Safeguarding Windows Against Water in Irving, TX

Irving, TX windows are important to any home and if the windows start to fail for one reason or another, replacing them or repairing them can be a big expense. If you see that your old wood windows are being affected by the water that comes from the air or rains in the area, there are things you can do to protect them from further damage. Here are a few things to try in order to keep things in order:  

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Paint the Windows Regularly 

No wood windows will ever look nice forever if you ignore them. Painting the windows every year or two is the best way you can safeguard them against the rains and humidity in the air. Windows take a lot of heat from the sun and the elements and there’s no way wood will hold up against all of that with no attention. Stain, seal, and paint your windows regularly and make sure you scrape the old paint off first to get the best result.  

Watch the Caulk and Weather stripping 

Most wood windows have issues with water on the outside, but if you let them go long enough, some of them may also let water inside. That’s a problem no homeowner wants to have. If you start to see some water leaks, the first thing to check is the caulk and weather stripping outside. If it’s old and cracked, peel it off and start over for a tighter seal.  

Professional Inspections and Help 

You might not want to repaint your windows every year and if you do the job yourself and still see water damage, you might need help from others. Contact professional window experts for an assessment as to what else you can do to your windows to keep water damage from occurring. You know windows are built to last and if they were properly installed, you should be able to maintain them for many years.  

Get Vinyl Windows Installed 

If the water damage has started to take over, sometimes there’s no going back. Even if you maintain your windows well, eventually wood will allow the water to damage it to the point of no return. In those cases, you’re better off looking into vinyl windows as replacements. Vinyl doesn’t have anything against water and never has to be painted, either. You won’t have to worry about water damage any longer and you can forget the extra chores, too.  

If you are ready for advice on your old, wood windows…or if you’re simply ready to move forward with replacement windows in Irving, TX, contact the experts at Southwest Door & Window at (214) 341-2212. We will gladly give you a free consultation to take a look at your window situation and offer you our expert opinion. You might be able to fix up your windows or you may be better off with new windows. Either way, we’ll give you the information you need to make the right decision. You can also stop by and see us in our showroom at 10255 Miller Rd Dallas, TX 75238. 

Common Window Failures in Plano, TX

Windows are an essential to any home. They not only bring in natural light, but they also improve ventilation and protect families against intruders and the elements. Windows in Plano, TX are also a huge part of keeping your house comfortable during the hot (and cold!) times of the year. As much as you’d like for it to be true, no windows last forever. Frames may warp or dent and glass could leak and shatter. These are some of the most common window failures you might face in Texas. 

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Accidental Damage 

We’ve all seen the TV show where the kid throws the ball and breaks the neighbor’s window. Then it’s all about whether or not they will admit to what they did and pay for the damage or try to get away with it. That’s often a storyline because it actually happens in real life. And it’s not just the poor kid trying to pass the time. It might be a golfer on a nearby course, a bird flying at their reflection, or any number of other things. Damage happens and more often than not, it occurs because of an accident. Sometimes, you can get your glass repaired or a new pane of glass installed into the old frame. But you’re often better off replacing the window entirely to ensure its integrity. 

Improper Maintenance Issues 

There are certain things you know about maintenance and you do them regularly. You know you’re supposed to change the HVAC air filter every month and you know when your car needs an oil change. But do you take care of your windows too? Many homeowners let those chores fall by the wayside and if you have wood windows, that’s not going to get you very far. Windows that are ignored will eventually fail and that’s very common in Texas. 

Water Damage Problems 

Though Texas is hot most of the year, during the summer months, the humidity dominates the air as well. When the rain hits, it can go against everything your windows need as well. Windows that are made from vinyl materials do just fine in this weather, but wood windows have to be properly painted and sealed to hold up well. If they aren’t, the water damage starts and once it starts, there’s seldom a way to stop it. Frames then warp and rot and need replacement before the damage gets to the inside of the house.  

Simple Old Age 

No windows last forever and if your windows have been in place for decades, they likely need to be replaced. Getting new windows with all of the industry’s technology included will make a world of difference in any home.  

Are you seeing some of these damages in your Plano, TX windows? Contact the experts at Southwest Door & Window for help by calling (214) 341-2212. We’ll take a look at your situation and offer our advice. If that advice includes replacement windows, we can help with that as well. Stop by and see us at 10255 Miller Rd Dallas, TX 75238. 

