Storm Windows or Replacement Windows?

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If you need replacement windows, you might wonder if you should go with regular replacement windows or if storm windows are better. The final decision has been quite a battle among designers, contractors, homeowners, and architects. There are a lot of factors to consider and compare, and every situation is unique. If you are able to assess the differences between the two, you can make a decision based on your needs. Whenever it comes to replacement windows in Plano, TX, you need to proceed slowly and with caution.

Storm Windows

Storm windows refer to windows that are installed on the outside of your primary house windows. They give extra wind and weather protection if there is a storm. They can also help normalize the temperature inside your home. Storm windows are custom ordered to fit over the windows you already have and they come in a number of colors and styles. They are usually installed outside, but you can go with interior storm windows as well. They come in two or three-track configurations.

Replacement Windows

Replacement windows refer to taking out old windows and replacing them with new ones. Replacement windows, with their advanced technology, can offer you savings on energy, maintenance, and in other areas. They are durable and offer good guarantees as well. You can customize these windows and get the performance and durability you want along with an attractive aesthetic. They are an energy efficient solution for any home.

Making the Choice

So, what do you need? Storm windows or replacement windows? There are several things to think through when making the decision.

Your Budget

When it comes to home upgrades, you have to think about how much you can afford before you jump into any project. If money is an issue, storm windows may be the only option you can afford. They can increase your energy efficiency, but there may still be some issues with your old windows.

DIY Options

If you are a handy individual, you may be able to install storm windows yourself. On the other hand, replacement windows should only be installed by experts to ensure that it is done correctly.

Window Age

If you have windows that are 30 years old or older, replacement windows will save you money in the long run and it’s best to go that direction. Keep in mind that storm windows don’t change the windows you already have. They can help energy efficiency and insulation as well as protection, but old windows are old windows and you might want to just replace them to begin with.

Plano TX replacement windows

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