from being necessary. Keep an eye on your windows in case you need replacement windows in Plano, TX, and do these things on a regular basis to avoid the need for a huge spring clean.

Clean The Windows Monthly

Whether you have old or new windows, they are going to need to be cleaned. Make it part of your monthly cleaning ritual to wipe the fingerprints and dirt off the glass and get the grim off the frames. The windows will look better and function well when they are nice and clean. If you clean regularly, that also helps you to keep an eye on parts so you will be able to determine when you need replacement windows.

File Papers

You get bills sent to your house every month. You have lots of tax documents to keep track of every year. The papers pile up. If you were to file those documents in your cabinet once a month, they wouldn’t pile up so badly. You wouldn’t have a huge job in the spring and you won’t have as much clutter lying around.

Purge Every Few Weeks

It’s hard to find time for large purging projects, but if you do that project on a small scale every few weeks, it won’t become a huge monster. When you are digging around your closet for a pair of shoes you want to wear, get rid of the others you find and never wear. When you have a few minutes in the kitchen before you have to flip the food on the grill, clean out the junk drawer. The small projects don’t have to take much time and they can help you to avoid a large buildup later.

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Spend 15 Minutes Cleaning A Day

While it might feel hard to fit a large cleaning session into your week, surely you can find 15 minutes a day to clean and organize. One day, work on the bathroom. The next day, the kitchen, and so on. Even just 15 minutes a day can help you cover the big things that need to be done in a house over a week. And it can help you avoid anything getting so dirty that you need to deep clean it in the spring.

As you take control of your spring cleaning on a daily or weekly basis, watch for the need for replacement windows in Plano, TX. That’s a wonderful job to take on in the spring, but the best time to do it is whenever you need the new windows. The professionals at Southwest Door & Window are available for free consultations and assessments whenever you want to have one in your home.

Replacement Windows Can Prevent Accidents

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You can’t predict accidents, but it would be nice to have things around your house that don’t cause things to happen. You can prevent some things from happening, just by making sure elements within your home are safe. You may need replacement windows in Richardson, TX, for example, and that can actually help you to prevent accidents. Here are a few ways in which new windows can prevent accidents from occurring.

They Act As Emergency Exits

Do your old windows open with ease? If they don’t, they are a huge danger to your family. If they are painted shut and you can’t open them, what happens if a fire breaks out and you need another exit? Replacement windows will glide open like a dream so if you ever need them for an alternative exit, they are there. That’s a big relief and can give you peace of mind. You don’t want anything to come up, but if it does, it’s important to have a way out.

They Won’t Slam Shut

Older windows might be hard to open, but they might also spontaneously slam shut. And what’s in the way when they do? Maybe nothing. But maybe your child’s fingers or a pet’s paws. You certainly don’t want that type of accident to cause yelps or screams. Anything you can do to protect your children and your furry family members, you should. Getting new windows means your windows open easily, and they stay where you place them. They aren’t hard to close, but they won’t slam shut on their own, either. Windows that slam shut can even break, too, which leads to glass shards and a whole separate issue that is just as dangerous, if not more so.

Richardson TX replacement windows

The Glass Is Stronger

While glass in most windows can break, glass in new windows is stronger than the glass in your old windows. If you had single pane glass and you get new windows, they will be at least double pane glass, which you can also upgrade to triple pane. Either of those windows is going to have glass that is a lot stronger than a window with single pane glass. New windows are a lot stronger so if someone throws a ball in the house or falls over against a window, it is a lot less likely to break than the glass on older windows.

These are just a few of the things that replacement windows in Richardson, TX are going to do for your home to prevent the accidents that you certainly don’t want to have at any time. You get a lot of other benefits from the windows, too, like energy efficiency, a raised home value, a nicer curb appeal, higher comfort, and so many other things. If you want to go over the details, the professionals at Southwest Door & Window are here for you every step of the way. Give us a call for a free consultation and we’ll talk you through what we have available and what might be best for your home.

