Pet Proofing with Home Renovations

If you have a pet, or are thinking of getting a pet, there might be certain home renovations that you will want to consider for your Dallas, TX home. If you are going to do renovations anyway, it is good to keep your current or future pet in mind so everyone in the family is as comfortable as possible. Here are some things to consider as you move through renovations.


When you are thinking about getting a pet, you need to consider that option as you install new flooring. Dogs have toenails and many cats have claws. So hardwood flooring that is easily marred and scratched is not ideal. You might also want to avoid new carpet because there could be accidents at first. Instead, consider something hardy like laminate floors or ceramic tiles to create a long lasting beauty in your home that is also pet friendly.

Door Options

If you are installing new doors onto your home, consider something pet friendly like a sliding door. You can easily open and close the door to allow your pet to take a potty break without letting in too much hot air. You might also want to have a pet door so your pet can get in and out on their own. Or, consider a pet proof screen door so you can let in the fresh air on nice days without allowing bugs through and without having your pet charge through the door and get injured.

Replacement Windows

Of course, you aren’t going to put in replacement windows just because you have or are getting a pet, but they are a great idea for any family in Dallas, TX. Replacement windows will keep everyone (including your pet) more comfortable because of their energy efficiency. They also will lower energy bills so you have more money for pet food and obedience training on a monthly basis. Replacement windows can also cut back on the dangerous UV rays that can damage items in your home. When you get replacement windows, you will also want to think about window treatments that will be good for your family and your pet. Any family with children or pets will want to avoid long curtains or blinds that have long cords attached. Perhaps consider shutters or something motorized to enhance safety.

There are plenty of home renovations you can do, but when you have a pet in the family or are about to get one, you have to keep them in mind as well. When replacement windows are on your to-do list, contact Southwest Door & Window at 214-341-2212 and let’s talk through the details. We’d be happy to set up a free consultation with you and we can even show you around our showroom so you can see the options in person at 10255 Miller Rd Dallas, TX 75238. We want to put the best replacement windows on your home and we’ll help you meet your energy efficiency goals.