Pros and Cons of Black Windows


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You may have seen them in the latest home magazine, or perhaps a friend of yours has just made the switch. Maybe you’re wondering whether it’s time you do the same. In case you don’t follow, we’re talking about black windows! Yes, black windows are a new trend that seems to be here to stay, and for good reason! This sleek new style offers contrast, elegance, and all the curb appeal you could want, so should you make the switch? Below, we’re going to break down all of the pros and cons for you. Replacement windows in Dallas, TX are available when you stop in at any of our locations. We look forward to assisting you in transforming your home!

Pro #1 Style

Easily one of the biggest positives of black windows is the immediate style that they add to your home. Black windows are elegant, it’s plain as day, and whether you are viewing them from the outside or inside they are sure to be a topic of conversation. Hailing from the 70s, these windows will never grow outdated like other alternatives. One of the biggest contributing factors to their elegance is in the contrast that they offer a room. If your home has a light or white interior, these windows are more than ideal as they’ll exude immediate sophistication and a chic design.

Pro #2 Weather Resistance

Black vinyl window frames don’t just offer a pretty sight, but they are actually nonporous, which means that moisture will not make its way into the material. And unlike wood, which expands and contracts with the weather, black frames remain virtually unaffected and withstand rain with ease. Due to this, you can expect no issues with rotting, rust, or mold.

Pro #3 Easy Maintenance

Black windows are sleek, in fact, they are so sleek and smooth that it makes it very difficult for dirt and grime to become attached to their surface. This means that cleaning the windows won’t be something you’ll have to run around doing often, however, when they eventually do require cleaning, it can easily be accomplished with simply warm water and a rag or towel.


Con #1 Sun DamageReplacement windows Dallas TX 300x214

While a large part of what makes black windows so stylish is their color, it turns out that their color can also create unforeseen issues. It is no secret that black absorbs more light and it is precisely because of this that they are prone to fading at a much faster rate than that of lighter colored windows. Additionally, these windows could pose a problem in the summer as they can become very hot due to the transferring of heat to the glass.

Con #2 Shows Dust and Dirt Easily

While black windows are elegant, this does not mean that they are immune to dirt and dust. In fact, black windows are much more likely to show dust and dirt than any other color.

Con #3 Cost

Due to black windows rising in popularity, they tend to cost around 10 to 16 percent more than whiter windows. If money isn’t too big of an issue for you, then replace it away!

Hopefully, we’ve offered you some much-needed insight into what all the excitement for black windows is about. Let us know if they were right for your home and share any additional thoughts. Our replacement windows in Dallas, TX are unmatched and always affordable. Give us a call!