Priceless Vinyl Window Maintenance Tips for Irving, TX Residents

There’s no such thing as a vinyl window in Irving, TX that lasts forever—as much as residents and homeowners would like for that to be the case. Who really wants to buy replacement windows? There are plenty of other ways to spend money that are a lot more fun. However, with the right maintenance, it can feel like vinyl windows last forever. They’ll certainly last a lot longer…probably for as long as you own the home and then some! Use these maintenance tips to keep your vinyl windows in top shape for as long as possible.  

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Inspect the Windows Regularly 

You may not be a window expert, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have what it takes to run some inspections. You know what your windows look like on a regular basis so you will be able to see if there are sudden changes. If you have a big storm, for example, check the windows over to make sure there isn’t any damage. Keep an eye on the caulking outside to see if it needs touch-ups. And watch for condensation between the panes. Smaller defects can often be addressed, but if you let things get too large and out of control, replacements will become necessary a lot sooner. 

Clean the Frames Along with the Glass 

You know your window’s glass needs to be cleaned. After all, you can see your children’s and pet’s prints all over the inside. The outside might have rain drops on it from the last storm. It’s obvious that the glass needs a cleaning, but what about the frames? Vinyl frames are hardy and sturdy and they don’t take much maintenance. But when you’re cleaning the glass, go ahead and wipe down the frames as well to keep them looking nice.  

Lubricate and Clean Tracks 

If your vinyl windows have tracks that help them open and close, you want them to operate smoothly over their lifetime. That means keeping those tracks clean and free of debris. That’s simple enough to do with a vacuum cleaner and attachment. You can also lubricate the track with silicone spray every now and then to keep things running smoothly. Avoid spraying the track and instead spray a cloth and wipe it on so you don’t get spray on the frame itself.  

Use these maintenance tips to keep your Irving, TX vinyl windows in good shape for as many years as possible. If you’d like more tips, of if you have specific questions, contact the experts at Southwest Door & Window by calling (214) 341-2212 for advice and a free consultation. Keep in mind that even if you maintain your windows well, there will come a day when you need new windows. When that day arrives, we hope you’ll visit our showroom at 10255 Miller Rd Dallas, TX 75238 to see the various vinyl windows we offer. With new innovations coming through the industry all the time, you’ll be surprised at the benefits new windows can bring to your home. 

Deciding Between Bow and Bay Replacement Windows in Irving, TX

New windows are a lovely addition to any home, but putting in Irving, TX replacement windows that really stand out can be more of a challenge. Some homeowners fall in love with the idea of bow or bay windows in certain rooms of the house to give them more square footage inside and further architectural interest outside. While either are a great option, there are difference between the two that can help you decide which one is right for your home.  

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Bow Windows and Bay Windows 

Bay windows are three glass units arranged in an angular pattern. The middle window is often fixed while the two windows on either side often open and are situated at an angle. The window projects outside and work well as a unit. Bow windows, on the other hand, often include four or more taller windows that are arranged as a single unit. The windows can be operable or fixed and they curve and project outside. They work well in corners or flat walls.  

Advantages of Bow and Bay Windows 

While the windows have their basic differences, many of their advantages are the same. Both styles, for example, let in more natural light to make the inside of your home feel brighter, bigger, and more spacious. Sunlight can improve health and wellbeing and make any space feel more open and welcoming. Not only will the room feel more open, but it will actually be more open because both of these window styles add extra square footage to the home. Some homeowners use that for a window seat or extra storage while others enjoy having more room for a dining take and chairs or other items. The bay and bow replacement windows are very eye-catching and add curb appeal to any home that helps to set it apart from others. You can boost the value of your home with these options. 

 Disadvantages of Bow and Bay Windows 

As you might imagine, finding window coverings for these rounded windows can be more of a challenge. If you place the windows right, you might not need anything to cover them. But if you do want something to cover them on occasion, it’s harder to find the right fit. They also carry extra weight that you have to make sure your home can carry. Installing lighter windows that are strong and durable can help with this issue. 

 If you want help deciding between bay and bow Irving, TX replacement windows, call the professionals at Southwest Door & Window at 214 341-2212. We’re here to run down the rest of the pros and cons with you and talk about specific locations as well. Most homeowners put these windows in living rooms, dining rooms, and even bedrooms, but you can place them wherever you’d like to enjoy their unique beauty. If you want to see some samples and learn more about the differences between the two styles, visit us at 10255 Miller Rd Dallas, TX 75238. 

