Home Renovations for the Empty Nest

If you are sending the last child off to college, you officially have an empty nest on your hands. Before you get too sad about the situation, think about the possibilities. Now is the time to focus on you and what you’ve always wanted to do to your home! You may not be ready to turn their old bedroom into a gym or hobby room, but there are some things you can do to your Frisco, TX home now that you have more time and money on your hands. Here are a few things to consider.

Master Bath

When you have an empty nest, it’s time to put the focus back on what makes you happy within your home. You might automatically gravitate toward the master bathroom. You can increase your home value by making changes in that room and, more importantly, you can increase your relaxation zone. Consider a spa tub, a beautiful back splash, or marble accent walls. You might even think about luxuries like heated floors. You can do whatever you can afford and whatever your imagination can dream up!

Home Gym

While you might not be ready to turn your child’s room into a gym, you have to admit, there are less games, videos, and other items lying around the basement. You might be able to create a home gym out of the corner of the space or in another area where you have more room than before. Pick up a set of hand weights to start and perhaps some new workout DVDs. If you like to run, consider a treadmill. If you like to go easier on your knees, think about an elliptical machine. You won’t have to venture out in order to get your workout in.

New Colors

When you are going through a life-changing event, such as having your last child leave home, it might be time for an aesthetic change as well. Something as simple and inexpensive as a few new colors on the wall can brighten your outlook. Paint the kitchen a cheery color and add an accent wall in the living room. It’s a fun process that can mark the change in your life.

Replacement Windows

One of the biggest, most home-changing things you can consider at this stage in your life is replacement windows. Replacement windows will change the appearance of your home inside and out and they will also allow you greater levels of energy efficiency. You can start to save money monthly and put it towards that cruise you’ve always wanted to take instead. Replacement windows are a great addition to the home windows Frisco, TX because they add comfort as well. They even raise the value of your home so when you want to sell, you’ll get the money you invested back.

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