Getting Replacement Windows One At A Time—Why Not?

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When you need replacement windows in Plano, TX, you might start the process, choose the details you want in the windows, and then figure that you will replace them on your home one at a time, as your budget allows. But that’s not really a very good solution if you can help it. Here are a few reasons why that might not be the right approach for your situation.

It’s Inconvenient

If you have one window replaced at a time, you have to have the installers come over and over again. The installation fees will rack up a lot faster and you have to take time away from work or the other things in your life for the installation process. Plus, installing windows is a dusty mess and you have to deal with that over and over again as well. It’s much more convenient to get all of the windows installed at once so there’s one installation and one mess.

Benefits Are Lower

When you replace just one window now, another window in a few months, and so on, you aren’t really reaping the full benefits of the windows. One window will make a very small difference in your home’s efficiency, but a whole house full will make a huge difference. You are adding benefits slowly, but it will be a while before you get energy savings.

Higher Costs Overall

You might think that replacing one window at a time will lower your costs because the bottom line on each mini-project is lower. But overall, the costs will actually be quite a bit higher. Per window, getting just one window at a time will cost more than getting them all at once. Plus, you have to pay multiple installation fees instead of just one. The costs, when placed side by side, are much lower when you do everything at once.replacement windows in Frisco TX 300x246

Unequal Window Ages

When you have one window that’s a few months older than another window, which is older than the third window and so on, the house will wear unevenly. Your windows will start to fail one at a time and it can cause complications down the road. Instead of saying that your windows are 15 years old, you’d have to say that this window is 15 and that one is 14 and the one in between is 14 and a half, and so on. It’s just a mess and much easier when they are all the same age and can support each other through a longer lifespan.

While your budget may not say that you can get all of your windows replaced at the same time, it’s definitely easier to do just that. Instead of putting one window in now and another in next month, save all of your money so you can do it all at once. Or, finance the replacement windows in Plano, TX or take out a loan and then pay yourself back with the large energy savings the new windows will bring.