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Vinyl Windows for New Construction and Replacement

Southwest Door & Window is a Dealer for MI Windows

mi 1650 black ppb frontstraight bd sm 300x200MI Windows provides a Limited Lifetime Customer Assurance Warranty as well as supplemental glass breakage limited lifetime warranty. These warranties will give you peace of mind knowing you are getting a well-built window that will last.

Windows to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Window selection for any home is very important. Whether you are looking at windows for new home construction or replacement windows, Southwest Door & Window understands your desire for easy-care, energy-efficient vinyl windows. All of our products can be specified to meet Energy Star® criteria in all climate regions, including our very own Dallas to McKinney Texas areas.

Energy Star® windows

The Department of Energy (DOE) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have developed the Energy Star® designation for products meeting certain energy performance criteria, including vinyl and other replacement window types. Every window we sell can be specified to meet Energy Star® criteria in all climate regions.

Since the performance requirements of windows vary by climate, specific product ratings have been developed for each of the four U.S. climate regions shown.

dcdlbhnq 300x200Low-E Glass Technology

What is Low-E glass technology? This window technology is used to reflect radiant light away from your home, while allowing visible light to enter. An invisible layer of silver is used to reflect the radiant light and allow visible light to go through the glass.

How can replacement windows with Low-E glass benefit your home? This technology benefits homes in colder climate regions because of the insulation of heat along with the ability of solar rays to pass through the glass. For homes in warmer climates, you benefit from Low-E technology by blocking warmer radiant solar energy from entering your home. In both scenarios you will find savings on energy consumption costs every month!

Low-E Glass with Insulating Argon or Krypton Gas

Argon or Krypton is an invisible gas that is placed in between two panes of window glass. This gas helps prevent cold and warm air from passing between your window glass and can also aid in the dampening of sound from entering your home. Benefiting from lower energy costs and obtaining a more peaceful home environment is worth the investment of any homeowner seeking replacement windows in Dallas.

Low-E and Low Maintenance

And, in addition to energy efficiency, it’s important to note that with quality vinyl windows you can enjoy a virtually maintenance free future. Whether for new construction or as replacements windows, it’s tough to beat vinyl for all weather durability and easy upkeep.

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