Energy Efficient Windows and Eco-Friendly Living

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When you live in Frisco, TX, you know how hot things can get over the summer months. When that heat cranks up and the sun starts burning down, your air conditioning runs more and more. You don’t even want to see the bill when it hits the mailbox. You’ve got to do something! Not just for your own budget, but also to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle as a whole!

In attempts to preserve the environment for your children and your children’s children, there are lifestyle changes you can put into effect in your home. You can recycle, conserve energy, and do a number of other things. But one way to go green is to aid those lifestyle changes by installing energy efficient windows into your home,

Reduce Energy Consumption with New Windows

Unlike the windows you have now, energy efficient windows make it easy to reduce your energy use, even if you don’t change very many of your habits. That sounds too good to be true, but it really is! You don’t have to sweat it out all summer long and turn your AC up to a temperature that is too hot to remain comfortable inside just so you can save energy. Instead, let the low U-factors on the windows help you maintain a consistent temperature that is comfortable at all times. Your cooling bills go down…your AC doesn’t run as much…and you still get to be comfortable. In addition to saving money, you are reducing the greenhouse emissions your home is causing and having a positive impact on the environment.

 Reduce Radiation Sunlight Transmission

You can reduce the radiation that the sun transfers into your home by up to 75% when you get new windows! If you get low-e coatings on the glass, the UV rays are absorbed and the unwanted heat that the sunlight can bring into the home is gone. Some people use tints and shades to prevent that heat transfer from the sun’s rays, but new windows can do it while you still get natural lighting and your unobstructed view of outside.

Get New Windows at a Fair Price

There are plenty of places to buy new windows and they will all claim to have the best windows and the best deals. However, you need to keep in mind that when there are rock bottom prices on energy efficient windows, they probably aren’t as energy efficient or beneficial as you might think. Contact true professionals in the industry to get the new windows your home (and the environment) deserves at a fair price you can afford.

Call Southwest Door & Window at 214-341-2212 for a free consultation. We’re ready to answer your questions and talk you through the process. Your home can be a new, improved location for your entire family with energy efficient new windows in Frisco, TX. Stop by and see us in our showroom and we’ll show you some examples in person at 10255 Miller Rd Dallas, TX 75238.

Where do Windows fit in?

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There’s a time and a place for everything and there are a lot of places for windows in your Plano, TX home! In fact, they take up more wall space than anything else in your home, right? They make a huge difference on your home, both inside and out. So when they’re starting to get old and worn, you notice—and so does everyone else in your neighborhood. When it comes to home improvement projects, windows certainly have a place—a big one! As you think about your future, your current budget, and the long-lasting effects of home projects, windows can fit in quite well!

Take on Projects with Staying Power

It’s frustrating to take on a home improvement project that doesn’t last very long. Whether it’s painting a room, power washing the deck, or something else that needs to get done, it’s disheartening to put work into something that doesn’t last. When getting new windows, you want something that has staying power. The windows you choose need to be able to handle whatever life throws at them. That means they need to hold up against weather, home life, and many other elements. Vinyl is often the material homeowners pick because it can do well in many different elements without showing its age.

Increase Energy Efficiency

Vinyl windows have a big shoe to fit when it comes to energy efficiency. They are basically the first line of defense against the elements outside. Of course a solid wall is going to be more energy efficient and keep more out than a window, but windows can be very efficient as well…if you know how to choose them. Vinyl windows can fit into energy efficiency with their new technology and innovative elements. If energy efficiency is important to you, and it is to most homeowners, there’s a place for new windows to fit into the equation.

Upgrade Appearance Inside and Outnew windows in Plano TX 2 300x159

When working on any home improvement project, appearance is going to be important. You don’t want to upgrade something in your home and not like how it looks. Appearance matters in every home project you take on. The good news is, with new windows, you can upgrade the look of your home both inside and out. There aren’t many other projects that can do that at the same time. You just have to be careful in what you choose…especially with vinyl windows. Vinyl windows are low maintenance because you don’t have to paint them—but you also can’t paint them so if you don’t like the color, it can’t be changed.

