Changes To Make With Replacement Windows


replacement windows in Plano TX

When you are in the market for replacement windows in Plano, TX, you have an opportunity before you. Not only are you going to get windows that are more efficient than what you have in your home right now, but you also have a chance to make changes. You can change a variety of things to your windows and end up with something way better than what you had. Here are some of the changes you might consider making when you get new windows.

Frame Color

Look at the frame color you have on your windows now. Do you like it or would you prefer something else? Most people have white frames because they work well with any siding color. They’re classics that never go out of style. But black is another classic that works as a great contrast against lighthouses. Or, you might want to match your home’s color to blend the windows in. If you have desires for any other color outside of what you have on the home already, now’s the time.

Window Style

If you have double hung windows now, and you’ve always wanted to see out better and have better ventilation, casement windows might be a better fit. Or, if you have casement windows and you don’t like how they swing out over your deck, you may want to switch to double hung. You can get any window style you want and you can even get different styles in different rooms to suit those room’s purposes.

Add Windows

There’s no better way to get more natural light into your home than by adding more windows. Even keeping your windows as they are will bring in more light since windows today have larger glass space and smaller frames. But adding more windows around the ones you already have will really make a statement with the amount of light they bring in. It’s a great opportunity to add some windows in darker areas, too, like a hallway, a bathroom, or other such locations.

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Place Upgrades

Your old windows might have been a standard issue. Today’s standard windows are technologically advanced and very high in quality. So even if you get the standards on the market today, you’ll have an upgrade from your current windows. But there are also a lot of upgrades you could consider. You could get triple pane glass instead of the standard double pane option. You could add a low-E glass coating to block the heat of the sun. Or you could have inert gas fillings placed between the panes for further insulation. The options depend on your budget and goals, but you might be able to find a good fit.

If you are working on getting replacement windows in Plano, TX, getting what you already have can work, but you will want to at least consider changes you might make in order to get just the right thing for your home. The pros at Southwest Door & Window can help with all of the details.