Common Window Failures in Plano, TX

Windows are an essential to any home. They not only bring in natural light, but they also improve ventilation and protect families against intruders and the elements. Windows in Plano, TX are also a huge part of keeping your house comfortable during the hot (and cold!) times of the year. As much as you’d like for it to be true, no windows last forever. Frames may warp or dent and glass could leak and shatter. These are some of the most common window failures you might face in Texas. 

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Accidental Damage 

We’ve all seen the TV show where the kid throws the ball and breaks the neighbor’s window. Then it’s all about whether or not they will admit to what they did and pay for the damage or try to get away with it. That’s often a storyline because it actually happens in real life. And it’s not just the poor kid trying to pass the time. It might be a golfer on a nearby course, a bird flying at their reflection, or any number of other things. Damage happens and more often than not, it occurs because of an accident. Sometimes, you can get your glass repaired or a new pane of glass installed into the old frame. But you’re often better off replacing the window entirely to ensure its integrity. 

Improper Maintenance Issues 

There are certain things you know about maintenance and you do them regularly. You know you’re supposed to change the HVAC air filter every month and you know when your car needs an oil change. But do you take care of your windows too? Many homeowners let those chores fall by the wayside and if you have wood windows, that’s not going to get you very far. Windows that are ignored will eventually fail and that’s very common in Texas. 

Water Damage Problems 

Though Texas is hot most of the year, during the summer months, the humidity dominates the air as well. When the rain hits, it can go against everything your windows need as well. Windows that are made from vinyl materials do just fine in this weather, but wood windows have to be properly painted and sealed to hold up well. If they aren’t, the water damage starts and once it starts, there’s seldom a way to stop it. Frames then warp and rot and need replacement before the damage gets to the inside of the house.  

Simple Old Age 

No windows last forever and if your windows have been in place for decades, they likely need to be replaced. Getting new windows with all of the industry’s technology included will make a world of difference in any home.  

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