Why Homeowners are Choosing Glass Front Doors

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It may have seemed strange a few years ago, however, glass front doors are beginning to pick up steam in terms of their popularity. Today, innovations in style and design continue to proliferate, so we want to ensure that you are able to keep up! If you are curious to learn about all of the benefits and perks of installing a glass front door, you have come to the right place! Below, we dive into just what exactly is causing these doors to rise in popularity and why you should consider joining the club! Replacement windows in Dallas, TX are widely available when you contact us today!


One of the first questions many homeowners have about glass front doors is whether or not they are truly as safe as other door options. With concerns about their effectiveness against hurricanes or burglaries, this is a completely valid question to ask. You’ll be happy to know that glass front doors are actually extremely safe, as they are typically made from tempered or reinforced glass that guarantees that they are just as, if not even more durable than other options available. Additionally, if you are uncomfortable with the idea of people peeking into your home, there are multiple frosted and slightly obscured glass options available if you prefer!

The View

One of the biggest perks that glass front doors offer is the view of the outdoors. Regardless of the area in which you reside, traditional doors block out the surrounding scenery where it should be invited into the home instead. We believe that you deserve a constant and open view of your surroundings, and with glass doors, you get stunningly clear views and more!

Natural Light

One of the most appealing parts of a home is the amount of natural light available. While we typically rely on windows to bring in our natural light, glass doors are now viewed as an equally effective way to lighten up the home. Not only will the excess natural light enhance the beauty of your home, but prospective homebuyers will also undoubtedly be impressed by it as well! When you prioritize natural light within your home by opting for a glass front door, you are not only amplifying the space in which you live, but you are also opening up more opportunities for selling high in the future!

replacement windows in Frisco TX 300x196Easy Maintenance

Unlike wood or metal doors, glass doors will not fall victim to rust or mold over time. In fact, the maintenance required of these doors is so simple and minimal that you’ll wonder why you waited so long to make the switch in the first place. All that is required of glass front doors is a routine and simple cleaning of the glass.

Making the switch over from a traditional door to a glass front door is a big decision to make. While there is no right or wrong solution, we hope that you will consider all of the benefits and decide whether a glass door is the right fit for your home. Our replacement windows in Dallas, TX are widely regarded. Contact us today!