Benefits Standard Replacement Windows Bring To A Home

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If you are in the market for replacement windows in Frisco, TX, you might suffer from a bit of a sticker shock when you start to look into how expensive they are. It’s hard to budget for the process because budgets are often tight. But when you have to get windows, it’s important to get them. Keep in mind that even if you can’t afford tons of upgrades and extras, standard windows today are very good. They’re technologically advanced, energy efficient, and bring a lot of benefits to your home. Here are a few you can count on.

Energy Efficiency

The point of getting new windows in the first place is likely to bring energy efficiency back to your home. Without efficient windows, you might have large drafts coming through your house, which drive your energy bills way up and your comfort levels way down. Instead, when you get new windows, even standard windows, you are going to have efficiency. Your windows will be sealed tightly to your house and you won’t have a draft any longer. You will finally have the comfort you want and you won’t have to worry about your temperature fluctuating up and down all day long. Yes, upgrades can increase efficiency, but even standard windows are very good.

Classic Style

While windows can come in a variety of colors today, the standard windows are going to be white. White is actually the most popular color anyway and it’s a classic color that goes with anything. You don’t have to worry about it looking great on your house right away because it will. And you don’t have to worry about it not looking right in the future because even if you paint your house, it’ll still look great. You’ll get a fresh, new look along with a classic style that will hold on.

Frisco TX replacement windowsA Raised Home Value

New windows are an investment and that’s something you get even with standard windows. New windows are going to raise the value of your home a great deal. That will help you to pay yourself back from the investment, to begin with. You can count on a higher home value if you sell your house in the future. Your home will look better from the curb, too, which will also help the home sell faster and at that higher price some time down the road.

These are things that even standard replacement windows in Frisco, TX are going to bring to your home. It’s nice to know that you can get everything you really need, even with windows that don’t have upgrades. Upgrades are going to enhance your results, but if you don’t have the budget for it, standard windows are still going to be great. Keep an eye on the ratings labels and talk to the professionals at Southwest Door & Window as you get into the details. We will help you get what you need at a price you can afford to make your house everything you want.

That Long Replacement Window Installation Day

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If you have a lot on your plate, as most people do these days, it can be hard to stay home for an entire day to get replacement windows in Plano, TX installed. The day might feel super long because you are stuck at home. Instead of thinking of it that way, think about all the things you can do with that time—things you don’t normally have the time to do. Here are a few ways to fill the day with things you’ve been wanting to do, but never have time for.

Organize That File Cabinet

If you have a filing cabinet, who knows how much stuff you have shoved into it over the years. You don’t even know what all is in there and it’s certainly not organized well, right? Take some time to go through that drawer and get everything ready for more files. Take out and shred old bills and organize things by date or however you want them to go. You might be able to hide a lot more things in that cabinet once you empty out some of the old things.

Take On A Craft Project

Have you really wanted to finish that blanket you’ve been knitting? The quilt you started ages ago? The birdhouses you made, but haven’t had time to paint yet? These craft projects can take up time, which is a good thing when you are stuck at home on installation day. You can also give them out as gifts or enjoy selling them to others. It’s a great way to get the time to go fast and to accomplish something worthwhile.

Start Training That Dog

Your dog might have some, well, issues. You can spend a lot more time with him while the installers are working, and you should. The noise might freak him out so it’s nicer to be outside, away from the loudest of the work. You can take him for extra walks to wear him out and perhaps work on sit, stay, and other simple commands you’ve been wanting him to master. You have the time to spend with him and he will eat it up.

replacement windows in Plano TX 6

Fill Out Cards

If you like to send birthday cards to people, but you always forget or don’t have time to get them out the door, get a bunch of cards and then spend the day filling them out. You can have them all addressed so all you have to do is send them out on the right date. Keep them in your calendar and the process is simple. Your family and friends will be touched you thought of them.

There are plenty of other things you can do when you are looking into replacement windows in Plano, TX and the installation is arising soon. Contact the professionals at Southwest Door & Window to find out how long the installation will take so you know just how much time you are going to have to kill until the project is complete.

