Priceless Vinyl Window Maintenance Tips for Irving, TX Residents

There’s no such thing as a vinyl window in Irving, TX that lasts forever—as much as residents and homeowners would like for that to be the case. Who really wants to buy replacement windows? There are plenty of other ways to spend money that are a lot more fun. However, with the right maintenance, it can feel like vinyl windows last forever. They’ll certainly last a lot longer…probably for as long as you own the home and then some! Use these maintenance tips to keep your vinyl windows in top shape for as long as possible.  

irving vinyl window

Inspect the Windows Regularly 

You may not be a window expert, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have what it takes to run some inspections. You know what your windows look like on a regular basis so you will be able to see if there are sudden changes. If you have a big storm, for example, check the windows over to make sure there isn’t any damage. Keep an eye on the caulking outside to see if it needs touch-ups. And watch for condensation between the panes. Smaller defects can often be addressed, but if you let things get too large and out of control, replacements will become necessary a lot sooner. 

Clean the Frames Along with the Glass 

You know your window’s glass needs to be cleaned. After all, you can see your children’s and pet’s prints all over the inside. The outside might have rain drops on it from the last storm. It’s obvious that the glass needs a cleaning, but what about the frames? Vinyl frames are hardy and sturdy and they don’t take much maintenance. But when you’re cleaning the glass, go ahead and wipe down the frames as well to keep them looking nice.  

Lubricate and Clean Tracks 

If your vinyl windows have tracks that help them open and close, you want them to operate smoothly over their lifetime. That means keeping those tracks clean and free of debris. That’s simple enough to do with a vacuum cleaner and attachment. You can also lubricate the track with silicone spray every now and then to keep things running smoothly. Avoid spraying the track and instead spray a cloth and wipe it on so you don’t get spray on the frame itself.  

Use these maintenance tips to keep your Irving, TX vinyl windows in good shape for as many years as possible. If you’d like more tips, of if you have specific questions, contact the experts at Southwest Door & Window by calling (214) 341-2212 for advice and a free consultation. Keep in mind that even if you maintain your windows well, there will come a day when you need new windows. When that day arrives, we hope you’ll visit our showroom at 10255 Miller Rd Dallas, TX 75238 to see the various vinyl windows we offer. With new innovations coming through the industry all the time, you’ll be surprised at the benefits new windows can bring to your home.