The Best Energy Efficiency Upgrades

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Owning a home means you are also going to be in charge of all of the bills that have to be paid. If you have high energy bills, that means you have to pay them, but it also likely means you are wasting energy somewhere in your home. If you’re tired of those energy bills, there are options for things you can do to lower them, including getting replacement windows in Plano, TX, among other things. Here are some of the best energy efficiency upgrades you could run on your home.

Add Insulation To The Attic

Homes today are built with a certain standard and code, but the codes have changed over the years. If your home was built a long time ago, chances are it doesn’t have as much insulation in the attic as today’s homes have. If you don’t have enough attic insulation, you could be leaking energy out of the top of your house. While it’s not a glamorous project to take on and you won’t see any difference in your home’s appearance, adding extra insulation to the attic can certainly show you a difference in your energy bills and you will waste a lot less air.

Change Exterior Doors

You leak more air through the doors and windows in your house than anywhere else. If you have older doors in your home, changing them out for something new, energy-efficient, and airtight can help you save energy. You can also upgrade the style and color of your doors so you have something that looks nice and gives your home a fresh look at the same time. Old doors are also not usually very safe so upgrading to something new can help protect your home in other ways.

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Get Replacement Windows

If you have old windows that are drafty, warped, rotting, or have other issues, replacing them is an energy efficiency gold mine. You are sealing up your home from leaks and keeping the energy in. You’ll see a huge reduction in your energy bills and your home will be much more comfortable as well. Once you have the windows installed, you’ll have a fresh look at your home inside and out as well, which makes the project that much more worth it.

If your home lacks efficiency, there are plenty of things you can do about it. Check into replacement windows in Plano, TX, and invite the professionals at Southwest Door & Window over to check your old windows. If they are leaking and need to be replaced, that will help your energy efficiency levels by leaps and bounds. The value of your home will rise as well and you won’t regret making the investment since you will get paid back in energy bills savings and a higher home price if you sell someday. The more energy efficiency upgrades you take on, the lower your energy waste will be and the higher your energy efficiency will be in your home. Utilize as many as you can afford.