Quarantine Savings To Put Toward Replacement Windows

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2020 has been one of the strangest years in recent history. While you may have enjoyed the extra time with your family when things shut down and you stayed home more often, there are other benefits of that time period as well. Perhaps you saved money on things you normally do but just didn’t at that time. Now, you have some extra fund saved up and perhaps you can get replacement windows in Richardson, TX. Here are some quarantine savings to look towards to help you cover the new window project you want to take on.

Movie Theater Closures/At Home Movies

Movie theaters shut down for a good while and even after they opened up, you may not have felt comfortable taking your family out in public. Instead, you streamed movies at home. That was either free, depending on what streaming services you had or cost just a few dollars. You bought your own snacks at the store as well for a fraction of the cost of what they would have been at the theater. How many times did you have a movie night? Add those savings up and you may have quite a little nest egg already.

Savings From Eating Out

At first, there weren’t many restaurants, if any, open. Then, you were able to drive through some places and simply not go in at all. Now, more is open, but you still may not be partaking as much or as often as you did before, if at all. You could get some takeout meals, which is a nice change from cooking, but you are likely saving quite a bit of eating out. You can make your own burgers cheaper than you can buy them already cooked and bundled on the bun from a restaurant. So, how much do you figure you’ve saved there? Add it up!

Fancy Coffees

A lot of people had kids at home, doing school online, and they were also doing their best to work at home. Working at home meant you didn’t have to take your normal drive to the office—past the fancy coffee shop. You had to make coffee at home…sigh. And while it might not have been as good, it certainly costs you less and that cost can add up fast.

School And Work Commutes

How many miles a day did you usually put on your vehicle? You might have to take the kids to and from school and multiple practices as well as yourself to and from work and so on. That all stopped during quarantine and you didn’t put gas in your car for weeks. That’s a lot of savings that can now go into your windows.

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So, how much do you figure you saved when you were holed up at home with your family? You might have enough to at least start the process of replacement windows in Richardson, TX and the professionals at Southwest Door & Window can help you with budgeting and finding the right fit.