How to Child Proof Your Window


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Caring for children in the home is not an easy job. We learn from day one that almost everything can be hazardous or pose a danger, yet sometimes we overlook certain things, especially when we underestimate the craftiness of children. If you have a child who loves to explore around the house, then we highly recommend you read on. Unprotected windows can pose a major threat to small children, so it is vital that you understand how to best keep everyone in your home as safe as possible. If you have decided on getting replacement windows in Frisco, TX.

Window Guards

No, we don’t mean that someone stands by the window until your child grows up, we are talking about installing window guards, of course! Similar in design and concept to a traditional baby gate, window guards act in the same way. Window guards create a barrier between your child and the window so that you can let your little one roam without the added stress. Not to be confused with bug guards, window guards are made to hold back the weight of a toddler, unlike the latter. These guards are also great in that they can be installed and attached to most windows on the market. If you have children and haven’t looked into window guards yet, we highly recommend starting! Children can be rambunctious and curious, so these inventive guards can save their life!

Cordless Blinds

If you have a small child and still have corded blinds, you may want to start looking into alternatives. Blinds with a cord on the end are extremely dangerous, as children can easily tangle themselves in them when you aren’t looking. While innocently curious about the world, children don’t understand the choking hazard these cords can pose, so it’s best to make sure that these cords are out of your home. Perhaps when your child gets older you can safely switch back to a corded design if you truly like their function. Opting for cordless blinds is seamless and almost easier, in fact, than corded. Unlike the corded blind’s pulley design, cordless blinds simply have a small handle that you can move either up or down, super easy, and no cords!

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Window Stops

If you weren’t a fan of the cordless blinds or window gate, then window stops may be your next best bet. The window stops work no matter the direction your window opens. What makes these such a great precaution is that once installed, it only allows the window to open only so much, typically four inches, before the window is stopped. Conveniently, window stops are pretty versatile in that they can be properly installed and function with virtually any window.

Keeping our customers happy is always our top priority but ensuring the safety of your family as well in the process is paramount. We take pride in the safety and efficiency of the windows we install and strive to keep you as informed as possible when it comes to what works best for your home. Inquire today about replacement windows in Frisco, TX!