Replacement Windows Can Prevent Accidents

replacement windows in Richardson TXYou can’t predict accidents, but it would be nice to have things around your house that don’t cause things to happen. One of the benefits of replacement windows is that you can prevent some things from happening, just by making sure elements within your home are safe. You may need replacement windows in Richardson, TX, for example, and that can actually help you to prevent accidents. Here are a few ways in which new windows can prevent accidents from occurring.

They Act As Emergency Exits

Do your old windows open with ease? If they don’t, they are a huge danger to your family. If they are painted shut and you can’t open them, what happens if a fire breaks out and you need another exit? It’s clearly an indicator of when to replace windows. Replacement windows will glide open like a dream so if you ever need them for an alternative exit, they are there. That’s a big relief and can give you peace of mind. You don’t want anything to come up, but if it does, it’s important to have a way out.

They Won’t Slam Shut

Older windows might be hard to open, but they might also spontaneously slam shut. And what’s in the way when they do? Maybe nothing. But maybe your child’s fingers or a pet’s paws. You certainly don’t want that type of accident to cause yelps or screams. Anything you can do to protect your children and your furry family members, you should start preparing for replacement windows. Getting new windows means your windows open easily, and they stay where you place them. They aren’t hard to close, but they won’t slam shut on their own, either. Windows that slam shut can even break, too, which leads to glass shards and a whole separate issue that is just as dangerous, if not more so.Richardson TX replacement windows

The Glass Is Stronger

While glass in most windows can break, glass in new windows is stronger than the glass in your old windows. If you had single pane glass and you get new windows, they will be at least double pane glass, which you can also upgrade to triple pane. Either of those windows is going to have glass that is a lot stronger than a window with single pane glass. New windows are a lot stronger so if someone throws a ball in the house or falls over against a window, it is a lot less likely to break than the glass on older windows.

These are just a few of the things that replacement windows in Richardson, TX are going to do for your home to prevent the accidents that you certainly don’t want to have at any time. You get a lot of other benefits from the windows, too, like energy efficiency, a raised home value, a nicer curb appeal, higher comfort, and so many other things. If you want to go over the details, the professionals at Southwest Door & Window are here for you every step of the way. Give us a call for a free consultation and we’ll talk you through what we have available and what might be best for your home.