A Fall Staycation To Save For Window Replacement

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Perhaps you didn’t go anywhere this summer for a vacation because traveling was a bit harder than usual and the things you wanted to see and do weren’t open or were so restricted it wouldn’t have been fun any longer. The good part of that is that you were able to save money that you normally would have spent on that vacation. Now that fall is on the horizon, you’re itching to do something, but traveling is still tough. Plus, if you keep saving, you will have the funds you need for replacement windows in Plano, TX in no time. Here are a few ideas for fall staycations that won’t cost you much and can allow you to save even more for home projects.

Camping In Your Yard

Texas generally has beautiful fall weather. You could set up a tent in your backyard, have a bonfire, complete with smores, tell scary stories, and enjoy as much of nature as you can from the comforts of your own home. The benefits are, that the bathroom and running water is close by and set up a tent (though it can be complicated) is absolutely free! You can save the money you would have spent on gas and lodging and spend it on windows instead.

Having A Drive-In Movie At Home

If you have a white sheet, hang it on the side of the house. Set up a projector (which you can borrow from someone else if you don’t have one) and plan a movie from one of your streaming services. You can set out lawn chairs, have the kids decorate large boxes into cars, or lay out some blankets picnic style. Grab some freshly popped popcorn and enjoy a movie under the stars. Wear some bug spray and it should be a good time. Plus, it’s way cheaper than going to the theaters—and safer, too.

Set Up Some Obstacle Courses

Gather the sprinklers, hula hoops, balls, chairs, and other assorted things and take turns setting up obstacle courses for the kids. Let them set up courses, too, and perhaps even run a few yourself to really get into the spirit. IT could be enough to keep them entertained for a whole afternoon and the memories will last a lifetime while the price tag will be non-existent.

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You might not get away from your house with a fall staycation, but you will have a good time with your family, and that’s what’s most important. Plus, you can take your vacation budget and put it towards something that’s highly important for your home replacement windows in Plano, TX. Since you are staying at home anyway, you can call Southwest Door & Window and have them pop by for a free in-home consultation. You can go over details, possible costs, and other things while you get advice from experts on how to proceed with the project with as much ease as possible. Don’t cut back on family fun, but you can cut back on how much it costs.