When Replacement Windows Are The Key To Efficiency

Most homeowners find it very important to have a household that is as energy efficient as possible. Who wants to waste energy they aren’t even using—but still have to pay for? When you are considering replacement windows in Dallas, TX, energy efficiency is likely very important to you when you make the change. But are new windows the key to the efficiency your home currently lacks? Here are a few cases in which the answer just might be yes.

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You’ve Updated Your Appliances

Newer appliances are more efficient than older versions and they are marked well so you can choose appliances that are better for efficiency if you try hard enough. If you have updated your appliances in the last few years and have things that run more efficiently than before (especially if they are energy star certified), then that’s not what’s killing the efficiency in your home. You can replace your windows with peace of mind that it is indeed the windows that are the culprit for your energy waste.

Your Insulation Is At Or Above Codes

There are certain building codes that homes have to meet as they are built, but those have changed over the years. When your home was built, perhaps only a certain amount of insulation was required in the attic. Today, it may be much more than that. If your house meets the insulation requirements of today’s standards because you had extra added when it was built or you added extra yourself over the years, then you can rest assured that the air isn’t escaping your home through the attic. It really probably is the windows, after all.

You’ve Replaced Doors

If it’s not the windows, the number two item is the doors on your home that can leak air. But replacing wood doors is a smaller project so if you’ve already done that and your doors are sealed tight to the home, your windows are the only thing left to blame for any air leaks you might see in your home.

There are a lot of things you can do to upgrade the efficiency of your home. Some people have energy auditing professionals come through and let them know what they can improve to save money. But if you’ve done many of the above things already, chances are, you need new windows to complete the efficiency of your home.

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