Replacement Windows And Doors All At Once

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As a homeowner, you get to decide what home improvement projects to take on and when. If you think you need replacement windows in Dallas, TX, you might also recognize that you need new doors. While you can take on one thing at a time, replacing just a few windows now and more later or putting in new doors and addressing the windows later, it’s often best to do it all at once, if at all possible. Here are a few reasons why you should think about getting new windows and doors in one big swoop.

Reason 1: Installation Ease

When you have new windows installed and/or new doors, you have to take time away from your everyday life for the installation. You don’t have to be at home during the installation, but it’s best for the project. If you get it all done at once, you have only one installation charge and you can get everything out of the way in a day or two, rather than different days spread apart.

Reason 2: The Height Of Efficiency

If you replace just your doors, you will see an increase of your energy efficiency, but you won’t see a huge jump. If you replace just your windows, there will be a nice energy efficiency bump, but if your doors still leak, there are still issues. If both the windows and the doors need to be replaced, it’s in the best interest of your home’s efficiency for you to do it all at once. Your home will be sealed up tight at every entrance and you’ll see much lower energy bills in return.

Reason 3: Style Matching

It’s much easier to match styles and colors when you do the projects at the same time. If you do one and then wait a year or two for the other, products and styles may change and it can be harder to match. If you want your doors and windows to blend seamlessly together and with your home, it’s best to get new additions at the same time.

Reason 4: Bulk Discounts

Have you ever bundled services? Perhaps you get your internet, TV, and phone all from the same place and it’s cheaper that way. Getting replacement windows and doors are similar. When you get all of your windows at the same time, they’re cheaper per window. When you throw in doors as well, you’ll get an even better deal.

When you are ready for replacement windows in Dallas, TX, consider replacing the doors at the same time to take care of all of your energy and style needs at once. You’re welcome to contact Southwest Door & Window about the options by calling (214) 341-2212. We’re here to answer your questions or set you up with a free consultation. Don’t worry, there’s no need to feel obligated in any way. You can also visit our store at 10255 Miller Rd Dallas, TX 75238 to see the options and get started on important decisions for your home.