Are there Benefits to Vinyl Windows?

Vinyl windows were introduced to the industry over 30 years ago as a more cost-efficient way to replace windows. They have grown from a small segment of the market to the most popular form of replacement window out there. Before they were introduced, homes and businesses used wood and aluminum frames exclusively. Now, vinyl windows have overtaken their popularity for a variety of reasons. Here are just a few benefits of vinyl windows that will help you understand why they are so popular in Dallas, TX and other areas of the country.

-Strong Durability
Vinyl windows don’t have to be painted or sanded (unlike wood windows) in order to remain strong and durable. They do their job for decades without peeling, cracking, fading, rotting, or even scratching. With some basic maintenance like light cleaning on occasion, they’ll look as good as new for years to come.

-Energy Efficiency
Vinyl windows give you better thermal protection than wood or aluminum options. They are designed with energy efficiency in mind and modern technology has even given them higher efficiency options like low-e coating, insulating gas, and multiple panes of glass, among others.

-Lack of Environmental Impact
Vinyl windows last longer than wood or aluminum so they don’t have to be replaced nearly as often. That makes them a friendly choice when it comes to the environment. Plus, they aren’t taking down trees in order to create the frames.

-Style Selections
When vinyl windows first came out, it’s true, they were limited when it came to colors and styles. But now, vinyl windows come in a number of different design and colors options. There are literally thousands of style combinations that can help you match your home’s existing décor.

Vinyl windows work great in homes and businesses because they have a fixed pane or can come in special shapes or colors. They are popular because they are practical for any room or use.

-Affordable Option
One of the biggest reasons vinyl windows are so popular is because of their affordability. They are the most inexpensive option on the market. Not only do they save you money up front, but you continue to save during their lifespan. First, you save in utility bills because they are highly energy efficient. And second, you save in maintenance since you don’t have to buy materials to keep them looking nice.

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