Questions You Should Ask Now about Your Current Entry Doors in Frisco and How Replacing Them Could Save You Money!

Questions You Should Ask Now about Your Current Entry Doors in Frisco and How Replacing Them Could Save You Money!

Investing in improving the condition and quality of your Frisco home is something you may not do on a regular basis. You may be looking at various projects around the house, including replacing carpeting, renovating the kitchen, redoing the bathroom, and possibly even redoing the outdoor living space.

All of these can certainly have numerous benefits, both financially and emotionally, for your Frisco home, but one that is commonly overlooked has to do with entry doors. It’s easy to see this type of home improvement project as an expense, but because there is the opportunity to save money over time when you make the right decision about those specific doors, it should be thought of as an investment.

Below are three questions you should consider asking yourself right now about the condition and quality of your current entry doors and depending on the answers you provide, it should highlight the importance of replacing them right now.

1. What are the conditions of the doors you have in your home right now?

This is generally self-explanatory, but many people overlook the actual condition of their entry doors. They might have doors that are 20, 30, or even 40 years old or even older that still open and close okay, even if they require a little extra effort now.

The functionality of the door is not the thing to consider. It’s the condition of the doors themselves. You may be carrying in groceries and kick the door open with your foot. You may slam it closed from time to time. Every single time that something like this happens it’s actually abusing the door and the frame. You may not see the deterioration of the quality and condition of the doors because they occur so slowly, but it can loosen the frame, can cause the hinges to not be as strong as they should be, and it can affect the security of those doors themselves.

If the doors appear old, are faded, appear dry, are dented, stained, are not situated tight within the frame, are difficult to open and close securely, or have other potential issues, they should be considered in poor condition.

2. Are there issues that you have to deal with, such as poor insulation, water seeping in, or difficulty opening them?

If you noticed recently that cool air is escaping through your doors during the summer or getting into the house during the winter, that’s the result of poor energy efficiency. It may be related to a gap between the door and the frame, the gap underneath the door, or even poor insulation around the exterior portion of the frame. Some of those issues can be addressed without replacing the door, but any entry door that is at least 15 years old is due for replacement, anyway.

If you notice water pooling around the base of the door, mold beginning to form along frame, or other issues that are related to moisture, it’s high time to consider replacing that particular door as soon as possible.

You may have an awning or eve protecting your home, but as anybody knows in this portion of the country, storms can be associated with high winds that can drive rain, ice, and anything else onto those entry doors. The moment you notice mold or mildew forming along any portion of an entry door, it’s a clear sign of moisture getting trapped and becoming stagnant.

Modern entry doors will help protect this because they have better quality construction and may even include certain drainage properties, depending on the type of door and where it will be situated in the house.

As we also noted, if you’re having difficulty opening the door or closing them, if you have to lean on the door to make it securely latch tight, then it’s no longer sitting in the frame properly. Could there be things you can do to improve this situation? Of course, but if the door is old, it can be having a direct effect on this and repairing it will not improve the condition of the door.

3. Do you have any concept of a budget or how much it will cost to replace each entry door in your home?

If you don’t really know how much entry doors could cost, it could cause you to delay this important home improvement project. You could find a relatively inexpensive side entry door for just $100 or $200, but they will be low quality and won’t offer you the type of security you may expect or demand. A new front door could cost you as little as $500 or even $700, especially if you run down to your local home improvement superstore to see what they have to offer. Again, the major problem with this is that the quality of the doors are so low they won’t have a positive impact on your overall house or even the security of it.

A front door should cost you between $1,000 and $5,000, or more, depending on the quality, size, and certain features that may be important to you. A sliding glass door could cost several hundred dollars or more than $1,000, again depending on the characteristics and quality you want.

You may even want to consider replacing a sliding glass door with a gorgeous French door. This could improve your comfort at home and even the use of your outdoor living space.

When you begin asking yourself these questions, and you begin to realize that now is the time to replace those when those entry doors was something of better quality, it can actually help improve the appearance of your home and that can improve the value of it. You can also end up saving money on your utility bills with more energy efficient entry doors.

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