Preparing for Replacement Windows

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Getting new windows in your home is one of the most exciting processes to undergo. After you’ve selected the style and placement of the windows, it is then time to properly prepare your home for the process. Many people are unaware that they should prepare their home prior to the process which is why we’re here! Read on to learn all about what you should do before your home is transformed with new and stylish windows. For those who are looking for replacement windows in Frisco, TX you are in luck because we are always open and willing to help all who walk through our doors. Give us a visit or call to learn about all that we have to offer!

Easy Access

Preparing to receive replacement windows in your home is exciting, yet it is important that you are as prepared as possible when the day comes. Unlike what you may think, there are definitely some steps you’ll want to take prior to the installers getting to your home. One of the first things you’ll want to make sure to get done is to make sure that the installers have easy access to all of the windows in your home. What we mean by this is that if there is a couch blocking one of the windows inside your home, this could be a hassle for the installers to try to move as it could hold up the installation process. If you’d like the installation to go as smooth as possible, we suggest doing a walkthrough of both the interior and exterior of your home where the windows will be getting replaced. Move away any furniture that could be in the way and when outside, be sure to remove any patio furniture from the areas as well.

Take Down Window Treatments

Additionally, another thing you’ll want to keep in mind is all of the window treatments in your home. This includes all of the curtains, drapes, and hardware around your windows. Additionally, this also includes any blinds and shades that you may still have up as well. While the installers are very unlikely to make a big fuss about them being up, it is a nice gesture to ensure that these things are taken down ahead of time. Also, removing them prior to the installers’ arrival could ensure that the process goes as smoothly and quickly as possible. Wherever you choose to put these treatments is up to you so long as they aren’t in the way when the installers are working to install your replacement windows.

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Remove Wall Hangings and Decorations

Now, even if your wall hangings and wall decorations aren’t physically in the way of the installer’s job, they could still run the risk of falling as installing windows can cause vibrations and movements in the wall itself. If you have any wall hangings or decorations that are meaningful to you, then we suggest removing them prior to the window installation to avoid any unwanted damage.

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