Single-Hung vs. Double-Hung Windows

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Single and double-hung windows are extremely common in many homes today. They are both simple in design and offer different features that allow them to stand out from one another. When making the choice between single-hung or double-hung windows, you cannot really go wrong. While both have different features, they are both great windows that provide families with great ventilation. Learn more about single-hung and double-hung replacement windows in Richardson, TX.

Single-Hung Windows

Oftentimes called a single-sash window, these types of windows can be opened and closed from the bottom sash yet have a fixed sash above that cannot be moved. These windows are very common across many homes and while simple in operation and design, provide adequate ventilation.

Double-Hung Windows

Similar to single-sash windows, these windows are widely referred to as double-sash windows. Unlike single-sash, these windows have both an operational bottom and top sash, with no fixed sash. This allows double-hung windows to provide a room with larger amounts of ventilation compared to a single-sash. We’ve all learned in science that warm air rises, correct? Well, this fact comes into great use when double-sash windows are involved because when both sashes are in use this allows for warm air to escape through the top sash and cool air to enter through the bottom. This option is definitely ideal for two-story homes.


The costs between these two windows do vary. Single-hung windows are typically more inexpensive than double-hung because it requires less material. Another factor that goes into determining the price of these windows is the materials that they are made from. Generally, wood is one of the most expensive materials you can get because there is more opportunity to personalize the window. On the other hand, vinyl is usually the least expensive material you can buy.

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Fortunately, the effort to clean both of these types of windows is virtually the same, with some small differences. Single-hung windows’ bottom exterior can be cleaned from inside since the bottom sash typically has a mechanism that allows you to tilt the sash in toward your home. When you want to clean the top exterior sash, however, you must go outside. Double-hung windows, on the other hand, have tilting mechanisms on both of their sashes which means you can complete your entire cleaning process, both interior and exterior, all from inside your home.

There are many benefits when choosing between a single-sash window or a double-sash. While both offer a comfortable amount of ventilation, double-sash offers much more with two moving sashes instead of one. On the other hand, both windows can be energy-efficient and save you lots of money. While the differences can seem minor, they actually will make a big difference for you and your family in the long run. Feel free to consult us for replacement windows in Richardson, TX, we are eager to help you make such an important decision. We are more than willing to give you our personal advice and direction so that your home is as beautiful as you’ve always imagined.