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New Construction and Replacement Windows

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As the premier provider of both new construction and replacement windows in the Dallas area, Southwest Door & Window’s team of experts will guide you through your options to find precisely the right product, both aesthetically and functionally.

From Dallas to McKinney and throughout North Texas, climates can change abruptly, meaning selecting the right window package for your home can not only help keep your temperatures comfortable, but also offer energy efficiency while doing so.

Southwest Door & Window offers several manufacturers of windows, all using the highest-quality technologies and offering a wide range of materials and configurations.

We know that purchasing a new window package can often feel overwhelming, but we’re here to help navigate you through the selection process all the way to installation. To get started, let us help explain a few key items when looking through our products:

dcdlbhnq 300x200What is Low-E technology in Window Glass?

Low-E is a glass technology that uses an invisible layer of silver to reflect radiant light away from your home, while allowing visible light to enter. In the Dallas area, this means your energy consumption is reduced, so your home not only feels cooler during the blistering (and long!) Texas summers, but you’ll also save on your electric bill!

What is the Difference in Window Frame Materials?

Vinyl frames are known for their energy efficiency, low maintenance and affordability. These frames are UV resistant and are widely used in both retrofit and new construction homes. The most common colors available are white, tan, clay and almond. Black or Bronze is also available on the exterior side as an option.

Aluminum is an established frame material that was widely used by builders. While still being produced by many manufacturers, aluminum is found less in new homes as the focus on energy efficiency increases and building codes tighten to require more energy efficient homes.

Wood-clad frames combine old-world craftsmanship with modern technologies to offer timeless aesthetics and energy efficiency in one product. Wood-clad windows have an interior-facing wood frame constructed with a weather resistant exterior frame, which allows for a low-maintenance option for the enduring wood window look.