If you’re ready to see how new windows in Plano, TX fit into your home’s style, contact Southwest Door & Window by calling 214-341-2212. We’d be happy to give you a free consultation. We can even come to your home and evaluate your current situation so we can advise you on what you might want to do. Stop by and visit with us at 10255 Miller Rd Dallas, TX 75238.

Live a New Life with New Windows

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Irving, TX is a great place to live with a lot of options for homeowners. If your own a home, you know there are plenty of options when it comes to home improvements as well. If you’re considering home upgrades, new windows can be a really good investment. If you settle on the idea of new windows, you want to make sure you get quality both in the products you buy and the installation you get.

Hire the Pros

The professionals at Southwest Door & Window are experts in the field. We only want what’s best for you and your home. We want to encourage you in your home improvement dreams and while it’s important to get the right products, we want you to understand those products and what they can do for your home. Don’t look to us for just advice, but also concrete explanations that help you make informed decisions every step of the way.

New windows are our specialty and we love outfitting an Irving, TX home with vinyl windows. These windows don’t take maintenance, which makes your home easier to manage. They’re cost effective as well so you don’t have to worry about astronomical prices up front. Plus, they have a long life space so you won’t likely have to replace them again while you are in the home. Not only do you get all of those benefits, but you get lower energy bills for the long haul as well.

Check it Twice

The best home improvement professionals will tell you to measure twice and cut once. You need to be sure of what you are getting before you make any important decisions. We want you to look at new windows and inspect them from top to bottom. First, check your own windows and make sure they really need to be replaced. If you have a lot of drafts, signs of decay, cracks and penetrations and other issues, it may be time. Next, you’ll take a look at the new windows you have to choose from and understand and inspect the ratings before you make any decisions about what goes into your home.

Southwest Door & Window is a leading window and door supplier for new windows in Irving, TX and the surrounding areas. We’re here to help you make important decisions what will affect your lifestyle within your home. Whether you need us to come out and inspect your current windows or you know you want to move forward with new windows, give us a call at 214-341-2212. We can answer your questions and set up a free consultation to get things started. You’re also welcome to start out by browsing the new window options in our showroom at 10255 Miller Rd Dallas, TX 75238. We welcome you to wander around and we’re happy to point out differences in certain windows as you start to study them. Make an appointment so we can give you the one-on-one attention you deserve for the replacement process!

Looking Behind the Curtain of Replacement Window Installations

new windows in Dallas TX

If you’ve never gotten new windows before, the process can be a bit overwhelming. When you live in Dallas, TX, there are no shortages when it comes to options. Any replacement windows you can imagine, you can have. And if you’ve never looked into windows before, you might find the options to be more than you can handle. There are so many choices to make! Then once you make them, you have to go through the installation as well. To have peace about the process as a whole, let’s look behind the curtain, so to speak.

Get Comfortable with the Steps

The absolute last thing you should feel when it comes to picking out windows and having them installed is intimidation. When you work with the right company, such as Southwest Door & Window, the professionals will understand that you don’t have a lot of experience with new windows in Dallas, TX. We do have experience and are dedicated to explaining absolutely everything you want to know so there are no surprises. It’s hard not to be anxious about something so big, but we will work to be efficient and courteous every step of the way so you are comfortable at all times.

Learn About Typical Installations

No two homes are alike and no two window installation jobs are identical either. But you might want to know what typical installations are like so you know what to expect. You will have an in-home consultation first where we will take measurements and listen to your style needs and energy efficiency concerns, among other things. This is just as important as the installation because we need to get the right product for your home first! The consultant can also fill you in on what the installation will entail.

Making the Process Seamless

There are plenty of things you can do to help the installation process along as much as possible. You should remove pictures from the walls, for example, and move furniture away from the windows. Clear a path from the door to the windows and make sure the installers have access to power. Keep your pets confined somewhere safe and get kids out of the house for the day. You can also ask your installers what else they need to make sure everything is covered.

When you work with Southwest Door & Window, you are working with a top-notch company that knows just what to do in every situation. We understand that this isn’t something you do every day, but you should know that windows are something we do deal with on a daily basis. We know what we’re doing and we hope that you feel you can trust our expertise. Give us a call at 214-341-2212 and let’s talk about whether or not the time is right for you to get new windows. You can also stop by and see us at 10255 Miller Rd Dallas, TX 75238.

