What Weather Can Do To Old Windows

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Living in Texas means the winters are mostly minded. But the summers, on the other hand, can be brutally hot and humid. Those changes have an effect on many things in your life—and in your home. You might find that you need replacement windows in Dallas, TX and it could be because of what the weather elements have done to your old windows over time. Here are some things that overly hot or cold weather can do to windows as they age:


Cause Drafts

When the temperatures are mild over the winters and in the fall and spring, air leaks aren’t as big of a concern. But when the summer months hit and your home is surrounded by hot air at all times, you want it to stay out of your house. However, that same hot air can cause your windows to warp—especially when the humidity gets onto the wood frames. It can also cause windows to crack and too much moisture could even cause the old wood to rot. When the window frames bend, crack, and rot, there are going to be more drafts in the home than ever before. When those drafts contain hot, humid air, it can be very uncomfortable in the home very quickly.


Transfer Heat From Outside To In

Similar to air leaks, when your windows don’t keep the hot air out, or even the heat from the sun’s rays, it’s important to get replacement windows. Older windows don’t have low-E coatings, which means you have to keep shades closed in order to keep the natural heat from the sun out. You might want the light, but you can’t stand the heat. Plus, the hot air can go right through the glass and come into your home. When you get new windows, that hot air stays out and you can get that low-E coating on the glass, which allows you to get the sun’s light through, but not the heat.


Allow Condensation

The heat in this area of the country can cause things to get very humid. When that humidity forms on the inside of the glass, or even the outside, that’s okay. However, condensation can occur between the panes of glass when it gets through the seals on the windows. That’s never a good sign and can happen after time goes by and your windows age.

When you use these things happening, the hot weather in this area of the country could be the cause. But windows age and they don’t last forever. If you are ready for replacement windows in Dallas, TX, there are plenty of options to consider. Contact the professionals at Southwest Door & Window and we’re here to walk you through the process from start to finish. We can help you read rating labels and find the best options for your home. We want you to love the results for decades into the future. It’s important to your comfort, your energy bills, and your home’s appearance.