Exterior Home Improvement Options

Frisco TX replacement windows

Is the exterior of your house starting to look old and tired? There are plenty of things you can do to freshen things up and bring some curb appeal back to the home. Frisco, TX replacement windows are one option, but there are plenty of others to consider as well. Here are a few ideas. Inspect your home with these in mind and decide what’s best for you.

Paint Or Replace The Siding

It’s certainly easier to paint your siding, but if it’s old enough, you might even want to replace it. If you find any rot on the old wood, replacing those pieces or all of the siding is in the best interest of your home’s integrity. Painting the home, however, can help you freshen up the look of the home. Choose a different color to make it look completely different or just paint the same color. Don’t forget to power wash the dirt from the house first so the paint will stick.

Add Landscaping

Sometimes all a house needs for better curb appeal is a finished look with landscaping in certain areas. Add some fresh flowers or new bushes where old ones have died out. Putting some greenery in that highlights your front door, your pathway, and other areas in front of your house can really make it shine in the best possible light.

Fix Up The Roof

The roof isn’t something you see as well as other items, but when you notice shingles missing or other issues, it can take away from the curb appeal of your home. Plus, you don’t want leaks to spring up because you were lax about maintenance. Have a professional come over and look over the roof. You might need a few repairs to make things look nice again or you may need a complete replacement.

Replacement Windows

If your windows are old and tired, they might be what needs to be replaced. You’ll notice that in the appearance outside, but also the performance inside. When youris lacking energy efficiency, there’s probably air leaking in and out of the windows. Your bills are higher, the rooms are drafty, and there are all sorts of other issues. When you have replacement windows in place, the look outside will be stellar. The look inside will be just as fresh and you’ll have efficiency and comfort benefits as well.

If you are looking to fix up your home’s exterior curb appeal, Frisco, TX replacement windows are something to consider. New windows show both from inside and outside so you can take care of aesthetics on both sides of the wall with just one project. Plus, you get energy efficiency and lower bills to boot. When you’re ready to continue with the details, contact Southwest Door & Window by calling (214) 341-2212. We can set you up with a free consultation or you can visit us in person by stopping by our showroom at 10255 Miller Rd Dallas, TX 75238. We’re ready to help in any way we can.