Transitioning to Spring

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Frisco, TX doesn’t usually have a harsh winter, but it’s still different in the spring than it is over the winter. When the spring arrives, you want to be able to reflect the difference in the season within your home. Bring spring into your home to feel the freshness of the season throughout the house! Here are a few things you can do to bring your home into the season and enjoy the freshness of spring inside and out.

Transition 1: Change Inside Decorations

During the winter, you might have holiday items out and even darker accessories that bring out the winter season. But in the spring, you want bright colors that bring in that element of this new time of year. Consider getting different throw pillows that accent light and vibrant colors. Bring fresh flowers into the home and change the wreath on the door to accentuate pastels.

Transition 2: Plant Outside

If you want the exterior of your house to look better than ever before this spring, use outside planters or freshen up the landscaping with fresh seasonal flowers. You can put window boxes underneath your windows to allow the scents to waft into your home. The act of planting will help you usher in the season and give you a brightness you didn’t have over the winter months.

Transition 3: Switch the Closets and Purge

If you have winter-like clothing down where you can reach it, it’s time to put it away and get out the spring stuff. While you are at it, get rid of things you don’t wear and other items around your house that you don’t use. Spring is a great time to purge and get rid of items so you can feel lighter all the way around.

Transition 4: Consider Home Improvements

Spring is a great time of the year to work on your home, no matter what it needs. If you want to paint the inside or outside, it’s a good temperature to do that. If you want to renovate something, spring oftens puts some fire under your seat to get going on those things. It’s also the perfect time of the year to consider replacement windows. Replacement windows give you protection from the upcoming rains along with nearly endless options. You get energy efficiency before the hot summer months kick in as well. There’s nothing like staying cool in the summer when you live in Frisco, TX.

If you are ready for spring in every way you can imagine, it’s time to get ready for summer with replacement windows in Frisco, TX. Contact Southwest Door & Window by calling 214-341-2212 to go over options for replacement windows. Let your windows do the hard work when summer approaches and give your HVAC system and your energy bills a break! Stop by and let’s go over the details in person. We’re located at 10255 Miller Rd Dallas, TX 75238 and we want to hear about your specific situation so we can find the right match for replacement windows.