Replacement Windows With Black Frames

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If you’re a homeowner, you know just how important it can be to stay trendy and modern. Additionally, you also know just how difficult it can be. A new trend that is beginning to proliferate across neighborhoods is replacement windows with black frames. It may sound strange at first, but this look packs a lot of styles. Learn all about the new trend emerging in homes everywhere and decide whether or not it’s the right fit for your home. If you need replacement windows in Frisco, TX don’t hesitate to reach out! We are always willing to listen and offer our expertise!


One of the first things to realize about these sleek window replacements is that they offer your home contrast. If you want your home to really pop when people pass by or walk-in, then you definitely want contrast. For homes with light and simple spaces, black frames will add that extra wow factor that we all strive for. Additionally, for passersby on the street, these frames will offer a framed-canvas look while seriously boosting your home’s curb appeal! One of the most appealing facts about black frames is that they can match with virtually any color scheme in your home, so you don’t have to worry about any possible clashing.


If you are worried that these frames will add too stark of a contrast to your home, we have some good news! Against what you may believe, black frames won’t look as jarring as you may imagine. This is because their sleek and dark design causes an almost shadow-like effect in your home, creating an illusion of a more open and wide view rather than a frame. In other words, the frames will naturally blend in with every home and offer an illusion of more space, and—who doesn’t want more space?


Depending on where you live, this benefit will vary. For those who live in cooler climates, good news because black frames will naturally absorb any and all heat, which means a warmer home and a happier family. If you, however, live in an area that is already hot then you can opt for thermally broken frames which work to prevent heat transfer between the outdoors and your indoor living space.


In the majority of homes, black frames guarantee a look of elegance, especially in modern and contemporary spaces! If you do have a period home, however, we suggest getting a second opinion as these frames could seem jarring and a bit out of place.

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For homes with brick, adding black frames can make the colors in the brick really pop and stand out. If this sounds appealing to you, then take the plunge! If your home has bricks with flecks of gray, then we suggest going with a grayer window frame, but use your own judgment!

Styling your home should be a fun experience, so really get creative with your new projects and updates! Let us know how black frames have enhanced your home and share your favorite tips from us. When buying your replacement windows in Frisco, TX, stop in and we’ll be happy to assist!