The Best Windows for Your Region

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When updating and fixing our homes, picking a window style of our liking can be an exciting job to be tasked with. With the help of various home improvement shows, it is likely that you already have in mind the type of window and style you desire. However, we must mention that a big factor to consider is the region in which you reside. Depending on your specific area, certain windows may not be the best option or idea for your home. Replacement windows in Richardson, TX can provide your home with the perfect look. Below we will break down which windows are suitable for each region in the country!

The Northeast

Many homes in the Northeast lean toward a more classic appearance, which makes this area perfect for traditional window styles and designs. We recommend either single or double-hung windows to maintain the traditional feel of your home. However, if you are from the Northeast and live in a home that leans more toward contemporary, then casement or sliding windows may be able to give you a better look. Additionally, with the Northeast comes harsh winter conditions, so if you do reside in this region, it is a good idea to shop for windows that are equipped with insulated glass so that the cold remains out during the winter. Insulated windows will also ensure that the summer heat remains outside of your house as well!

The Northwest

With all of the natural beauty that accompanies the Northwest, it only makes sense to opt for large windows that offer up stunning views of the outdoors. In this case, bay, bow, or rows of large and gorgeous casement windows may be your best bet! Additionally, these grand windows will bring in tons of light and sunshine, making the line between the beauty of the outdoors and indoors blurred. We guarantee that guests will fall in love with the grand views and open feel that your home has to offer!

The Midwest

Due to the blustery conditions common to the Midwest, we suggest casement windows for those living in the region. These windows are great for these conditions and are much more resistant than others to their harsh effects. Due to the lack of a dividing sash with casement windows, when fully closed they provide a tighter and more reinforced seal than others, which guarantees better insulation when the weather fluctuates.

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The South

Similar to the Northeast, the South is all about a traditional feel and charm, so we suggest double-hung windows for this region. It’s worth noting, however, that most any window will do for this region as what is most important is letting in the cool breezes typical of the region. If you do choose to stay on the traditional route, then be sure to select a traditional grille pattern to compliment your window as well!

When shopping for replacement windows in Richardson, TX we want to ensure that you make the most informed decision possible for your home and region. We are always happy to listen to any questions and concerns our customers may have and help guide them in the right direction. We hope you will reach out to us when updating your home!