Easy Tips for Choosing a Window Style

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With such a wide variety of window styles on the market, there’s never been a better time to shop for new windows Dallas for your Plano, TX home. Homeowners can now find the perfect windows to fit practically any budget or style preference. Still, with so many options available, it’s easy to see why some homeowners have difficulty narrowing down which window style is best for them. Here, we will be discussing some simple tips to make choosing a window style a much easier process.

1. Analyze Your Architectural Style
Whether it’s modern, Victorian, or Tuscan villa style, all homes have an architectural style that makes a statement. While shopping for new window materials, it’s important to look for options that are consistent with the overall architectural design of your home.

2. Decide How Much Ventilation Your Home Needs
Nothing beats a perfect breeze at the right time of day. Before shopping for window styles, decide on the amount of ventilation you are looking for within your home. This will quickly determine which options are right for you, as windows vary in the amount of air they let into your home.

3. Know How Much Light You Are Looking to Let In
Window styles vary in how much light they allow to enter a room. Depending on the shape of the window, size, and any interfering factors like beams or extra wide frames, you’ll be able to determine how much light a specific window style will bring into your home. On the opposite side of the spectrum, if you are looking to reduce the amount of light entering your home, then you may wish to look into options that offer UV blocking technology.

4. Choose an Accent Color that Makes a Statement
Many homeowners are choosing to add extra curb appeal to their homes by selecting a window frame that provides a pop of color while complimenting the existing exterior of their homes. Color options can range from bold reds to navy blues, or even two toned (one for trim, one for frame) styles.

5. Know How Much Privacy You’re Looking For
Just because you are looking for a certain amount of light, doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice privacy. There arenew windows Dallas 1 300x164 many window styles, like café windows, that allow homeowners to keep their homes private while still receiving a good amount of natural light in their homes.

When narrowing down window styles for your home, it always helps to speak with a window professional. At Southwest Window and Door, our highly trained team of experts is ready to introduce you to window styles that specifically fit your home’s needs and preferences. Our experts will take the time to answer any questions you may have and can even provide you with a free, no-pressure, project quote. To speak with an expert today or schedule your free quote give us a call at 214-341-2212 or visit us in person at 10255 Miller Rd Dallas, TX 75238. Explore our online presence and discover more about our windows services at https://southwestdw.com/find-us-on-the-web/, where we’re dedicated to assisting you with your specific needs, ensuring you find the perfect solutions for all your window requirements.