The Disadvantages of Vinyl Windows

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It seems to be the trend that vinyl windows are continuing to grow in popularity. Many homeowners looking for new windows in their home discover the energy-efficiency of vinyl windows and pounce, yet there are some factors that should be considered before making such a hasty decision. While there is nothing terribly wrong with going the vinyl route, we want to ensure that our customers have the full perspective before making any purchases. If you have recently noticed your home is in desperate need of replacement windows in Frisco, TX we want to let you know that we are here and available for any of your needs!


To many people, the style or appearance of their home stands as a source of pride. Various styles of homes should always be embraced. Whether you own a historic or period home, it’s definitely something that we do not want to alter the appearance of! Unfortunately, it occurs that many people with historic or uniquely styled homes discover that they need a replacement window and opt for vinyl, which is a bad choice. Going the vinyl route, especially if all of the other windows in your home are either wood or clad, will cause your home’s style to clash.

Physical Drawbacks

If you’ve owned a home or two with wood windows, it is common knowledge that they are prone to fading over time. Although it may be a nuisance when this occurs, it’s also an easy fix that can be done with the stroke of a paintbrush. Unfortunately, when vinyl windows age they are prone to sagging, warping, and even fading over time. Unlike wood windows, this cannot be as easily fixed with a simple paint job. If you live in an area that experiences high temperatures, then vinyl windows can prove to be your worst nightmare as the heat can cause them to sag and warp with age.

Energy Efficiency

What most people look for when choosing new windows for their homes is energy efficiency. Everyone prefers to save money and energy efficient windows, it can save you hundreds on your heating bill each month. While many people are drawn to vinyl windows due to their energy efficiency, it is worth noting that wood windows exceed that of vinyl and are widely considered the preferred and most effective window.

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Unlike wood and other windows, if you choose to paint your home a certain color and need your windows to match, this is no simple fix. Vinyl windows cannot be painted like other windows, so it’s important that if you do choose to go the vinyl route, you are certain that you won’t be changing your home anymore. Also, if you wish to get your vinyl windows customized to a different shape, the costs can be very expensive.

We hope that these tips helped to better inform you for the next time that you are looking for replacement windows in Frisco, TX. We will be more than happy to help you get one step closer to the home of your dreams!