Spring Cleaning Around The Year

replacement windows in Plano TX 6When spring comes around each year, people often have a tendency to go crazy on cleaning. There are some things that really should be done on an annual basis, but if you don’t like having to deep clean your house, there are also things you can do around the year in order to prevent the big clean from being necessary. Keep an eye on your windows in case you need replacement windows in Plano, TX, and do these things on a regular basis to avoid the need for a huge spring clean.

Clean The Windows Monthly

Whether you have old or new windows, they are going to need to be cleaned. Make it part of your monthly cleaning ritual to wipe the fingerprints and dirt off the glass and get the grim off the frames. The windows will look better and function well when they are nice and clean. If you clean regularly, that also helps you to keep an eye on parts so you will be able to determine when you need replacement windows.

File Papers

You get bills sent to your house every month. You have lots of tax documents to keep track of every year. The papers pile up. If you were to file those documents in your cabinet once a month, they wouldn’t pile up so badly. You wouldn’t have a huge job in the spring and you won’t have as much clutter lying around.

Purge Every Few Weeks

It’s hard to find time for large purging projects, but if you do that project on a small scale every few weeks, it won’t become a huge monster. When you are digging around your closet for a pair of shoes you want to wear, get rid of the others you find and never wear. When you have a few minutes in the kitchen before you have to flip the food on the grill, clean out the junk drawer. The small projects don’t have to take much time and they can help you to avoid a large buildup later.replacement windows in Plano TX

Spend 15 Minutes Cleaning A Day

While it might feel hard to fit a large cleaning session into your week, surely you can find 15 minutes a day to clean and organize. One day, work on the bathroom. The next day, the kitchen, and so on. Even just 15 minutes a day can help you cover the big things that need to be done in a house over a week. And it can help you avoid anything getting so dirty that you need to deep clean it in the spring.

As you take control of your spring cleaning on a daily or weekly basis, watch for the need for replacement windows in Plano, TX. That’s a wonderful job to take on in the spring, but the best time to do it is whenever you need the new windows. The professionals at Southwest Door & Window are available for free consultations and assessments whenever you want to have one in your home.