Get Rid Of Mold With Replacement Windows

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Mold. It’s unsightly wherever it grows. And furthermore, it’s downright dangerous. When you notice mold growing around your windows, you know it’s time for replacement windows in Dallas, TX. Once mold starts growing, it doesn’t stop unless you do something about it. It can damage whatever it grows on and cause health hazards at the same time. You don’t want it on or anywhere near your house. Here are some tips on getting rid of mold with replacement windows.

Tip 1: Clean It Off

Before you get the replacement windows, you will want to clean the mold from the areas around your windows. If it’s growing on the window frames outside, that part will be removed. But what about inside your house? If you have air and water leaks, it could be growing on the walls or around the frames as well. That definitely needs to be removed so the fresh, clean windows don’t pick up where the old ones left off and allow the mold to grow further. Clean the mold with a soap and water mixture and scrub brush. Let it dry and then rinse the area with bleach water and let it sit for a while to make sure everything is cleaned off. Rinse the area and let it dry completely.

Tip 2: Replace It

After you clean the mold off, you will want to get new windows in as soon as possible. Most homeowners are going with vinyl windows today because they are cost-effective, but also high in quality. They don’t grow mold as easily because of their tight seal against the house so you likely won’t have to worry about further growth in the future. Make sure the technicians watch for mold when they remove windows so if there are any areas that need to be cleaned, it can be done before the new windows go in.

Getting new windows should take care of mold growth for the future. The windows will no longer leak air and water and without water, mold isn’t comfortable growing. IT likes damp places and since your windows keep your home nice and dry, you have no further mold worries. You’ll also enjoy further energy efficiency, lower bills, and lots of comfort within your home.

If you are worried about the mold your old windows have been growing around them, contact the professionals at Southwest Door & Window about replacement windows in Dallas, TX. We’re here to help you take out those old, leaky, problem-causing windows and replace them with windows that will seal your home up and benefit your family and house as a whole. Give us a call at (214) 341-2212 and we can answer questions, recommend how you can get rid of mold before the replacement happens, and set you up with a free consultation appointment. We can also show you around and give examples of window options in our showroom at 10255 Miller Rd Dallas, TX 75238. Let’s get started on removing the mold around your windows today.