Getting Ready For Replacement Windows

Richardson TX replacement windows

If you know that your home is in need of replacement windows in Richardson, TX, it’s not a process you are going to go through overnight. It’s important to take time on the issue and really think through the details. As you prepare for the project, get ready in some or all of these ways.

Get Your Budget Ready

One of the things you will need to have when you get new windows is a budget for the process. If you don’t have the money for it, wherever you get it, then you can’t move forward. So before you get too excited about the options, it’s a good idea to look into your budget and what you can afford. Look at your savings, your loan options, what payments you can afford, and so on and figure out what budget range you are comfortable with. That can really help you understand what you can and cannot afford when you move ahead with the project.

Know What You Like

Before you start picking and choosing between the options, it’s good to know what you like and what you don’t like in the window world. Look through websites with window products, watch windows as you drive by so you can see the styles and colors against certain homes, watch TV shows that have a lot of renovations that involve windows. You’ll start to notice the preferences you have stand out and the things you don’t like as well. That can really help you to make decisions more easily when the time comes.

Start To Think Through Changes

While your budget is going to decide a lot about what you can do, you will want to think about what changes you’d like to have in your home around the windows. You might want to add windows, put in larger windows, get upgrades for efficiency, and other such things. Starting to dream is a nice way to put the project into perspective and you can mention those to the professionals when you meet with them.

replacement windows in Richardson TX

Have A Free Consultation

Before you commit to working with a certain window company, you may want to have a free consultation with them to get more information about how they operate, the window manufacturers they carry, and other details that can really help you along the way. These consultations can help you prepare, know what else you need to think about, and whether or not you want to work with that company.

If you are getting ready for replacement windows in Richardson, TX, it’s important to prepare yourself in a number of ways. When you get to the point of working with a window company, you will be ready for the decisions you have to make. You know what budget you have to work with, what you like and don’t like, and other such things. When you are ready for that free consultation, call the professionals at Southwest Door & Window to help you with the project from here through the installation.

Designing A Home Around Window Replacement

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When your home is on the old side and you no longer like what you see, it might be time for some renovations, upgrades, and replacements. There are lots of places you could start these projects, and you’ll want to take some of them bit by bit. But some homeowners like to get the replacement windows Frisco, TX first and then, they can design the rest of the renovations and upgrades around those windows. Windows make a huge difference in any space and once they go in, you have a lot more natural light with which to see what else you need and want to do. Plus, they are highly efficient, especially if you get certain upgrades, so you can save money on bills and put that extra cash towards other updates.

There are lots of things to think about when you are updating a home in any way. It’s important that, in the end, you are able to bring it all together. It’s usually in your best interest to start with larger things so you can build around them. You don’t want to paint the walls and then tear out the windows. You might damage some of the paint plus, if you are changing any of the windows, some of the walls might be cut apart and redone anyway. It’s important to think in an orderly fashion so you are able to make the right design choices in the right order.

Plus, there is a lot of change you could make with your new windows that may impact the overall design of the space. If you are putting in a bay or bow window, that’s a great place for a reading nook or perhaps a breakfast table for the morning meal. You wouldn’t want to get a table first and place it only to find it doesn’t fit in with the window you install later.

Frisco TX replacement windows

If you are planning some renovations, start with the windows and then, design other things around them. They are a big piece of the project and they make a great start. You are able to see a difference in your home right away and it’s nice to know that you have the efficiency you want for your house right away. Then, while you plan and carry out the rest of the project, you will be comfortable and you will be saving money, too.

When you are working on updating your home, there are lots of things you can do and lots of orders in which you could take things on. But it’s best to think about the replacement windows Frisco, TX early on in the process. They can lead to lots of inspiration for the rest of the project. You might get what you need from them to put the rest of the room together. The professionals at Southwest Door & Window are here to take your budget into consideration and help you to reach all of your goals with the project. We want to hear all about the updates.

