The Negative Impact Of Old Windows

replacement windows in Richardson TXIt might be hard for you to look at your house for very long because you know you need replacement windows in Richardson, TX. And you aren’t the only one who notices. Old windows have a negative impact on your house in a number of ways, including what other people see when they look at your home. Here are just a few pieces of negativity these old windows bring to the home,

A Nasty Curb Appeal

The first thing people are going to notice when they see your home is how rotted, warped, and unsightly your windows are. If it’s hard for you to look at them, it’s not any easier for others. Those windows are going to speak to the whole home’s condition, and they could be ruining your curb appeal. If you want to sell your house in the future, it could be very hard. With windows like those ruining the appearance outside, no one may even want to see the inside of the home.

Sky-High Energy Bills

Energy prices are on the rise. There’s not much you can do about that. But your energy bills should only be rising in small increments, along with the energy prices. They shouldn’t be taking off by leaps and bounds. Yours are. That means you have another negative impact from your old windows. Old windows that are warped and rotting have all sorts of gaps where the air can come in and out freely, as it pleases. You are wasting a lot of energy, but you still have to pay for it, even if you don’t use it. Hence the giant energy bills.

Lack Of Ventilation And Basic Safety

Older windows that are warped might feel impossible to open. Or perhaps when you or a previous owner tried to maintain the windows, they got painted shut. You can’t ventilate your home properly and things can feel stuffy because of it. Not only that but even more seriously, you are lacking a basic safety element in the house. If a fire broke out and you needed an emergency exit, your windows might not open for you. That’s downright dangerous for your family and something you shouldn’t just try to live with.Richardson TX replacement windowsThere are lots of other negative effects of older windows on a home and when you get tired of dealing with them, replacement windows in Richardson, TX are there to remove the negativity and replace it with positive aspects instead. The professionals at Southwest Door & Window want you to know that when you install new windows, your home will have a new, fresh look on the outside. Your energy bills will come way down—and stay that way. And you can ventilate every room of the house with ease and feel a new level of safety because you have that exit restored. There are lots of other benefits and we can go over those with you when you have a free consultation with us. Give us a call to set that up.