Replacement Windows Offer Tremendous Benefits for Your Frisco, TX Home

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When you look at your old, outdated, dirty windows in your Frisco, Texas home, what do you see? Maybe you have certain window coverings, such as drapes and blinds, that you tend to keep closed during the day because you simply don’t want to see the poor condition or quality of those windows.

The common thinking that people have across the country when it comes to their existing windows is that replacing them would be a burden, an expense, and something that should be put off for as long as possible. After all, since those windows are in place and they are working fine (or so the homeowner assumes) there’s no need to even consider replacing them until they are broken, won’t open, or just become too much of an eyesore.

In reality, replacement windows can offer a number of tremendous benefits for just about any homeowner, whether you live in Frisco, Dallas, or some other portion of the state or even the country. Even though the weather in this part of the country tends to be warm, energy efficiency should be a topic of discussion for any homeowner.

Replacement Window Benefits to Think About

Below are a few things any homeowner should think about that could help them see just how beneficial replacing their old, outdated windows can be.


They can Completely Transform Your Entire House.

Depending on the age of your home, and depending on how long you live there you may be a bit tired of the same old look, layout, and design. There are plenty of options that homeowners could choose to change certain styles and appearances of the rooms in their house. They could paint the walls, add wainscoting, change the carpeting, and even replace much of the furniture.

However, ask almost any experienced interior designer about the prospect of replacing the existing windows with something completely different and their face will light up with the possibilities. Much of an interior design begins with the style of windows and the amount of direct sunlight that gets into the room itself. When you change out your old, boring windows with something modern, sleek, and appealing, not only will you enjoy the benefits of crystal clear brand new class, but if you change the style of those windows and even their size of them, you could feel as though you’ve moved into an entirely new house.


Transforming Your Home with New Windows Can Have an Emotional Impact.

Once you change out the windows, even if you replace them with the same size style and size, it can have emotional benefits. Your old windows may be wood-framed and have been painted over at least a dozen times through the years. The glass could be etched as a result of damage caused from outside, the film coating on the glass becoming worn out, dirt sticking to the windows outside and then becoming burned onto the glass by the intense sunlight, and many other causes.

When you have a brand new gorgeous vinyl window, you can stand or sit inside your room and feel so much better about it. When you come home after a long day at work you want to be able to relax. With old, and dingy windows your attention is focused on the problems within the house rather than the comfort it offers. That all changes when you get new replacement windows installed.


When You Choose the Right Windows, You Will Enjoy the Increased Value of Your Home.

Most homeowners in Frisco and other areas of the country want to take on home improvement projects that will actually increase the value of their homes. This is an investment rather than an expense, but most overlook the benefits of installing replacement windows.

When you choose the right windows, the right quality, and the right energy efficiency, you could actually boost the assessed overall value of your house. If you’re planning on selling your home in the next year or two, this could help you get more offers faster because the moment people walk into the house they will notice the new windows, the gorgeous sunlight penetrating in, and the entire home will be more appealing to them.


With Low-E film Coating, You can Protect Furniture.

When you choose energy-efficient windows that have Low-E film coating, it will block out a significant percentage of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. It’s the sun’s UV rays that generate heat within the home and also fade furniture, books, carpeting, and other items.

When you replace your old windows with these new style windows you will not only have to run your air conditioning less often during the summer because those ultraviolet rays have been blocked, you won’t have to worry about protecting your furniture and other items from the common problem of fading.


You Can Actually Improve Security for Your Home.

Yes, entry doors are generally the first point of entry for people who are trying to gain unlawful access into your home, but if they can’t get into your house through one of your entry doors, they will then look to the windows. It’s easy to break a piece of glass, but that has a tendency to draw a lot of attention. Instead, experienced thieves and burglars may look for old, outdated windows that have simple latches to slip open when they’re closed.

New, modern windows have much better security options available and if you are interested, you could talk to your window professional about the prospect of hurricane windows. These are impact-resistant glass windows that can make it difficult, if not impossible for some people to break into your home by smashing the glass.


When you realize some of these benefits that replacement windows can offer your Frisco home, you’ll be more likely to choose this home improvement project now than waiting. Visit Southwest Door & Window at 10255 Miller Rd, Dallas, TX 75238, or call our team at (214) 341-2212.


Replacement Windows Frequently Asked Questions

What window material is the cheapest?

There are a variety of window materials available on the market, but vinyl is typically the most affordable option. Vinyl windows are made from a durable synthetic material that can withstand wear and tear, making them a great choice for homes and businesses. Additionally, vinyl windows are often easier to clean and maintain than other types of windows.


Are new windows UV Resistant?

Yes, newer windows are typically UV resistant. This is because they are usually made with a special type of glass that helps to filter out harmful sun rays. Older windows, on the other hand, may not be as effective at blocking UV rays.


What is Low-E Technology?

Low-E is a glass technology that uses an invisible layer of silver to reflect radiant light away from your home while allowing visible light to enter. In the Dallas area, this means your energy consumption is reduced, so your home not only feels cooler during the blistering (and long!) Texas summers, but you’ll also save on your electric bill!