Do Your Adult Children Need Replacement Windows?

It’s hard to watch your kids grow into adults and then branch out on their own. Most parents still want to meddle, though it’s often best not to. However, if you are visiting your child’s home and you notice that they need replacement windows in Dallas, TX, it may be in their best interest to tell them as much. Perhaps you’ve gone through the process yourself, so you know the signs. Maybe you help remodel homes and you know more about windows than you should. Whatever the reason, if you notice something that important about their home and they don’t seem to, there are ways to let them know without being too much of a pest. Here are some ideas:

replacement windows in Dallas TX 2Ask About Upcoming Home Projects

Compliment their home. They take pride in what they’ve done to the place, just as you do your own home. Start with some compliments about certain colors, decorations or other things they have put into place. Then, ask them if they have any other home projects on the horizon that they are considering. You might be able to slip in the idea of replacement windows to get them started on thinking along those lines.

Talk About Your Own Windows

If you recently got new windows, you know a lot about the project, and you can speak to it. Talk about your windows and what they have done for your home. Point out the fact that your energy bills are way lower than they were before and that you are able to pay yourself back for the investment or spend money on other things because of it. Talk about curb appeal, comfort, and other things that might appeal to your kids. Just highlighting the benefits you’ve received could get them thinking in that direction.

Be Direct

Sometimes dropping hints can work, but not always. If you’re not the type to beat around the bush, try to find a tactful, but direct way to tell your adult child that they might want to consider new windows. Keep in mind that they are the homeowner, so the decisions are completely up to them. But they might appreciate your recommendations and the fact that you care about their safety, comfort, and high energy bills.

If you have an adult child who needs replacement windows in Dallas, TX, do what you can to point it out, but then let go and let them make the decisions from there. Point them to the professionals at Southwest Door & Window and they can get the answers they need from experts. You can have them call us at (214) 341-2212 where they can get some basic details, or they can set up a free consultation. They can also stop by our showroom to check out the window options in person. We’re located at 10255 Miller Rd Dallas, TX 75238 and we love to teach homeowners about window ratings and go over their preferences and home goals regarding this important process.