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Dallas Contemporary French Doors

Varner Patio Doors After Exterior View Contemporary French front

Dallas Contemporary French Doors

N. Smith in Dallas wanted a more modern / transitional look for his patio doors, so his sales representative suggested the Weather Shield Contemporary Series, which were the perfect solution. More glass is the theme for these doors as the stile and rail (frame of the door) are a minimal 3-1/4” from the edge of the door to the glass. Available with or without grids, this homeowner chose a 5/8” thick external grid in a two wide and two high pattern. Weather Shield boasts a 2-1/4” thick door in this series and features a Hoppe 5-point lock that secures each door at five different locations. These doors are true showstoppers, in both form and function, and we couldn’t be happier for our customer!

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