Making Rooms Look Larger

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Not everyone is happy with the amount of size they have in their homes. While you may not be able to do much to make the room actually bigger without making a major mess and knocking down walls, you can make the room at least appear larger with certain changes inside. One larger project that can make a big difference is getting replacement windows in Plano, TX. Here are some other ideas to help you make the room look larger without knocking out any walls.

Paint Light Colors

If there are any darker colors in the room, that is going to make the room look smaller and more closed in. Choosing a lighter color for both the walls and the ceiling can make the room appear much larger and more open. You can stick with something neutral or soft or bright pastel to make the room expand before your eyes.

Add Mirrors

Mirrors reflect things in the room, even the light. Adding mirrors to one or more walls will make the room look like it goes on farther and it also reflects light, which does a lot to make the room look larger as well. You will increase the perceived square footage of space in the room, which might make it feel more open and larger at the same time.


You can make even the smallest rooms look larger when you declutter the space. Remove any unnecessary items from the floors, shelves, and everywhere in between to use the space you have available. You might want to consider removing some furniture as well to make the space open up and appear larger. Rooms with too much in them are going to look much smaller.

Add More Windows

Natural light is going to work wonders for any room. Adding more windows will give you more natural light and allow you a better view of the outside world. It’ll make your room look much more open and welcoming.

Get Replacement Windows

Even if you don’t add windows, getting new windows can make a world of difference in the rooms as a whole. New windows have smaller frames and larger glass spaces, which will bring in more light automatically. The more light you have, the larger it feels. There are other things you can do with colors and styles on the new windows that can make the rooms look and feel bigger as well.

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There are lots of reasons to get replacement windows in Plano, TX and while you might not get them just to make your rooms look larger, that’s a great side effect that you can look forward to and plan for when you are looking towards that project. The professionals at Southwest Door & Window are here to talk through all of the options with you from start to finish. We want you to get the energy efficiency you need for your home along with a perceived larger space that can help you have the dream home before you in no time.