What Tasks Should You Take On This Spring?

replacement windows in Frisco TXEvery homeowner is different and wants different things for their home. Likewise, every home is different. So the projects you want to take on this spring might be different than what someone else wants to do and that’s okay. But every home needs replacement windows in Frisco, TX at some point and there are other things that all, or at least most, homes will need in the spring as well. Here are some ideas for tasks you might consider this spring.

Clean Out The Gutters

You might not have had time between fall and winter to clean out the gutters, but now that the weather is getting nicer and you know there’s going to be lots of rain, you need those gutters to work well in directing that rainwater away from your house properly. Clean the gutters out or hire someone to do it for you so the rainwater will fall in the right directions around your house.

Refresh Landscaping

You might want to put some fresh flowers around your existing landscaping or even do something larger, like plant a garden. But you may also just need to update what you already have. The bushes may have died out over the winter. They may very well come back, but you will want to cut the dead parts away to allow for regrowth. Pull any weeds, dead or alive, that may have popped up, and get the landscaping ready for spring colors and growth.

Get An AC Inspection

You know it’s only a matter of time before you have to crank up that AC to stave off the Texas heat. You want to make sure that, when that time comes, your unit is ready to go. Have a professional come to your house, inspect everything on the AC, tune it up, and get it ready to go. If there are small issues that need to be addressed, it’s better to do that before you need it so that when it needs to be run, it’s ready.Frisco TX replacement windows

Inspect Your Windows

It’s a good idea to inspect your windows at least once a season so you know when they are starting to fail and might need to be replaced soon. When you know what the windows look like when they are in good condition, you will notice when something changes. Inspecting your windows can be as easy as giving them a thorough cleaning. You have to touch and operate all the parts, which can help you to look things over.

If you find that you do need replacement windows in Frisco, TX, there’s no better time to get them than the spring months. While you should get windows whenever you really need them, homeowners prefer spring because of the mild temperatures. Spring is a busy time of the year for window replacements, but you can get your installation done and prepare for the hotter summer months with lower energy bills to enjoy. Call Southwest Door & Window for a free consultation.