Considering Replacement Windows in Plano? Questions For You to Answer


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When you live in Plano, Texas, you want the best for your home and your family. You may have taken on a number of home improvement projects throughout the years but one that is commonly overlooked happens to be replacement windows.

If you’re trying to figure out whether you should seriously consider getting new replacement windows for your home right now, we have put together five simple questions to ask. If you’ve already made this decision, which is a good one if your windows are older than 10 years, then some of these questions will also help you throughout the process.

Replacement windows could boost the value of your home, offer better energy efficiency, and even improve security, depending on the style and condition of your old windows. One thing that many homeowners throughout Plano and other portions of the country make a mistake with regard to replacement windows or even entry doors is they don’t make the proper investment in them.

Questions to Consider During Window Replacement

Ask yourself the following questions and you will ultimately make a better decision for yourself, your home, your family, and your budget.

What are Your Preferences?

This question relates to replacement windows and opens up a wide range of options. If you don’t know the first thing about replacement windows then you could be missing out on a great opportunity to completely transform any room of your home. For example, you may have two double-hung windows together in your master bedroom that overlooks a great view of the distance. That’s not taking full advantage of the scenery and it probably doesn’t offer many options with regard to interior decor.

If you’ve always thought about expanding your room, finding a way to get more light into it in the morning and maybe even the afternoon hours but you’re concerned about heat buildup due to the sun’s ultraviolet radiation there are plenty of options to accommodate just about any preference.

The first thing you need to do is go throughout your home and evaluate the style of windows that are in place at the moment. If certain windows simply don’t appeal to you anymore, there is an opportunity to change that when you take on this home improvement project.


What’s Your Budget?

Before you take on any home improvement project it’s important to develop a budget that is comfortable for you and your family. If you don’t know how much you’re able or willing to spend on any particular project, you could spend far more than you should or you could end up choosing the cheapest possible products because you’re worried about the final total bill.

Sit down and calculate how much you can invest in this home improvement project. Far too many homeowners make the mistake of spending too little and not taking full advantage of this opportunity. The cost of replacement window in Plano, TX will depend on the style, brand, and quality of the window you’re looking at. The total expenses can vary depending on several factors such as the size, type, and material of the windows, labor costs, and any additional features or upgrades.

If you invest properly in this project, you will actually see your home’s assessed value potentially increase and you’ll save money on utility expenses throughout the year. Those two aspects can help you realize that investing the proper amount in this project can actually maximize the return on that investment.


Would You Like to Completely Transform Any Room in Your House?

As we mentioned in the first question, this is a great opportunity to actually change the appearance of any room in your house. You can even completely transform the overall look of your home. You may have an old, outdated picture window bordered by two double-hung windows in your living room that seems to date your house too easily.

What about replacing this with a gorgeous bow window or even a bay window? You could even increase the size of certain windows in your home or even decrease them. It all depends on your personal preferences, the kind of exterior views you have beyond those windows, and your budget.

You don’t have to completely replace all of the windows in your home with the exact same size and style. Just keep in mind that changing any size window and possibly even changing the style could require a bit more work on the part of the installer, which can impact the total price of the window.


Is Energy Efficiency Important to You?

While living in Plano, Texas offers tremendous benefits and incredibly warm weather throughout much of the year, there are times when it can get very cold. Recently the area experienced snow and ice to highlight the potential for tough weather conditions. Most people have a tendency to think about winter weather when they discuss energy efficiency.

However, with Low-E film coating on your windows, you could cut down on the ultraviolet radiation that enters your home with the gorgeous sunshine. That will not only keep the heat from being generated inside your house during the heat of summer, it can also protect furniture, carpeting, your floors, and other items from fading that’s the direct result of intense, direct sunlight.

Also, if you choose energy-efficient windows it will cut down on drafts even in the summer so you won’t have to run the air conditioning as often. You’ll also notice on those cold winter nights it won’t stay as cold and you won’t have to run the heating system as much.


Are You Satisfied with the Style of Windows You Have Right Now?

This may seem like the same question we asked earlier, but it’s slightly different. You may be satisfied with the type of windows you have at the moment, but that often happens as a result of not really understanding what’s available. When you contact an experienced window and door company, like Southwest Door & Window, you will get to see all of the different sizes and styles that are available.

If you haven’t been exposed to what you could choose when it comes to replacement windows, it’s time to visit one of these companies and see your options up close and personal. That could get you thinking about completely changing your home into something much more comfortable and boosting its value in the process. Visit Southwest Door & Window at 10255 Miller Rd, Dallas, TX 75238, or call our team at (214) 341-2212.

Replacement Windows & Doors FAQs 

Casement or Sliding Windows?

When it’s time for a change, you need to know that you have options. You can get vinyl replacement windows to improve the appearance of your home and to increase its level of energy efficiency. But you also have a choice when it comes to style. You don’t’ have to get the same style you had before and you don’t even have to have every window incorporate just one style. If you like the idea of sliding windows and casement windows, keep reading to get to know each better.

Which are the Best Home Window Replacements?

As a homeowner, you know your house better than anyone else. When something changes within your home, you are the first to notice. You might first notice a slight draft in the room that seems to get larger as time goes by. You might also notice that you are cold in some rooms and hot in others. All of these little things add up to discomfort and an overall inefficiency that steals energy from your house. Learn more about the best home window replacements here.

How to Add Curb Appeal Using Windows?

A lovely home is a welcoming retreat after any long day, but many houses are ignored on the outside. They don’t have the curb appeal they deserve. Curb appeal may not be as important to you as the interior of your house, but for others, it can showcase the well-being of your home. You can get the added value for your home with better curb appeal and energy-efficiency windows if you work with a trusted company. Learn more about energy efficiency windows here.