Bay Window Replacement Tips

replacement windows in Plano TX 300x150Whether you have a bay window that needs to be replaced or you want to put in a bay window when you need replacements of other kinds, there are lots of things to think through as a part of the process. Replacement windows are a huge investment and bay windows will make a big impact on your home, whether you already have one or not. Keep these things in mind when you are starting the process in Plano, TX.

Energy Levels

Whenever you work on replacement windows, you want to reduce your carbon footprint, not add to the environmental issues. If you want eco-friendliness in any replacement windows you choose, you will get energy efficiency within your home. That’s a nice effect, but you also reduce your own utility bills. Energy efficient bay windows can help you do that by allowing in more natural light so you can use less artificial lighting. They can also come with low-e coatings so they don’t transfer the heat or UV rays of the sun. Plus they’ll add value to the property.

More Space

If you don’t already have a bay window in your home, part of the reason you might want one is to add space to a living room. Bay windows are the only window type (other than bow windows) that can actually add square footage to your home. Make sure you add the space where you need it the most, whether that’s at the end of the room or right in the middle. You can create more floor space for furniture, living areas, a reading nook, or anything else.

Extra Lighting

A bay window gives you a focal area and extra lighting in any room you place it in. The windows themselves are flat, but they are organized in a bow manner so you can still cover them with window treatments for privacy, but when those coverings are open, you get all the extra lighting you could want.

Added Curb Appeal

Replacement windows of any kind will add curb appeal to your home, but no window adds more appeal than bay windows. You have more architectural interest on your home, both inside and out. Homes of any size are more attractive and stunning with bay replacement windows installed.replacement windows in Plano TX 2 300x199

Bay windows are something the whole family can enjoy. Your children can sit in the sun and color. Your pets have somewhere to watch birds. And you can place an extra chair or two in the space when you have company. They look great, they are energy efficient, and they’re interesting on a number of levels. If you’re ready to look into bay replacement windows in Plano, TX, contact Southwest Door & Window at 214-341-2212. We’re here to talk through the various aspects of bay windows and whether or not they are a good fit for certain areas of your home. We’re located at 10255 Miller Rd Dallas, TX 75238, and we’re here to help you with your bay window replacement project from start to finish.