Facilitating Replacement Window Installation

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After you decide that you want to get replacement windows in Plano, TX, you might choose them and order them. That’s very exciting, but you still have to get through the last step, which is installing the windows. Here are some things you can do that will help to facilitate the installation process.

Tidy Up The Home Of Tripping Hazards

You might have a lot of things lying about in your home and that’s okay for you, but when you have someone over doing a job, you might need to tidy up so those things don’t become hazards. Put your shoes in the closet instead of leaving them by the front door. Pick up any legos the kids have laying around, and try to remove rugs if they are something that can be tripped over. You want the installation to go well and that means no one gets hurt.

Remove Wall Hangings And Window Coverings

When you put in new windows, you have to take down the window coverings. It’s also a good idea to take the wall hangings down on walls that have windows on them. You know there’s going to be some demo and it might get loud and shaky against the wall. Things could fall and you don’t want any damage. The window coverings have to come down so you can allow access to the windows in the first place. You can get new ones or put the old ones back up once the windows are in.

Make Arrangements For Kids And Pets

If you have a child that might need to nap, it might be better for them to go to a relative or friend’s house for the day. If they are home, that’s okay, too, but you need to keep a close eye on them so they don’t get in the way and get hurt. With pets, having people around that are being loud can really freak them out. Keep them in a small, enclosed room without windows to calm them as much as possible. They could also stay outside if they are far enough away from the house that they won’t be underfoot. If your child is going to another house, you might want to send your pet along with them, too.

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Be Available For Questions

While you don’t have to be at home while the installers work, it is best if you are around. They might run into something and have questions for you and it’s easier to answer if you are right there in the home with them. Otherwise, you need to at least be available by phone so they can get ahold of you if they need anything.

When you are getting replacement windows in Plano, TX installed onto your home, the professionals at Southwest Door & Window will help you with a list of things you might want to get done before the installers arrive so you can facilitate their job in the best possible ways so it won’t take long to get everything in order and in place.