Thinking Ahead To Summer Savings

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When you look ahead to the summer, excitement might be the emotion you feel the most. Your kids will be out of school and you might finally feel like you can take a road trip with them and spend some quality time together. There are lots of ways you can save money around your house to add to the vacation budget, including getting replacement windows Plano, TX. If you think ahead and make plans now, you can put those plans into action with ease once summer arrives and have the money you need for the trip you want. Here are a few ways to save this summer.

Use Your Shades

You might always leave your shades up so you can get natural light into your home, but when you want to save money, using your shades for efficiency purposes can really help you out. Close the shades overnight and whenever you aren’t going to be home. Also, try to close the shades that get the heat of the sun in the afternoon so they can help block that heat. Using the shades to your efficiency advantage can help you save money on your energy bills.

Program The Thermostat

Some families set their thermostat at a cool 65 and leave it there. But if you are able to program your thermostat, you might want to think about your family’s schedule and do just that. During the day, when no one is home, do you really need the AC running at full blast? You might be able to bump the temperature up at least a few degrees and give the system a break. Overnight, do you need it to be that cool or can you run fans to circulate the air coming in? Those are things you can do to save money on your energy bills so you can save for a vacation.

replacement windows in Plano TX

Get Replacement Windows

While getting new windows is a large investment, it can also really help you save money on the other side of the installation. Once the new windows go in, you are able to drive your energy bills way down. Your home will be so efficient, it will feel better while you save money on those bills. The money you save can go straight into the vacation fund. And you don’t have to wait until summer to get the new windows, either. Get them right away and start saving sooner. Then, you will be ready once the summer heat ramps up.

When you are ready for replacement windows Plano, TX, and the savings you will enjoy (especially over the summer months when the temperatures rise), there’s no reason to wait. The professionals at Southwest Door & Window are here to help you with the project from start to finish. Give us a call for a free consultation and we will help you figure out how to meet the goals you have for your home with the budget you have in mind. We want you to get results and save money, too.

Staving Off The Heat With Summer Window Replacement

Richardson TX replacement windows

You might have shivered a bit this winter, but once the summer hits, you really notice that you need replacement windows Richardson, TX. While there are several ways to try and stave off the heat in this area of the country during the summer months, there’s nothing quite like having the AC on high within a home that actually holds onto the cool air. While you might not feel that getting replacement windows during the summer months is ideal, it’s certainly better than sweating it out. Here are a few ways to get rid of the heat while you are working on replacement windows.

Run Those Fans

The hardest part of the replacement project is the end part when the windows are going into the home and the summer heat is raging outside. It doesn’t matter how fast you run your AC, it’s not going to keep up when windows are being removed from your house and replaced with new windows. The installers try very hard not to let much air in or out, but the hot air outside is going to come in. The best you can do is run the fans you have in the home at full force to keep the air circulating as best you can.

Set Up A Pool

If you don’t have a pool in your yard, and you can’t stay cool in your house, you will wish you had one. Instead of spending tons of money putting in a pool just for this one day, you might want to set up a kiddie pool and dip your feet in that all afternoon. Set up a lawn chair, let the installers work inside, and get a book and read in the shade. You can enjoy ice cold drinks and fan yourself between chapters.

replacement windows in Richardson TX

Stay With A Neighbor

It’s nice to be around your house when the installers are working, in case they need anything. But if you have a next door neighbor with a nice cool house, there’s nothing wrong with heading to their house to cool down. The installers can give you a call or even ring the bell next door if they need you. You can keep an eye on things through their windows and stay cool all at once.

While it might feel strange setting up the installation of your new replacement windows Richardson, TX over the summer months, once the windows go in and you start to recognize how much better your home looks and feels, it’s well worth the effort. Getting the new windows installed only takes a day or two and after that, you get to start saving money on energy bills and enjoying the cool air your home is creating. The professionals at Southwest Door & Window can talk you through the installation process and help you to figure out what you want as your goals and the end results. We’re here to help ensure that you get exactly what you want for your home.