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McKinney TX replacement windows

You may know you have windows that are too old to do a good job for your home, but what can you do about it? McKinney, TX replacement windows are expensive and can you really afford them? The answer may not be as simple as you’d like, but you need to think about how much your old windows are costing you. They suck energy out of your house and drive your bills up, after all. So, in the end, the question is can you afford not to get new windows?  

Replacement windows are a big investment, of course, but they don’t have to be as large and looming as you might think. When you look into replacement windows, remind yourself of the qualities you are getting along with the price tag. Windows might cost quite a bit, but you are getting a lot as well. You are getting insulation for your home, for example. And that insulation will drive your energy bills back down where they deserve to be. You will save money every month and you can start paying yourself back for the investment right away. If you’re going to sell your house in the future, you’ll also see a return on your initial investment. You can get up to 80% of the money you put into new windows back at that time. Stay long enough and you’ll recoup the rest in energy savings.  

Just because windows come with tons of options doesn’t mean you have to take them. Options drive window prices up and it’s okay to go with something more basic if you’re on a budget. If you have single pane glass now, even getting standard double pane windows will make a world of difference. Upgrading to triple pane glass can save even more energy, but it costs extra and may not be within your budget. The options are nice to have, but you don’t have to take them in order to get windows that will serve your home well. It’s all about your goals and your budget because this is your project.  

New windows will cost you and there’s no way around that. But there are some instances where you can’t afford not to get them. Older windows can bleed your monthly budget dry and they such the comfort out of your home too. If that’s the position you find yourself in, it’s time to look into new windows. There are affordable options up for grabs, after all.  

When you start looking into McKinney, TX replacement windows, contact the experts at Southwest Door & Windows for help. Give us a call at (214) 341-2212 so we can talk to you about the options and get some specific details about your home. We can make better recommendations in person if you invite us to your home for a free, in-home consultation. You can also look at samples and see details in our showroom at 10255 Miller Rd Dallas, TX 75238, where we’re happy to show you around and note differences in various windows.