Signs That Replacement Windows Are Highly Needed

replacement windows in Dallas TX 300x196There’s a time when you’re close to needing replacement windows in Dallas, TX and then there’s a time when you really need them. Which of those two scenarios best describes your situation? If you are just starting to see signs that you need new windows, you can take your time with the process, investigate what you want, and then get the windows put in before the old models get too bad. But if you already really need the windows, you’ll want to have the replacements put in as soon as possible. Here are a few signs that show you that new windows are highly necessary for your home.

Sign 1: Air Flows Through The Window Like It’s Open—Even When It’s Not

Your windows should give you good airflow when it’s open. It’s nice to get fresh air flowing through the house on a nice day. But when the windows are closed, they are supposed to block the air out of your home. If you notice that you can feel the drafts coming from your windows easily when you are standing by them, even when they are closed, that’s a huge sign that you need new windows—and fast. Airflow kills your energy efficiency and makes your energy bills go from bad to worse in no time flat.

Sign 2: Visibly Damaged Window Frames

If your frames look mostly okay, except for maybe a little peeling paint, perhaps they need to be replaced eventually. But if you can see the frames rotting and warping or if you see cracks in their materials, you need new windows right away. Not only does the appearance of your home suffer, but you have huge energy efficiency issues inside your home because of that damage.

Sign 3: Condensation Appears Between Glass Panes

Condensation can happen on a glass. It’s just the way nature works. But if you see it on the inside of your glass or the outside of your glass, that’s okay. However, if you see it pop up between your panes of glass, the seal has broken on the window and you can’t fix that. You’ll have to get new windows faster than you would have otherwise.

Sign 4: Creeping High Energy Bills

When energy bills go higher on a regular basis, you know that energy prices aren’t rising that fast. It’s best to look into why your home is lacking energy efficiency. You can invite the window professionals over and see what they say. Getting new windows can help you figure out how to stop those bills from climbing and, instead, reduce them instead.

If you would like to get rid of these signs and be left with replacement windows in Dallas, TX that are new and fresh and leave your home with so many benefits it’s hard to list them all, the professionals at Southwest Door & Window are here to help. We can evaluate your home and give you suggestions that can help you figure out the right fit. We want you to have what your home needs.