5 Signs Replacement Windows Are Necessary for Your Dallas, TX Home

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Maybe you have been sitting around your Dallas area home wondering what type of projects you should take on this coming year. You’re a diligent homeowner in Dallas who wants what’s best for the property, your family, and your budget. You don’t want to take on any type of home improvement project that’s going to cause you financial hardship or won’t actually increase the value or even comfort of your home.

One of the most commonly overlooked projects is replacing old, worn-out windows and even entry doors.

So how do you determine whether replacement windows are something to consider at this point in time? Maybe your windows are old, but maybe they are still doing the job that they were intended to do. Remember that energy efficiency is the key to save money on those electric bills. Just because a window is not cracked or broken doesn’t mean it is not worn out and costing you money on heating and cooling expenses throughout the year, protecting your home as it should, or offering the kind of value that you deserve from them.

When Is The Right Time for Replacement Windows?

We’ve put together five simple signs that could help you determine whether replacement windows are something you should consider for your Dallas home now, rather than waiting for another year sometime in the future.


1. Age of Window Glass

The age of your windows is one of the best indicators that it’s time to replace them. Windows have a life expectancy, just as many other items throughout your house. The average window should last between 12 and 15 years, with 15 years being at the far end of the scale. Lower-quality windows won’t last quite as long as that and should be replaced with something of better quality, especially if you value your house, your family’s security, and the investment you made.

If you’re not sure how old the windows are because you recently purchased your home and never thought to ask the previous owners, it’s safe to assume they are likely 10 years old or even older than that.

Most modern windows have vinyl frames so if your windows are wood, it’s well past time to replace them.


2. You’ve noticed the glass has become etched.

When you notice etching in the glass or even stains that are unable to be removed with basic cleaning and even scraping, it’s usually a direct result of the sun’s intense heat striking the glass on a regular basis throughout the year. Glass can become etched and pitted due to external damage as well. Whenever you mow the lawn, run a string trimmer, or have birds throughout your neighborhood, all of these things can kick up dirt, rocks, and birds can peck at the glass from time to time. This can cause pitting and etching of the glass, especially over time.

If you notice the glass is not exactly crystal clear and no matter how many times you wipe it down to clean it, it doesn’t seem to improve, the windows are likely old.


3. The frames are dirty and simply can’t be cleaned.

If you have vinyl windows in place and they are dirty, stained, and no matter how much you scrub or scrape them down they will not come clean, it can be frustrating. You might have taken white paint to try and cover up those stains but then you realized the stains continued to penetrate through one coat after another of the paint.

If you have wood windows, the more you paint those frames over, the worse they look in time. Eventually, the paint will become so thick that you may have difficulty opening and closing those windows as well. This can be incredibly frustrating, to say the least.

While dirt is not a primary reason why somebody should replace their existing windows, if the frames simply appear stained, discolored, and old, it’s a very good indicator that they are old and you should seriously consider replacing them this year.


4. You noticed drafts coming through the windows.

Whether you felt cold air pushing into the glass itself around the frame of the window, those drafts are costing you money on your heating as well as cooling expenses throughout the year. Extremely cold temperatures do not affect the greater Dallas area very often, but whenever they do, each hour that you’re heating your home or any room within your house, you’re also throwing money away.

The same holds true when you’re talking about keeping your house cool in the summer. Air conditioning is the primary source of comfort for people in this part of the country during the late spring, summer, and even autumn months. If you have to run your air conditioning for an extra hour or two every day because you’re losing too much cool air through drafty windows, that’s money flying out of your pocket on a consistent basis.

You can choose from double-glazed windows that are sealed with gas to cut down on drafts and also Low-E film coating that can cut down on the sun’s ultraviolet radiation which generates heat and also fades furniture and other items.

So if you’re feeling a draft on those cold nights, it’s time to address the prospect of replacing your old windows to improve overall energy efficiency.


5. The sun is oppressive during the summer.

As we mentioned in the previous point, you could end up choosing Low-E film coating that can cut down on a tremendous percentage of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. It’s that ultraviolet radiation that generates heat within your home, like a greenhouse effect.

It will cause you to have to run your air conditioning far more frequently just to keep comfort within your home. When you replace your old windows with new ones that have this type of film coating on it, you will enjoy the benefits right away.


These are just five signs that replacement windows are a great idea to consider right now for your Dallas area home. If you want to learn more, contact Southwest Doors & Windows today. Visit Southwest Door & Window at 10255 Miller Rd, Dallas, TX 75238, or call our customer service at (214) 341-2212.

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