Blocking Sound

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There is little else more annoying than having a beautiful home with beautiful windows only to have distracting and annoying sounds travel through and infiltrate your home. Sometimes, it can seem impossible to block outside noise from entering your home. Whether you are a light sleeper, work from home, or have little children who require peace and quiet, there are, fortunately, simple alternatives that you can utilize to block outside noise. If you need replacement windows in Frisco, TX then we urge you to reach out by either giving us a call or stopping by for a visit. We are always happy to help and welcome new customers. We look forward to speaking with you.

Sound-Blocking Windows

If you are interested to learn what soundproof windows make them more effective than others, then you’ve come to the right place. For one, windows that are thicker, do a much better job at blocking outside noise than other windows. This is because sound has a much tougher time passing through the thicker glass as they are of a greater mass. To get the most out of your soundproof windows, you’ll want to ensure that they are about one-half-inch thick. Additionally, soundproof windows contain multiple panes of glass. Unlike single-pane windows, windows that are either double or triple-paned are much more effective at insulating homes from outside noise. If the distance between windowpanes is increased, this can lead to reduced sound transfer. Due to this, we recommend looking for window inserts that can be installed around 4 inches behind an existing window. Due to all of the excess space, the window’s panes are able to have a huge impact on sound transfer. Lastly, laminated glass is another great characteristic of soundproof windows. This type of glass, that is also known as security glass, glass is bonded together using a thin layer of plastic.

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More Ways To Soundproof

If you’re interested in additional ways to soundproof your windows, we have some ideas on that as well! To start, it could help if you sealed up any leaky window frames that you may have. Window frames that have a broken seal allow for gaps through which sound is able to pass through. To seal your window effectively, be sure to use caulk or weatherstripping as well! Additionally, it never hurts to consider the siding in your home. We recommend using stone and brick as they are the most effective at blocking sound when compared to other options like wood or vinyl. Insulating the walls within your home is also another effective strategy that you can use as well! If you are looking for a more affordable and simple option, then purchasing a sound machine is always a great choice. If your home is near constant traffic, then playing your sound machine could be a great way to drown out all of the noise with a calm and relaxing sound. Lastly, hanging thick curtains within your home can also help to mute any sound that passes through your window’s glass. Fortunately, thick curtains are not only simple to purchase but they are also largely affordable!

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