Selecting Colors for Replacement Windows

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When your old windows fail, you might drag your feet in replacing them. But when the time finally comes to make the investment and get replacement windows, it can be exciting. This is your chance to grab energy efficiency for your home! You can finally get rid of those drafts and discomforts! You can even change the look and style of your home! Many of the aesthetics wrapped up in your new Dallas, TX windows will revolve around color. Do how do you choose a color for the new windows? Here are some tips to help you figure it out.

Tip 1: Enhance or Disguise

You want to showcase your windows and possibly disguise other elements of your home that aren’t as nice. When you are purchasing new windows, get something that stands out because the windows are special and they should be highlighted. Many homeowners like contrasting frame colors so the windows look bolder and are easier to see. You can get something a few shades darker than your home, for example, to make the windows highlight the style.

Tip 2: Work with What You Have

If you want a traditional style on your house, you might want to work with the décor you already have. Don’t go with anything busy or ornamental for colors, but get something that blends in with the surrounding wall colors. You might want a color slightly lighter than your current wall colors for a clean look.

Tip 3: Go Bold with Wisdom

It’s easy to change paint colors, but when you get vinyl windows for replacements, you can’t change their color. Keep that in mind when you go with new frames. Bold colors can be great on certain houses, but just because you love it, doesn’t mean future homeowners will. They can’t change it without replacing the windows! When in doubt, it’s better to go neutral and change the color inside the home in the bold direction instead.

Tip 4: Consider New Neutrals

In the past, white was the way to go when you wanted a neutral window color. Plus, white was originally the only option vinyl windows had. There are plenty of options today, but if you still want to go with something neutral, try something that is new in the popular realm. Gray is having a huge moment in the spotlight right now. It fits in with neutral shades, but looks elegant, sharp, and great with a number of other colors.

Tip 5: Consider the Climate

Think about how your home works with the environment around it. If you have a freeway nearby and there’s a lot of dust, lighter colors camouflage that dirt better. If you get a lot of sun, whiter shades won’t fade as quickly as darker colors. Keep those environmental factors in mind when you make a decision.

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