Best Places for Awning Windows

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When you are looking into new windows for your home in Irving, TX, you don’t have to go with exactly the same style, material, or color you have now. It’s actually a great time to make some changes and get the windows you’ve always wanted to have. Whether you use the same basic layout or add or subtract windows in certain areas, this is a great time to do it. If you currently don’t have any awning windows in your home, you may want to consider including them in one or more locations. They are versatile, provide ventilation, and give your home accentuated style. Here are a few places you could put them.

In the Bathroom

Awning windows naturally ventilate the bathroom without giving away your privacy if you place them right. You could put them up high above a tub so no one could really see in. With easy hand cranks, you can ventilate the room and give it natural lighting without worrying about privacy.

In the Kitchen

Awning windows are popular and smart options for any kitchen, especially above the sink. When you have to lean over the countertop, it’s easier to open an awning window with a crank. You get the quick, easy ventilation you want, and you always have natural lighting available as well.

As Accent Pieces

Awning windows also work well above other doors and windows. You could place them above fixed windows so you still have the option to open the area up a bit or you can put them over doors for natural lighting. They give a room more versatility and act as a stylish accent piece as well.

On Their Own

Awning windows can also be placed just about anywhere you please alone. Many awning windows are small in size, but they can be larger and offer a traditional appearance as well. They are attractive as stand alone windows and give you versatility that other styles can’t.

new windows Irving TX

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