Smart Window Replacement Installation Questions

window replacement in Dallas TX

Many homeowners replace the windows in their home only once in their lifetime. Since that is generally the case, when you face window replacement in Dallas, TX, you probably haven’t gone through the process before. If you are starting to look into the project, there are many questions you might ask. Here are a few common questions that smart buyers will ask so they can prepare for the process as best they can.

Do I Need To Be Present For Installation?

While this is something you can leave till later, once the installation date is chosen, it’s always good to be prepared. While it’s not necessary for you to be home, it’s recommended for homeowners to have a resource on hand in case there’s an issue. Installers can’t say what they are going to find once the window is out until the window is out. In rare cases, they might find rotting wood around the windows and they’ll need to address that with the homeowner. Since installation only takes a day or two, it’s easy enough to be home to supervise the project.

Can Kids Or Pets Be Around?

Pets are sometimes disturbed by loud noises and window replacement isn’t a quiet job. They can also get underfoot and endanger themselves or installers. It is best for your pets to be elsewhere for the day or, at the very least, to be isolated in a room like the laundry room that has no windows to replace and is as far away from the noise as possible. With children, if you are there to supervise them, it’s okay for them to be around. Just keep them out of installers paths so they aren’t in danger of getting hurt. If you have a friend who can watch them on that day, that might be best as well—especially if they need a nap during the day.

How Much Of A Mess Will There Be?

Window replacement isn’t a tidy job, but installers will take your old windows with them and remove any other major debris. There will still be construction dust left behind and you will probably want to dust and vacuum your house to get rid of the rest of the residue once the windows go in. The good news is, with new windows installed, you will be able to have natural light coming in so you can see the dust and where you need to hit the most.

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