What You Need to Know about Staining Wood Windows

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If you’ve ever considered going through the process of staining your wood windows, we highly encourage you to try it out! Stained wood windows can offer a refreshing look to a home and can even end up protecting your window more than you realize! When you do decide to try and stain your windows, however, we highly recommend that you consider the advice below to make sure that you are taking every precaution and executing the various steps as expertly as possible so that your windows turn out perfect. If you need replacement windows in Plano, TX we have got your back and are more than willing to help you out!

Choose Your Stain

Unlike paint, stained wood windows aren’t meant to give your window a pop of color but instead are intended to add a natural appearance! If you have oak windows in your home and are interested in a modern farmhouse aesthetic, then we highly suggest opting for a beautiful white stain. If your home has a more contemporary feel, however, then we recommend going with a black or gray stain. Ultimately, the decision is yours to make, so carefully consider the look you wish to add to your home and stain away!

Materials Needed

Fortunately, if you do decide to take on the exciting project of staining your home’s windows, you’ll be happy to know that the process does not require a lot of expensive and hard to find items. When staining your home’s windows, you will need:

  • Sandpaper
  • Rubbing cloths and rags
  • Cleaning solution
  • Water
  • Pre-stain wood conditioner
  • Wood stain
  • Wood varnish
  • Staining brush
  • Dry brush

Setting Up

When setting up the area that you will be staining, we want to advise you to use painter’s tape to section off the glass. Additionally, for any removable or detachable pieces on the window, we recommend removing these items so that you are able to really focus on the wood and not worry about staining any unwanted areas.

Prep the Wood

In order to properly prep the wood, you’re going to want to sand with the grain of the wood. We recommend using 180-grit or finer sandpaper when sanding in the direction of the grain. As you are sanding, make sure that you are getting rid of any unsightly imperfections, rough spots, or residue on the wood.

Wash the Window

Using a cloth and a vinegar cleaning solution, thoroughly wash your window’s glass, making sure that you are rubbing all over from different directions. If you encounter leftover streaks after you wash the window, simply rinse it with water. Additionally, we highly recommend against using any ammonia-based cleaning solutions as they tend to cause the glass to become cloudy. Lastly, do your best to avoid getting any of your vinegar solution on the wood, as it may cause unwanted discoloring!

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Apply a Pre-Stain

Here is where your pre-stain wood conditioner comes in handy! You’ll want to carefully follow the instructions provided on your specific conditioner so that your finish doesn’t turn out blotchy or uneven.

Apply Wood Stain

Evenly apply your selected stain and be sure to follow any instructions provided. If you notice that the color seems off, it is not unusual for multiple coats to be needed, so don’t hesitate to add another one!

Replacement windows in Plano, TX are a breeze when you come to us, so don’t hesitate to inquire!