New Windows and New Energy Bills

new windows in Frisco TX

Your home in Frisco, TX is probably your biggest investment. You need to consider a lot of things when you are looking to update certain features in the home. If your home has become drafty and the windows look outdated and act inefficiently, it might be time to take on the project of installing new windows. You know they will benefit your home in a number of ways, but you might be surprised by just how much.

When homeowners think about new windows, they know they’ll get additional curb appeal and lower maintenance. They’ll also get windows that no longer stick and are easy to open and close. But will they really save money? Some people aren’t so sure. But today, let us reassure you that one of the best things you can do for your heating and cooling costs is purchase new windows!

How Replacement Windows Help You Save

There are many different things that go into replacement windows and not every window is the same. You have to pay attention to the products you choose and make sure you get the quality technology you want for your windows. You’ll want to look for double or triple-pane glass, low-e coatings, argon gas fillings, and durable weather seals. These features will help you keep your home comfortable in even the worst temperatures. When you reduce the heat loss from the windows, your HVAC system takes a break and doesn’t run all the time, fighting to get to that ideal temperature where you have your thermostat set.

The less your heating and cooling systems runs, the less energy you use and the less you have to pay on your bills. You could even save as much as 25-30% on your utility bills, which adds up really fast over the course of a year. And lower energy bills aren’t the only way you save money. With the right products, you might get Energy Star tax credits that can get you money back on the home improvement project.

It’s never a bad thing to save money and there are plenty of things you can do to accomplish those goals. But if you are able to save while you upgrade your home and enhance its value, why not go in that direction? You have plenty to gain from high-quality, energy efficient new windows in Frisco, TX! And the professionals at Southwest Door & Window can help every step of the way! Give us a call at 214-341-2212 and we’ll go over the energy efficiency of any product that interests you. We can also set up a free consultation; we can address your specific needs and concerns. Stop by and see us in our showroom and take a look at the windows we offer! We’re located at 10255 Miller Rd Dallas, TX 75238 and we’re more than happy to show you around and point out different ratings and other beneficial elements. Let’s work together to make your home more efficient than ever before!

Traditional Windows for Your Home

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There are many different styles of windows, and when you live in Plano, TX, you can find just about anything you want. When looking for windows for your home, you want to find something that fits in with your existing style. Traditional windows are common and are found all over the country. But the traditional style includes many different designs, some of which are American in origin and others of which were inspired by European influences. Here are a few of the traditional styles to think about for your home.

Cottage Style Windows

Cottage style windows are common across the country, but are most prominent in the east. In Texas, cottage style homes are usually in the form of bungalows and emphasize simplicity and functionality. There are many craftsman elements in cottage style windows including bay windows, window shutters, arch top doors, and arch windows. These traditional facades stand out on any street.

Victorian Style Windows

Victorian sounds like an old architectural style, but it is really very modern as well. It became popular in the middle 1800s and includes a lot of decorative ornamentation. Prior to the industrial revolution, these ornaments were hard to produce. Now, however, design elements are easy and affordable. Victorian homes are on the rise and you will see bay windows, wrought iron brackets, and lots of curves.

Classical Style Windows

Classical styles were inspired by the Romans and Greeks and they are rare in the US, but you will see them in churches and government buildings in Texas and other areas. Windows were not common in Greece or Rome, but today, classical buildings have single or double hung windows with divided grilles to give an age-old appearance.

Neoclassical Style Windows

This style is inspired by classical elements and more residential. You will see a lot of different styles throughout the country and they vary from region to region. They incorporate symmetry, aesthetics, and columns. You’ll usually see single and double hung windows with an arch at the top.

new windows in Plano TX

Find the Right Windows

There are many different new windows in Plano, TX, that are considered traditional today and they work well in a variety of homes. If you are unsure as to what will fit into your home the best, it’s in your best interest to talk to a professional who has seen it all in Plano, TX! Contact Southwest Door & Window at 214-341-2212 for a free consultation. You can tell us all about your home’s style and we’ll make a recommendation based on what more homeowners enjoy with that style. We can also come to your home and take a look in person to give you more details and ideas. Or, you’re welcome to stop by our showroom at 10255 Miller Rd Dallas, TX 75238 and look at windows yourself. It helps to see them in person over just looking at pictures in magazines. Let’s figure out what works best for your home’s style and get to work on the project together!